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Date: 07.12.2017

Rivers of North America (1976)

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They have provided a starting point for investigating our rivers and given us the tools for understanding how our rivers function. Now it is time for us to get to work! Art Benke and Bert Cushing have produced a monumental work that will serve as a basic comparative reference for many years.

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The book is also useful for people who want to reminisce about their favorite rivers. This marvelous resource began as a coffee-table book. Four years later, ambitiously expanded, it covers more than rivers, from southern Mexico to the Arctic. Its 22 chapters, written by scientists and hydrologists, discuss specific basins or regions such as the Colorado River Basin and the Pacific Coast rivers of Canada and Alaska.

Rivers describes the physiography, geomorphology, hydrology, biodiversity and ecology of each system, in addition to detailing human impacts and special features. Winner of a Award for Excellence in Projects and Scholarly Publishing by the Association of American Publishers and a Library Journal Best Reference Work citation, this large-format, full-color volume contains copious maps and illustrations Of special value is the detailed information provided in the one-page river summaries Each page summary lists major information sources and literature cited.

Color photographs of representative river systems that accompany each chapter vividly illustrate the diversity of rivers on the continent. This book contains an enormous amount of excellent information that is not available from any other single source. It should become a standard reference on North American rivers.

Scientists, conservationists, politicians, students, and the general public will use this work extensively. This high-quality publication is a new source of knowledge about a most valuable natural resource All libraries; all levels. Rivers of North America reflects that reality, blending the physical, social, and life sciences to create an encyclopedic resource for anyone who loves rivers or wishes to learn about them Well structured, clearly written, and beautifully illustrated with photos and maps, Rivers of North America will provide many hours of exploration and discovery.

Five more continents with rivers remain; sequels will be eagerly anticipated.

The 22 chapters on river systems, each written by a different set of authors, are consistent not only in their structure, but also in their style. This is a remarkable accomplishment I especially liked the inclusion of historical impacts that still affect rivers Given the wide range of information, ease of use, and paucity of other sources, I recommend Rivers of North America as a valuable reference book that will certainly interest biologists, environmental scientists, and conservation biologists working with freshwaters.

Government and industrial water managers, and nongovernmental organizations dealing with water issues would also benefit from consulting this book This treatise will be an invaluable reference and benchmark for biologists, hydrologists, planners, and policy makers for many years to come.

Covich, Professor and Director, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia "Grand in design and even grander in scope and execution, Rivers of North America will shape our collective thinking about North American rivers and watersheds. Here is an indispensable guide to the geography, ecology, and status, including pressures from human actions, of rivers from the Canadian Arctic to Mexico.

It is both authoritative and comprehensive, and could be as useful on a cross-country trip as in a personal library for reading and reference. It is an entryway to further scientific information on over individual rivers and will be an invaluable resource for professionals as well as concerned citizen groups. Clearly, this is a volume that all devotees of rivers--scientists, resource managers, anglers, boaters, and the lay reader--definitely will want to own.

It should be the standard reference on North American rivers for a long time to come.

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This is truly an outstanding book, especially for one so loaded with factual information! This is the first comprehensive coverage of the rivers of North America and is unique in its ecological focus.

Not only that but it also is masterful in its content and design. The individual chapters, on specific regions, are chock full of facts and contain abundant references to additional information.

They also are copiously illustrated, mostly in color, including a full-page photograph of a representative river and a locator map of each river covered. I was especially impressed with the single-page synopses of individual rivers at the end of each chapter, containing thumbnail descriptions of physical and biological features; graphs of monthly temperature, precipitation, and runoff; and a color topographic map of each basin.

In summary, this is an outstanding reference source and essential guide to what is and what is not known of the principal rivers on this continent. Anyone interested in rivers and their conservation will want to have a copy within easy reach.