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Date: 12.01.2018

A Wife for Andy (1963)

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It was my understanding the squad car was a Ford Galaxie, but if the show started in how could this be? Is there more than one car? Or am I just incorrect in my knowledge? The producers always used the newest model available for the squad car.

Almost all of them were Galaxie 4-door sedans, but in the "color" years they used a Ford Custom sedan part of the time. Does anyone know the police radio frequency of Mayberry? I do remember the long whip antenna on the Ford Galaxie police car For starters, the cars seen on the show were not real police cars.

They were loaned to the studio by a nearby Ford dealer in exchange for a mention in the closing credits which read, "Automobiles furnished by Ford Motor Company. I showed this video clip to a Motorola dealer, who confirmed that it was a Motorola radio from the late 40s-early 50s era.

Andy had originally signed to do the show for 5 years, and I had a five year contract. So I started self-protecting immediately and began searching out what I was going to do next.

I interviewed with all networks. I was very hot with that show, so I could have had almost anything I wanted. Finally, I wound up getting a very nice feature deal with the universal to make The Ghost and Mr. Anyway, it came down to this: THen all of a sudden Andy turned around and changed his mind. What do you think?

Do you want to stay. But by then I had already committed myself to universal, where I had an opportunity to make features. It was a nice deal, and by then I thought it was time for me to move on - so I did. I came back and did a few shows with andy. I used to kid them when I came back. Airy, NC, are the following towns: Lawsonville, Walkertown, Crumpler and Taylorsville.

Is this simply coincidence? I bought a TAGS video the other day and on this tape, the show starts to a different theme. I was wondering if anyone has heard TAGS come on to a different theme. What happens is this. Sometimes the episodes copyright expires and a video company can make a tape with the episodes with expired copyrights without having to have permission of VIACOM.

On one show he explained it away as having a "tussle" with a couple of prisoners? This sort of thing is right up my alley! Andy Taylor explained it as the result of a difficulty in apprehending the 4 Gordon boys, but what had really happened was that in a fit of rage, Andy Griffith had punched his fist through a wall in his home.

It was pretty easy for the writers to work it into the script, since Andy was a lawman who conceivably might have had to "put up his dukes" every now and then. There are several things about Thelma Lou that are a mystery to this day. The only thing we know about what she did for a living is that she worked in an office in town.

Her phone number a work was We also never were told her last name. She had one brother and two cousins that we know of. That was the first mention of them meeting. Who was the announcer at the beginning of the show that said, "The Andy Griffith Show Also starring, Don Knotts.

The name of the announcer is Colin Male. He was a former radio announcer in Cincinnati who moved to Hollywood to be part of the motion picture business. Colin was the game warden. Why the name change? To reduce confusion they re-titled the show "Andy of Mayberry. They sometimes show up on your local stations, too, so be on the lookout.

Opie looks to Andy and says, "Who stepped on Ma?

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Besides the pilot, she is also mentioned in "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee. Was it short for something? I have never figured out if Mr. Whatever happened to the actress who played Charlene? Now-a-days, she works for the Nevada Film Commission. You may want to let folks asking about the spelling of Count Istvan Teleky that this is the correct spelling. Istvan is the Hungarian equivalent of Stephen.

He appeared in several episodes, but he was never given screen credit.

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He always appeared in a group, such as the choir or the church congregation. Asa was played by only one actor, Charles Thompson. Which character did he play? He played Colonel Archibald Gracie. During the filming one of them stood up and said, "I apologize if I have offended anyone" and at that point collapsed into a seizure. Do you know in what episode a dart board was hanging from the bulletin board? It was only shown once. Andy explains that an amateur plays for fun, while a professional plays because he wants to get paid.

Opie decides he wants to be a professional amateur. Hal Smith always wanted Andy and Don to play for "big stakes," but they would never play for more than a dime. Apparently, at some point Ronny Howard started playing too, which probably inspired the writers to write in the aforementioned scene.

The entire scene was cut to make more room for commercials, so many folks may not have ever seen it. To the best of my knowledge, Don Knotts was attending college when he enlisted in the Army. He served two years in the Special Service division.