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Safety Catch (1970)

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Elvis Aron Presley, or as he preferred to use his middle name later on in his life of "Elvis Aaron Presley", remains the Greatest Entertainer who ever Elvis always questioned "Why"? And "why did God choose me"?

Elvis left many unanswered questions and though he was blessed with many talents he also suffered in every conceivable manner i. Elvis will forever be missed and yet loved and his name never forgotten by those who saw him in person and generations to come who will listen to his songs, wonder if he "really ever existed", and respect and appreciate his body of work that encompassed three decades.

Elvis was exhausted, in declining health, In usual Elvis fashion he would not commit to where he wanted to vacation at but tell everyone to "be prepared" and give the departure dates and times. He thought it was a nice surprise for everyone.

Preparation began in earnest about the middle of February. After months of false hints, Elvis finally announced that Hawaii was the chosen location.

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Members of the group were dispatched in advance to the islands, making arrangements to accommodate a party of approximately 38 people. Like everything involving Elvis planning, preparation, and coordination was essential The departure date of 3rd March was set. Those not personally accompanying Elvis to the plane left for the airport and boarded. Elvis came downstairs at Graceland, said goodbye to his grandmother, and left for the short ride to the airport, Around 8.

It was now close to Midnight, Memphis time. Fuel was added and two other passengers from Los Angeles Boarded. They had just arrived by a commercial flight, to connect with the Lisa Marie Plane. The additional passengers filled the plane to capacity of 29 people; in addition to the crew of 5.

When it landed in Hawaii the plane was met by the four members of the advance party who had been alerted by phone.

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The remaining group occupied 15 other rooms on the same floor with equally spectacular views. The remaining group travelled daily the route from the hotel, across the mountains through Pali Pass, to the Beach House.

Elvis spent the days on the Beaches of Kailus Bay, or lying in the sun by the pool at the house on Kaapuni Drive. He took time out from the Beaches to go shopping at the Ala Mona Shopping Centre in Honolulu, and several stores in the town of Kailua.

Elvis also purchased clothing, sunglasses, and other items for himself and others in the group. He also enjoyed a night of native dances and native food at the Polynesia Cultural Centre, at Brigham Young University Hawaii Campus, located near Laie, Hawaii While staying at the Beach House, Elvis talked with everyone, watched television, listened to music and generally relaxed.

He played ping pong with those staying at the Beach House and enjoyed barbecues at night. He also ate his regular diet of cheeseburgers, pizza, and bacon and eggs during the time he was in Kailua. On the Beach he relaxed enjoying conversation with his friends, and played touch football with all the guys.

This was a no-quarter game, full of the rough-house tactics and laughter, that Elvis loved so much. Several players including Elvis sustained minor injuries from running into fences, palm trees, and occasionally other players. The laughter, recreation, and good times found on the Beaches carried over into the house. Elvis got sand in his eye and cut the vacation short by wanting to get back to Memphis to have it checked out by his trusted Physcians so on the 13th of March, the entire party checked out of the hotel and departed Hawaii for the mainland.

Jerry Hopkins 2nd book had this Page of Info It was decided that Elvis and his party would leave from Oakland because it was two hundred miles closer to Honolulu than Los Angeles. He was taking the Lisa Marie and wanted every margin of safety in fuel loading.

Not one to do anything by halves, however, Elvis took thirty-one others with him, and had Joe Esposito reserve more than a dozen rooms in the Hilton Rainbow Tower and rent a house on the beach. The others stayed in the hotel and came over during the day or joined Elvis on his rare public forays. One evening, for instance, they were sneaked into the Polynesian Cultural Center to watch the Polynesian show.

Most of the ten days in Hawaii were spent close to home, sitting on the beach, playing Ping-Pong at the house, or touch football on the sand. Those who had been with Elvis for some time said later that his health improved during the vacation, said his color was better, his eyes brighter and clearer. This was Kalani Simerson, a onetime performer who operated a successful limousine service.

He had known Elvis, and had worked for him, since the early s, when Elvis made his first films in Hawaii. The last time he had seen Elvis was when he weighed a trim or so for the satellite television show. Elvis was overweight and just unable to function normally. I guess it was all that medication they said he took. One time he ran right into a cyclone fence and cut his hand.

Five days after that he was back on tour again. Elvis had just completed a show and he looked haggard It would be kind of nice if I could take her over there and show her the Islands. I left It up to Elvis to bring up the subject of Ginger. But once the subject was raised I used every opportunity to remind her of the attractions the Islands had to offer.

I mentioned that Ginger was my favorite flower and that it grew wild in the Islands, and that haunting fragrance was one of the memories that tourists took home with them. We talked about the beautiful white sand beaches, the lush flower Island, and the opportunities available to relax away from the tempo of mainland life. Ginger became excited as the possibility shifted toward becoming a reality. In the latter part of February I got a call from Charlie Hodge. Then again, he may change it. But as it stands now, plan toward going to the Islands about the first of March.

Elvis wants Lellanl to come. Can you make it? We met Elvis in Oakland, California, during the second week in March. He decided that Oakland should be the departure point because it is 2OO miles closer to Oahu than Los Angeles, That gave an extra margin of safety in fuel loading. Because of the extensive remodeling Elvis had done on the Lisa Marie, the guest list for this trip would be limited to 28 individuals not including the 5 crew members.

Elvis had invited with him on this escape trip those individuals he felt he could trust. They were a small nucleus of those whose love for Elvis had never wavered. This was an incredibly expensive trip. Fuel alone for the round trip was nearly Elvis also leased a house on the opposite side of the Island. This became his retreat during the day. There he could relax and enjoy himself without the ever present threat of hotel guests interrupting him.

These were happy relaxing days for Elvis. He basked in the sun, played football, walked around in "grubbies" and sampled many island delicacies that he had never tasted before. There was no formality at our gatherings. We sat on the ground cross legged and ate native style with our fingers.

Elvis sampled guava cake and haopia cake, a delicacy that is laced with fresh coconut. I offered to treat Elvis to poi, knowing what his reaction would be.

He wanted to take Ginger and her sisters, Tille and Rosemary, on a shopping spree. Elvis played Santa Claus, and he loved the role. While shopping he noticed a man buying items for his wife. Elvis waited until the man was about to pay his check, stepped in and insisted on buying it for him. The man was dumbfounded; he ran across the street, called his wife and told her what had happened. By the next day the story had gone all over the Islands.

That was not what Elvis had intended. His sole purpose in shopping at this out of the way place was to retain some semblance of privacy and anonymity. His generous nature had gotten the best of him. His complexion had improved, and he had begun to regain some of his stamina. I finally had an opportunity to do something for my friend who had done so much for me. One of the key attractions on the Islands is the Polynesian Cultural Center. I suggested to Joe that this would be a unique opportunity for Elvis and the rest of his party.

I wanted them to be my guests. The next day Elvis said that Joe had talked to him and that he was pleased with the suggestion. Do they have all of the old island dances there, Ed? They come out with spears and fans and they are all painted up. The gals will never forget it! Elvis, the night of the performance, laughed and joked and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

It pleased me to see my friend more relaxed than he had been for years. He was still not his former self, but there was a vast improvement. We arrived under cover of darkness. The show had already started. But there still amassed a body of fans waiting for Elvis on the outside.