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Date: 31.01.2018

Tretas de mujer (1993)

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Biography[ edit ] Alberto Fernandez de Rosa began acting as a child. He debuted in theater at the age of eleven, participating at plays on the Teatro Liceo, under the supervision of playwright Luisa Vehil. At the age of eighteen, Fernandez de Rosa became a teen idol in Argentina. He also participated in " El Televisor " before was over.

Fernandez de Rosa came back to "La Familia Falcon" in , this time, playing the character of "Alberto". In , he played "Bobby" in " Pajarito Gomez ", a successful Argentine film.

The year-old actor made four films in After taking a rest from filming in , Fernandez de Rosa returned to the screens in , participating in the Italian -Spaniard production " Il marchio di Kriminal ". Fernandez de Rosa had by then moved to Spain; this would enable him later on to play Spaniard characters back home in Argentina.

Fernandez de Rosa lived in Spain three years, during which he made a total of seventeen films.

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By then, Fernandez de Rosa had gone from being a teen idol to becoming a critically respected actor, both in Argentina and in Spain. In that film, he played a character named almost exactly like him, "Alberto Fernandez". Fernandez de Rosa began by making another movie, then established himself in West Germany for a small period, having been contracted by an important television network to participate in a sitcom. He acted in 26 episodes of a series named " Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi ".

After that, Fernandez de Rosa returned to Spain, where he made " Manolo, la Nuit " "Manolo by Night" and two other films before that year was over. In , Fernandez de Rosa participated in what was arguably his most successful film: A comedy movie about a man who became impregnated by his wife, "El Insolito Embarazo de los Martinez" later on became the inspiration for the Hollywood movie, " Junior ". He had already, however, become an iconic figure among Argentine actors. When he returned to screen acting in , he acted in " Buscando a Perico " "Searching for Perico".

He also acted in " Rocky Carambola ", which was an international hit. Fernandez de Rosa returned to Argentina after that. Back at home, he would participate in his first telenovela , " Mesa de Noticias " "News Table" , where he acted as "Rosales".

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In , Fernandez de Rosa returned to Buenos Aires. This would prove to be an important career move for Fernandez de Rosa later on.

Meanwhile, he acted in a television show named " DNI: During , Fernandez de Rosa acted on television only once. He was elected as subsecretary of culture in Buenos Aires, and he returned to screen acting with his participation in " Atame!

His character in " Grande Pa! Fernandez de Rosa made one more series in , " Fuera de Juego " "Offsides". In , he acted in a Spaniard comedy, " Sevilla Connection ". But after "Tretas de Mujer", Fernandez de Rosa was approached by Telefe to begin searching for teenaged actors to be cast in his next show, "Chiquititas".

He spent helping Cris Morena prepare the show that would become a megahit internationally. He played "Saverio", a cook who had immigrated from Spain. The fact that Fernandez de Rosa had lived for many years in Spain helped him play "Saverio", who had a Spaniard accent. After "Chiquititas"[ edit ] Fernandez de Rosa slowed down his work as a screen actor considerably after "Chiquititas", concentrating more on his job as casting director for Telefe.

In , he played "Augustus Rios" in " Palace ". Contrary to previous years, however, Fernandez de Rosa acted in only one new production during As of , Fernandez de Rosa continued working as casting director for Telefe.