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Im Nordwind (2004)

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Sepp Dietrich is at the lectern. The oaths pledged were "Pledging loyalty to him alone" and "Obedience unto death". This included almost the entire SA leadership, effectively ending its power. This action was largely carried out by SS personnel including the Leibstandarte , and the Gestapo. The SS was given the lowest priority for recruits.

They were to be German nationals who could prove their Aryan ancestry back to , unmarried, and without a criminal record.

Recruits had to be between the ages of 17 and 23, at least 1. Concentration camp guards had to make a one-year commitment, be between the ages of 16 and 23, and at least 1. Once the war commenced, the physical requirements were no longer strictly enforced, and essentially any recruit who could pass a basic medical exam was considered for service. Among later Waffen-SS generals approximately six of ten had a "university entrance qualification Abitur , and no less than one-fifth a university degree".

Hausser worked to transform the SS-VT into a credible military force that was a match for the regular army. In , a battalion of the Leibstandarte was chosen to accompany the army troops in occupying Austria during the Anschluss , and the three regiments of the SS-VT participated in the occupation of the Sudetenland that October.

In both actions no resistance was met. The latter was recruited in Austria after the Anschluss and was not yet combat-ready. These troops used police ranks and insignia rather than those of the SS. As an example, OKW noted that the Leibstandarte had to be rescued by an army regiment after becoming surrounded at Pabianice by the Poles. He ordered that the SS-VT form its own divisions but that the divisions would be under army command. The Leibstandarte became notorious for torching villages without military justification.

On 29 September the Standarte travelled to Bydgoszcz to conduct an " intelligentsia action ". The Leibstandarte remained independent and was increased in strength to a reinforced motorized regiment.

The OKW was supposed to supply these new battalions with artillery, but was reluctant to hand over guns from its own arsenal. The weapons arrived only slowly, and by the time of the Battle of France only the Leibstandarte battalion was up to strength.

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Corps into the Netherlands, north of the rivers towards the Dutch Grebbeline and subsequently the Amsterdam region.

It fought a series of skirmishes before Germania on 14 May advanced into the Dutch province Zeeland. The Leibstandarte on the same day, entered Rotterdam.

The SS Totenkopf was overrun, finding their standard anti-tank gun , the 3.

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The Leibstandarte paused for the night. They assaulted the heights and drove the observers off.

They forced a bridgehead across the river and waited for the SS Totenkopf Division to arrive to cover their flank. What arrived first was a unit of British tanks, which penetrated their position. It was there that troops of the Leibstandarte 2nd Battalion committed the Wormhoudt massacre , where 80 British and French prisoners of war were killed. Hitler expressed his pleasure with the performance of the Leibstandarte in the Netherlands and France, telling them, "Henceforth it will be an honour for you, who bear my name, to lead every German attack.

At first Hitler had doubts about recruiting foreigners, but he was persuaded by Himmler and Berger. By the spring of the Waffen-SS consisted of the equivalent of six or seven divisions: Operation Marita began on 6 April , with German troops invading Greece through Bulgaria and Yugoslavia in an effort to secure its southern flank. The Leibstandarte, attached to the XL Panzer Corps , advanced west then south from Bulgaria into the mountains, and by 9 April had reached Prilep in Yugoslavia, 30 miles from the Greek border.

Fritz Klingenberg , a company commander in the Reich, led his men into Belgrade, where a small group in the vanguard accepted the surrender of the city on 13 April. A few days later the Royal Yugoslav Army surrendered. For 48 hours they fought for control of the heights, often engaging in hand-to-hand combat, eventually gaining control with the capture of Height , which opened the pass and allowed the German Army to advance into the Greek interior.

When the Reconnaissance Battalion under the command of Kurt Meyer came under heavy fire from the Greek Army defending the Klisura Pass , they broke through the defenders and captured 1, prisoners of war at the cost of six dead and nine wounded.

Over the winter of —42 it received replacements from the general pool of Waffen-SS recruits, who were supposedly younger and better trained than the SS men of the original formation, which had been drawn largely from Totenkopfstandarten of Nazi concentration camp guards. The rest of the Waffen-SS divisions and brigades fared better.

The unit was decimated in the following Soviet offensive. At first they fought Soviet partisans and cut off units of the Red Army in the rear of Army Group South , capturing 7, prisoners of war , but from mid-August until late they were assigned to the Reich Main Security Office headed by Reinhard Heydrich.

In the Autumn of , they left the anti-partisan role to other units and actively took part in the Holocaust.

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While assisting the Einsatzgruppen , they participated in the extermination of the Jewish population of the Soviet Union, forming firing parties when required.

The three brigades were responsible for the murder of tens of thousands by the end of Because it was more mobile and better able to carry out large-scale operations, the SS Cavalry Brigade had 2 regiments with a strength of men and played a pivotal role in the transition to the wholesale extermination of the Jewish population.

By 1 August the SS Cavalry Regiment 1 under the command of Gustav Lombard was responsible for the death of people; by 6 August, this total had reached 3, "Jews and partisans". By the second half of an increasing number of foreigners, many of whom were not volunteers, began entering the ranks. This meant that the SS Panzergrenadier divisions were full-strength Panzer divisions in all but name. They each received nine Tiger tanks , which were formed into the heavy panzer companies.

Two days later the German forces recaptured Belgorod , creating the salient that in July led to the Battle of Kursk.