Whos Aping Who? Social Climbing (2000) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 20.12.2017

Whos Aping Who? Social Climbing (2000)

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CuthbertJTwillie May 23, at Maybe it is trivial, however, but I do think the fall of Armstrong is a tragic end to what apparently was a fairy tale. He was not just a user, he was a pusher, or so they say. Too bad because I am sure he was a pretty good athlete without the EPO.

Well, anyway, if those drugs really work, maybe we could use them to get people off their asses to walk and bicycle around in lieu of the automobile. They are a resourceful and intelligent people with a long history of simplicity and austerity. Maybe they will rediscover their roots and find a way to survive tolerably in an energy and resource constrained world.

We may need them as a model.

Log in to Reply newworld May 23, at That explains much of it, but not all. If it were an R in the whitehouse we would hear a bit more, but certainly not all. Log in to Reply Cabra May 23, at Just last night, a mega-tornado or multiple tornados ripped through Joplin, Missouri last night flattening a lot of the city and killing multitudes of people.

The massive flood on the Mississippi is still taking its toll as the New Orleans area is getting submerged.

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Just a few weeks before tornados did a big number in the South. The sheer destruction of recent months due to intense and unusual weather events is overwhealming. The amount of Federal disaster aid events and the costs of these events is increasing as well. This increasing violent weather activity is hitting the United States in terms of life lost, damage to structures and infrastructure and economically in ways like never before.

Is there a trend developing here? If the number and severity of weather events continues to increase in the future this alone could drive a major change in the living arrangements and economic situation. Log in to Reply hreardon May 23, at At least Lance Armstrong had an honorable goal with his supposed doping, unlike our politicians, who do their own doping while they enhance their power and wealth through corruption and intimidation.

As far as a military coup, that might be the only thing that can save us, so bring it on, please.

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Log in to Reply loveday May 23, at Talk about a dose of reality, you are spot on Jim, now pass the tums. I feel some serious heartburn coming on. Does anyone really watch 60 minutes anymore? And why pick on Lance, I guess they figure a cancer survivor is a good target for persecution, and anyway the guy probably was put on some real nasty chemo meds to beat the cancer. So who could tell if he used those meds for cancer treatment or performance enhancement.

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So glad to see someone discussing the financial situation. I have a question about that whole mess, what the hell are these thieves doing with all the money they stole? The situation in Japan has gone from disastrous, to seriously disastrous with hardly a peep about it onCNN or Fox. Harvey Wasserman has called for an international team to focus every bit of resources available to the human species to address the situation.

As if oil matters when you glow in the dark with a nice radioactive tan. The DSK imbroglio provided the press a convenient cover relieving them of any serious dissection of the life-support status of European economics. Log in to Reply Unconventional Ideas May 23, at Also, I see more people walking to and from the grocery store.

There is hope, at least on the mico scale. Frankie G May 23, at Log in to Reply Tex81 May 23, at Who else to save the Howdy Doody nation than John Wayne himself.

Solar Guy May 23, at Plant more and more gardens, read Tripptickets permaculture etiquette blogs, Ride the electric bicycles, get this freakin electric car project done, install EV charging stations, install more rain barrels, teach kids sustainability, hyper-mile the ICE rides, give my community a real feeling of community, give up on hollywood paper money million stacks dreams and happily settle for an offgrid hand built shack in the city, maybe with a chicken coop too… So will there be more people or zombies in the coming days???

Log in to Reply bubbleheadMarc May 23, at The interminable positivism of the corporate media is beyond merely beginning to drive me nuts. The major media will get it AFTER whatever it is has already happened at some point in the future, that is.

On at least an instinctual level I have expected very little from the economy now for nearly twenty years. I view people who confidently plan for the future making various entangling arrangments as little more than mental midgets [or is it intellectual dwarves? Such as, send all the kids to school forever, nobody is too fucking stupid to absord the secondary level of education. Were standards actually enforced on that level two thirds of the population would have to settle for an eighth grade education then an apprentice card in a trade, just as during the Victorian era before all this grade inflation kicked in.

Studs Lonigan by Farrell. That is the ones who are still surviving being unemployed, as not all of them have survived at this point.

This is so backwards. In fact, we could say the mother nature is getting the last word in on our rampant abuse and destructiveness to the ecosystems. For too long we have acted with impunity, believing the Christian charade… that we are masters of the globe.