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Date: 24.10.2017

Heavy Metal (2000)

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Last of His Kind: The Grimaldi bridge sequence has certain parts, like the Corvette, poorly rotoscoped, and the house blowing up in the end not rotoscoped at all, but this is due to time constraints. The charges against Sternn. He catches the dropped pistol, but disgustedly chucks it at the closed window instead of putting it in his glovebox with the other weapons passengers had used to threaten him. The three mooks that harass Taarna in the bar get their heads cut off in two deft strokes. The Loc-Nar can give off a green energy that causes highly accelerated decomposition.

If used on living creatures it causes death "Grimaldi", "Harry Canyon". If used on dead bodies it makes their flesh rot away and turns them into animated skeletons "B". Plutonium nyborg, a Fantastic Drug in the film, is a powder that is ingested like cocaine by the alien pilots of the segment "So Beautiful, So Dangerous" and produces hallucinogenic effects while leaving its users in a mellow state of euphoria, as sort of a combination of marijuana and LSD.

Revenge-seeking warrior, with boobs! Most Writers Are Male: There was almost no female character that behaved in any way, shape, or form the way a reasonable and intelligent person would act.

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And as for Gloria The main exceptions are Taarna a badass and grim Lady of War , even dressed like that and the girl in the bridge segments. The girl is appropriately terrified of a green ball that just vaporized her dad.

Taarna is only a partial exception, because she was dressed like that. Never Trust a Title: This movie really does not focus on heavy metal music. The name comes from the magazine the stories were taken from rather than the music. As far as the soundtrack album goes, only the Sammy Hagar, Riggs, Nazareth, and Black Sabbath songs were considered "metal" or hard rock, at best. The Donald Fagen and Stevie Nicks songs were soft rock, the Journey song was a power ballad, the Devo song was New Wave, and everything else was regular rock.

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Indeed, as much as half the music heard in the film is a well-regarded symphonic score, composed by Elmer Bernstein. This is more an example of a misunderstood title. Every clip but B has completely uncensored bare boobs.

B is Adult for another reason. The Trope Namer , after Den, in his new body, swims an extremely long distance underwater.

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In "Taarna", when the title character enters a bar the bartender is repeatedly shown drying a glass. In "So Beautiful and So Dangerous" one of the aliens causes a compartment to slide open by kicking it. Most of the magazine-based stories are altered to fit the format. In particular, Den, who is perfectly comfortable being buck naked in the original comics, gets a loincloth.

Originally there was going to be a lot more overlap between the stories e. However this became impossible due to the filming of each segment being handled by different studios, with collaboration between them being incredibly difficult. Raised Hand of Survival: The Taarna segment has the huge Loc-Nar spew a torrent of greenish ooze, which floods the valley and inundates everyone beneath it, including the red-robed leader.

Then his mechanical hand also breaks the surface, and makes a fist. The leader emerges as an undead evil minion of the Loc-Nar, promptly declaring war on the rest of the living world: He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive! Red Eyes, Take Warning: