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Date: 03.01.2018

Hajime masho (2002)

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However, Tomonori is still in love with his teacher.

Other characters creating an ever-tangled love web are Ryunosuke Hououin, who is in love with Rizel, and Kyoko Yachigusa, who is in love with Tomonori. Both try their best to prevent Rizel and Tomonori from getting close to each other. Later on Tomonori finds out that Rizel is the older woman he fell in love with when he was young but she was unable to grow after they met because she fell for him too, and she needed more than just the love from her "papas".

When he learns this, Tomonori realizes that Rizel is his older woman.

Kappei Yamaguchi Tomonori is a normal 15 year old boy in his third year of junior high-school with a thing for older women. The reason is when he is a child, he tried to save Rizel when she was about to be hit by a truck and when he wakes up Rizel is hugging him. He has a long standing crush on his homeroom teacher, Natsumi Ibata. He was forcibly married to Rizel by the government. When Rizel starts appearing at school and claiming to be his wife, his friends are jealous of such a girl being ensnared by Iwaki already and start calling him a pervert.

This is shown when he saved Rizel from a car and Kyouko from her out of control bike. Rie Kugimiya Rizel was developed as a secret government project.

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She started living with Tomonori but is subject to his constant abuse, always resulting in her nitroglycerin tears blowing up yet another part of his house. She is considered cute and friendly by many of her classmates. She chose Iwaki as her husband and needs his love to be able to continue her growth. She is often chased by Hououin Ryunosuke, for her innocence and her cute bear panties.

Rie Tanaka Kyouko is two years older than Iwaki and has a crush on him. She is the daughter of Papa C. Iwaki saved her when her bicycle brakes stopped working two years ago and she has liked him ever since. She is seemingly very shy and so has taken her two years to confess her love to Iwaki.

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In fact, she has a highly volatile, dominative personality, so much that she has to oppress it by wearing special glasses. When she finally gives up on Iwaki, she and Ryuunosuke become a couple in the end of the anime. Chihiro Suzuki Hououin is in the same year as Iwaki and fell in love with Rizel at first sight. His other hobbies include collecting bear panties, which he calls a symbol of the purity and innocence of a twelve-year-old girl.

Towards the end of the second season he and Kyouko become a couple.

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The Papas The Papas are a group of three old men who are the guardians of Rizel. Papa C has a tendency to cross-dress. The Mamas Three women whose real names, like the Papas, are never revealed.

While the Papas are taking care of Rizel, the Mamas are in the lab monitoring her emotions. It is revealed in the end that mama A is the daughter of papa A. Towards the end of the anime, Aoi gives up on liking Ryunosuke and instead develops feelings for a stray dog. Unfortunately for him, she became engaged.

Tomonori goes to her house, at one point leaving her flowers. He takes her to his special spot beside the sea where he goes to think about things and he ends up comforting her and convincing her to go through with the marriage, contrary to his plans. However, the anime streaming website Crunchyroll has previously hosted fansubtitled episodes of the series.