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No Escape (1961)

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Some teenagers who were on the beach at the time found him and called the police because they thought he was dead. When the police saw him, he was immediately identified as the escapee for which they had been looking. He was recaptured the same day and sent back to the rock, [4] exhausted and hypothermic. He was recaptured a year later while committing a burglary, and sent to Alcatraz in as inmate number AZ Each June they would migrate north as far as Michigan to pick cherries.

Clarence and John were reportedly inseparable as youngsters; they became skilled swimmers, and amazed their siblings by swimming in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan as ice still floated on its surface. But that all changed in later on. They began robbing banks and other establishments as a team in the early s, usually targets that were closed, to ensure that no one got injured. They claimed that they used a weapon only once, during a bank heist — a toy gun.

After an unsuccessful escape attempt from the Florida facility, he was transferred to Alcatraz in and became inmate AZ He cooperated fully with the escape investigation and was not charged for his role in the attempt. After serving his sentence, followed by two additional sentences in Georgia and Florida , he was released in , only to be arrested again in Florida the following year on charges of grand larceny. At Florida State Prison he fatally stabbed another prisoner in October , in what may have been a racially motivated incident.

He was serving multiple sentences, including life imprisonment on the murder conviction, when he died of acute peritonitis in The four inmates began formulating an escape strategy, under the leadership of Morris, the orchestral member of the operation, [15] after they were assigned adjacent cells in December From the corridor they climbed to the roof of their cell block, inside the building, where they set up a small workshop.

They stole a small accordion-like concertina from another inmate to serve as a bellows to inflate the raft, and built makeshift paddles from scrap wood. Finally, they climbed a ventilation shaft leading to a large fan and grille on the roof and cut away the rivets holding both in place.

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With towels and clothing piled under the blankets in their bunks and the dummy heads positioned on the pillows, they appeared to be sleeping peacefully. By the time he was able to remove the grill and re-widen the hole sufficiently, the others had left without him; he returned to his cell and went to sleep. From the service corridor, Morris and the Anglins climbed the ventilation shaft to the roof. Guards heard a loud crash as they broke out of the shaft, but since nothing further was heard, the source of the noise was not investigated.

The escape was not discovered until the morning of June 12, , due to the successful dummy head ruse. Their official finding was that the prisoners most likely drowned in the cold waters of the bay while attempting to reach Angel Island.

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Marshals Service investigation remains open, however. He declined to participate in the actual escape, he said, because he could not swim. He further claimed to have met his cousin face to face in a San Diego park shortly after the escape.

Marie Anglin Winder claimed that shortly after the escape in , she received a phone call from San Francisco; the caller said, "This is John Anglin. There were no other missing people during that time period. They produced photographs taken, they said, by Brizzi who died in , including one showing two men resembling John and Clarence Anglin and the farm near Rio where they were purportedly living. An expert working for the U. Agents dispatched to Rio at that time reportedly found no credible evidence that the fugitives were there.

The letter, received by the San Francisco Police Department in , opens with: Yes we all made it that night but barely!

Escape from Alcatraz book and Escape from Alcatraz film J. West fictionalized as a character named Charley Butts was played by Larry Hankin.