Missing Persons (1980) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 09.12.2017

Missing Persons (1980)

We offer you to watch the movie Missing Persons (1980), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Thank you for sharing. This was a great share and find. Do YOUR research if the creation of bears, fish, people, powers, magic exist why wouldnt this.. Its logical anything is possible Mark Well said Ryan. Entertaining film but no basis in fact. Sure the whole UFO its true meaning phenomenon is certainly well documented, it seems to point to something very terrestrial in origin.

My gosh talk about closed minded! The whole movie was a fake! You must be a 5 year old who believes everything they see and read -. I research ancient texts and manuscripts pertaining to our religious beliefs. And I believe there have been abductions all over the world and especially in Nome! Why else would so many FBI be going there?? I think its to make the people who know the truth about Nome be quiet.

And people who write articles LYING about the truth of other beings being here or real footage being fake are just being paid by the government to not reveal the truth to the citizens of the US. Answer this for me: The US is the only country that has not released this to there own citizens. You may be a writer but you know crap about UFO history. Seriously these two cases I mentioned are real and can be researched by anyone not making assumptions based from their limited knowledge fo the subject.

You must write fiction. All this is a simple marketing ploy to draw in believers, make new believers and scare the crap out of everyone else, people. Thanks for your comment — greatly appreciated.

Or if there are other intelligent being in the universe, like Millions of things happen everyday around the world.

It an Alien life form exists and not play coward by hiding and ducking, and reveals themselve to you or I that would be another experience, if not then not.. Jake Well i wasnt sure i should leave a comment or not. There are many closed minded people out there. We have only discovered about 5 percent of the ocean. Also too deep for anything man made to travel. Most ufo encounters are near water. Many surround the hudson river. Alaska has more coastline than the lower 48 states combined.

Alaska is remote and surrounded by water. There was a battleship during ww2, that was the only nuclear powered battleship in the world at the time. Something may have attracted them to that nuclear powered ship. All that i have said can be found with easy research.

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On another note i thank the writer for showing people that evrything they see on tv is not true. And debunking all the trash that this world tried feeding people these days. I will continue to read your blogs and will prolly subscribe. Anyone can believe what they want, thats the beauty fo it. I believe that aliens do exist and are living in the waters of earth.

Maybe for their own researching purpose. All i know is that there is alot of space out there n we are a grain of sand in a very large desert. Hard to believe we are the only life. Do you also believe this to be a true or false story? Having seen it several times I personally am not sure however I can say that I have seen things I cannot explain however until I see an Alien face to face I cannot disprove this story..

Not only in the US. The US cover most of it up cause they want the technology for themselfes. Or reversed engineering if you want. Its just sad that half the planets inhabitants are so close-minded to believe we are the only ones in the entire universe. I just hope they DO come and contact us directly some day. All government documents are public knowledge. There are too many people watching, and too many wiki leakers out there. Sick fucks, drugs, and natural accidents take our love ones.

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Now, imagine how many times you see a jet, or any military aircraft never right? Harley Ok everyone calm down lets just all take a road trip to nome and see if this is all true. Anyone want to volunteer to get abducted?? Jason You are crazy! I read and study old historical manuscript, centered around mans, manmade religions too! But, I have never came across anything that backs up your assertions of dimensional warfare and Rh negative beings sent here for bad behavior!

Wow, the things people believe and these same people are allowed to operate motor vehicles, raise children and roam free upon this planet! I believe, in your right to believe what you want, but man, you guys sure come up with some doozies!!!!

Former Nomeite Having lived in Nome for 4 years and St. Lawrence Island off the coast for 3, I laughed hysterically all through the movie. There are NO trees in Nome. Snow machine ran out of gas. Another, was last seen drunk and down on the rocks by the sea. Currents pull bodies out to sea there. The last poor guy was reportedly knifed and thrown into the river. We listened to tapes by the guys who confessed. No one, in any way suggested that we say anything but what we believed had actually happened to these guys.

The movie had no basis whatsoever in reality. Yep, there may well be aliens. But I doubt that they are causing people in Nome to disappear. It was 4 people missing in 3 incidences. Yet you blindly follow that trash media know as talk radio spewing anti anything not vanilla.

Immigants contribute more in to healthcare whereas citizens like you take out more than they put in. No UFO in any where!!! I do NOT believe that there is other intelligent life outside of Earth, and NOT believe in little green people who float around in UFOs, abduct people, study them and erase their memory and more over and funny they are wiser and more intelligent than Human.

You know, the devil proclaiming to be God, possession and things of that nature. Accept that other people have a right to their own opinion. I like the movie because Mila is sexy as hell. Vanessa Aldeberon Ryan, there IS evidence to support that.

Pictures of blobs of light bouncing in the sky? Sure I do believe that there probably is life on other planets etc I even do believe in some of the ancient aliens stuff too but this film was not true, the so called real footage that was played along with the film footage is not real.

The woman in it is an actress and is not a real person shes an actress. Here is her IMDB page http: Its not real people!!!