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The Possessed (1976)

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She was religious and went to Mass twice a week. When she was sixteen, she suffered a severe convulsion and was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. Her classmates later described her as "withdrawn and very religious". She was prescribed anti-convulsion drugs for the first time, including Dilantin , which did not alleviate the problem.

She began describing seeing "devil faces" at various times of the day.

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Long term treatment did not help either, and she grew increasingly frustrated with the medical intervention. Being a devout Catholic, she began to attribute it to demonic possession.

Michel became intolerant of sacred places and objects, such as the crucifix. Both she and her family became convinced and consulted several priests, asking for an exorcism. In the Catholic Church , official approval for an exorcism is given when the person strictly meets the set criteria, then they are considered to be suffering from possession infestatio and under demonic control. Intense dislike for religious objects and "supernatural powers" are some of the first indications.

In November , Michel started her treatment with Tegretol , an anti-seizure drug and mood stabilizer. In a letter to Alt in , Michel wrote, "I am nothing; everything about me is vanity. What should I do?

I have to improve. You pray for me" and also once told him, "I want to suffer for other people Michel began talking increasingly about "dying to atone for the wayward youth of the day and the apostate priests of the modern church", and she refused to eat towards the end. The autopsy report stated the cause was malnutrition and dehydration due to being in a semi-starvation state for almost a year while the rites of exorcism were performed.

She was unable to move without assistance, and was reported to have contracted pneumonia. Trial[ edit ] The trial started on 30 March in the district court and drew intense interest. Before the court, doctors testified that Michel was not possessed, stating that this was a psychological effect because of her strict religious upbringing and her epilepsy, but the doctor Richard Roth, who was asked for medical help by Alt, allegedly told her during the exorcism, that "there is no injection against the devil, Anneliese".

The defense played tapes recorded at the exorcism sessions, sometimes featuring what was claimed to be "demons arguing", to assert their claim that Michel was possessed. Both priests said the demons identified themselves as Lucifer , Cain , Judas Iscariot , Hitler , and Nero among others; they further said that she was finally freed because of the exorcism just before her death.

The accused were found guilty of manslaughter resulting from negligence and were sentenced to six months in jail which was later suspended and three years of probation.

The Church approving such an old fashioned exorcism rite drew public and media attention. The case has been labelled as a misidentification of mental illness, negligence, abuse, and religious hysteria. Her grave became a place of pilgrimage. After the trial, the parents asked the authorities for permission to exhume the remains of their daughter. The official reason presented by the parents to authorities was that Michel had been buried in undue hurry in a cheap coffin.

Almost two years after the burial, on 25 February , her remains were replaced in a new oak coffin lined with tin. The official reports state that the body bore the signs of consistent deterioration. The accused exorcists were discouraged from seeing the remains of Michel. Arnold Renz later stated that he had been prevented from entering the mortuary. In my view, these patients are mentally ill.

You have to deal with them as a psychiatrist. Supernatural in which the case and theories surrounding it were discussed. The case and its history was also covered in Case Archived from the original on 10 January Retrieved 26 June Society for Neuroscience 18 February Retrieved 27 June Retrieved 15 May Retrieved 5 December