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Date: 13.02.2018

High Performance (1983)

We offer you to watch the movie High Performance (1983), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Type keyword s to search The 10 Coolest High-Performance Cop Cars The urban myth is that American cop cars are packed with a mysterious collection of performance parts that eclipse anything you can find at your local dealer.

High Performance Pontiac August 1983 | eBay

In , the Special Service Package Mustang same basic car went into national use. Under the hood was the legendary 5. The quickest ones came in —, when Ford had its speedometers certified right up to mph. Ford made about 15, of these awesome cop cruisers. Today, well-used SSP Mustangs are the perfect project-car platform.

Without no rear-drive competition from Chrysler or Chevrolet, Ford owned upward of 80 percent of the police car market for years.

Then, in , Dodge launched the new Charger, a rear-drive, Hemi V-8 muscle sedan.

Just one year later, the Police Package arrived to strike fear into the heart of every speeder. The best of the early ones had a hp V-8 and could hit 60 mph in 6 seconds flat.

The Dodge Polara Pursuit, for example, packed the mighty cid V-8 that could do a quarter-mile in just 15 seconds, very quick for the time. But the real monster came a few years later. The Polara, with the hp Magnum under the hood, was a beast. It was like a four-door Plymouth Road Runner muscle car in plain clothes. Sanow and John L.

So the company developed a hot version of the Camaro expressly for high-performance police duty. But when the 4th generation Camaro arrived in packing the new hp LT1 V-8 and an optional 6-speed manual, the B4C became a real monster, one capable of acceleration to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and a top speed well north of mph.

High Performance Ignition Coil For 1983-2005 KAWASAKI KX250 KX 250 DIRT BIKE | eBay

With that level of performance, the Camaro became the most potent American cop car of the s. By , just as the 4th gen Camaro was about to depart, the hp LS1 V-8 became part of the package, making this already hot cop special a supercar. When police forces opted for the top E86 option on the Monaco Pursuit, they got the heroic hp cid V-8 topped with a four-barrel carb that generated lb-ft of torque.

Car and Driver tested the car in and clocked it to 60 mph in 8. That made this cop car one of the quickest American cars of the day—the top L82 V-8 in the Corvette made just hp in , so the Monaco was a serious performance car. Any cop car that can keep up with the General Lee is pretty stout. The police version of these cars was the legendary Caprice 9C1. It would smoke through the quarter-mile in around 15 seconds, and proved so desirable and durable that it was rumored police agencies spent their budgets restoring these cars rather than buying new Ford Police Interceptors.

For , GM brought back a stretched version of the G8 for police duty. If an officer needs to pick one modern cop car to chase a villain up a canyon road, the Caprice would probably be the best choice.

The terrain they cover is dirt, rock, and cactus, not billiard table—smooth pavement. But that rough ground demands heavy-duty truck equipment, and the agency has been known to modify regular production pickup trucks and SUVs for extreme off-road use. The team dropped in a hp cid V-8 topped with a four-barrel carburetor and mated to a 3-speed automatic.

Chevy took the brakes from the larger Impala sedan to haul the Nova down from high speeds without drama. Here was a real GM sports sedan for the s. The Taurus Interceptors borrow the hot hp 3. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.