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House of Spartacus 2 (1993)

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Douglas had worked with Wyler before on Detective Story , and was disappointed when Wyler chose Charlton Heston instead. Universal Studios eventually agreed to finance the film after Douglas persuaded Olivier, Laughton, and Ustinov to act in it. Lewis became the producer of the film, with Douglas taking executive producer credit. Lewis subsequently produced other films for Douglas.

He was replaced by Dalton Trumbo , who had been blacklisted as one of the Hollywood Ten , and intended to use the pseudonym " Sam Jackson ". Kirk Douglas insisted that Trumbo be given screen credit for his work, which helped to break the blacklist. One idea was to credit Lewis as co-writer or sole writer, but Lewis vetoed both suggestions. Kubrick then suggested that his own name be used.

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Kubrick complained that the character of Spartacus had no faults or quirks, and he later distanced himself from the film. Trumbo was publicly given credit for two major films: Otto Preminger made public that Trumbo wrote the screenplay for the hit, Exodus , [12] and Kirk Douglas publicly announced that Trumbo was the screenwriter of Spartacus. Kennedy publicly ignored a demonstration organized by the American Legion and went to see the movie. Douglas fired Mann at the end of the first week of shooting, in which the opening sequence in the quarry had been filmed.

The dismissal or resignation of Mann is mysterious since the opening sequences, filmed at Death Valley , Nevada , set the style for the rest of the movie. He had already directed four feature films including Paths of Glory , also starring Douglas.

Spartacus was filmed using the 35 mm Super 70 Technirama format [15] and then blown up to 70 mm film. This was a change for Kubrick, who preferred using the standard spherical format.

This process allowed him to achieve ultra-high definition and to capture large panoramic scenes. Kubrick found working outdoors or in real locations to be distracting; he believed the actors would benefit more from working on a sound stage, where they could fully concentrate. Eight thousand trained soldiers from the Spanish infantry were used to double as the Roman army. Kubrick directed the armies from the top of specially constructed towers.

However, he eventually had to cut all but one of the gory battle scenes, due to negative audience reactions at preview screenings. So precise was Kubrick, that even in arranging the bodies of the slaughtered slaves he had each "corpse" assigned with a number and instructions.

On one occasion he threatened to quit to Ed Muhl , to which Kubrick told him: Although his personal mark is a distinct part of the final picture, his contract did not give him complete control over the filming, the only occasion he did not exercise such control over one of his films.

It was nominated by the American Film Institute for their list of greatest film scores. It is a textbook example of how modernist compositional styles can be adapted to the Hollywood leitmotif technique.

After extensive research of music of that period, North gathered a collection of antique instruments that, while not authentically Roman, provided a strong dramatic effect. These instruments included a sarrusophone , Israeli recorder , Chinese oboe , lute , mandolin , Yugoslav flute, kythara , dulcimer , and bagpipes. Much of the music is written without a tonal center , or flirts with tonality in ways that most film composers would not risk.

One theme is used to represent both slavery and freedom, but is given different values in different scenes, so that it sounds like different themes. The love theme for Spartacus and Varinia is the most accessible theme in the film, and there is a harsh trumpet figure for Crassus. The soundtrack album runs less than forty-five minutes and is not very representative of the score. Goldsmith died in Numerous bootleg recordings have been made, but none has good sound quality. This is a limited edition of 5, copies.

The hearings, where witnesses were demanded to "name names" of supposed communist sympathizers, resemble the climactic scene when the slaves, asked by Crassus to give up their leader by pointing him out from the multitude, each stand up to proclaim, "I am Spartacus". Howard Fast, who wrote the book on which the film was based, "was jailed for his refusal to testify, and wrote the novel Spartacus while in prison".

Draba sacrifices himself by attacking Crassus rather than kill Spartacus. This scene could point to the fact that Americans are indebted to the suffering of African Americans, who played a major role in building the country. The fight to end segregation and to promote the equality of African Americans is seen in the mixing of races within the gladiator school as well as in the army of Spartacus where all fight for freedom.

In the last century before the birth of the new faith called Christianity which was destined to overthrow the pagan tyranny of Rome and bring about a new society, the Roman Republic stood at the very center of the civilized world. The age of the dictator was at hand, waiting in shadows for the event to bring forth.

A proud rebellious son, who was sold to living death in the mines of Libya, before his thirteenth birthday. There under whip and chain and sun he lived out his youth and his young manhood, dreaming the death of slavery years before it finally would die.

Thus, Rome is portrayed as the oppressor suffering from its own excesses, where the prospect of Christian salvation is offered as the means to end Roman oppression and slavery. Kennedy crossed a picket line set up by anti-communist organizers to attend the film".

For the release, the same 23 minutes were restored by Robert A. Harris , as were another 14 minutes that had been cut from the film before its original release. Steven Spielberg gave his backing to the restoration effort and recommended that Stanley Kubrick be informed of the project. Kubrick, who had disowned the film, had nothing to do with the physical restoration of the film, though he gave his approval to the effort; and the producers wanted his final approval of their work.

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The original studio black-and-white separation prints, used as a backup in , were used, though the processing lab had to develop a new lens capable of printing the Technirama frame without losing fidelity. It also has a bath scene in which the Roman patrician and general Crassus Olivier attempts to seduce his slave Antoninus Curtis , speaking about the analogy of "eating oysters" and "eating snails" to express his opinion that sexual preference is a matter of taste rather than morality.

Kubrick faxed instructions as to how the scene should be played. The actors separately recorded their dialogue. These scenes relate to the character Gracchus Laughton , including a scene in which he commits suicide. The audio tracks of these scenes have survived. They are included on the Criterion Collection DVD, alongside production stills of some of the lost footage. In , for its 55th anniversary, the film went through an extensive 4K digital restoration , from a 6K scan of the reconstruction of the film.

The original, 6-channel audio track was also remixed and remastered in 7. Harris oversaw the digital restoration. The film was re-released to Blu-ray Disc on October 6, , featuring a p transfer of the restoration in 2. Special features include a featurette on the restoration, a interview with Kirk Douglas , and several features from the Criterion Collection DVD.

The restoration had originally been scheduled to have its theatrical premiere in March at the TCM Classic Film Festival , [29] but was pulled from the festival, [30] and from a July engagement in Chicago, because the restoration had not been completed in time.