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Nevada (1927)

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Important Dates, Events, and Milestones in Nevada History Offers a chronological timeline of important dates, events, and milestones in Nevada history. And, by CE, the area is populated by substantial groups of Native Americans. Mojave Natives plant crops along the riverbanks. The Paiute reside in northern and southern Nevada, while the Shoshone occupy the northeastern region. Nevada is the seventh largest of the 50 states, but is one of the most sparsely populated.

It was held by the Pueblo Indians from The Spanish give up east and west Florida to the English in return for Cuba. The Revolution was due to the British burden of taxes and total power to legislate any laws governing the American colonies. Find an abundance of artesian spring water that allows travelers to cut directly through the vast desert to Los Angeles. Led by Antonio Armijo, a Santa Fe merchant.

Fremont topographical expedition of about 25 men arrived at Pyramid Lake, while this region was still part of Mexico, 30 miles northeast of the present-day city of Reno, and named the lake - Pyramid. Begin 2nd, expedition John Fremont and his party were the first white men to cross the Black Rock desert - Stevens-Townsend party led by Old Greenwood, went down the Humboldt with wagons, the first taken across what later became Donner Pass.

They resorted cannibalism in their attempts to survive the winter. Gold and silver prospectors began combing the barren lands of Northern Nevada. This is the wagon train which gave "Death Valley" its name as many of them perished there.

First recorded discovery of gold in Nevada was in Gold Canyon near present day Dayton. John Reese and other Mormons all males arrived in Carson Valley. July - gold was discovered in Gold Canyon, near Dalton.

Nevada History Timeline: Nevada Important Dates and Events

A public meeting was held for the purpose of organizing a squatter government. Established a provisional government to protect their land claims and to maintain civil order. The post was named "Eagle Station". This was the beginning of Carson City.

Benjamin Palmer was the first African American on record to settle in Nevada. He operated a ranch near Sheridan for 40 years. First post office in Nevada was established at Mormon Station, present day Genoa. First dance in Nevada was in Dayton. First white birth a boy in Nevada was registered in a journal kept by Laura Ellis. She and her husband James settled on a farm in Gold Canyon, near Dayton. Bringhurst had orders to establish a mission for the Latter-day Saints Church.

They built a square foot adobe brick fort, part of which still stands today as the oldest structure in Nevada, but not the first , and is appropriately named the Mormon Fort. Potosi mine was discovered about forty-three miles to the southwest of the mission by James Morgan who worked it for quicksilver and zinc.

The mine was referred to as the Lead Mine, but later became known as the Potosi, and was opened as the first lode mine in Nevada. Jones is assigned to the mission by Brigham Young to explore for minerals in the area. Although this has been disputed as being a bit overstated. First Chinatown in Nevada was in Dayton. Chinese laborers were brought in to dig a ditch from Gold Canyon to within two miles of town.

The ditch remains in tact today. Mormon Station renamed Genoa. Mines in Eldorado Canyon proved to be among the most consistent producers in the state from until World War II when the mines were closed.

Kinsey issued the first number at Genoa. First telegraph line was constructed between Placerville, CA and Genoa - the newly developed stage line. Carson City is laid out. The Mormon missionaries pull out of the Las Vegas Mission. Bill of Rights and a proposed State Constitution was adopted. Isaac Roop was elected governor of the provisional territory of Nevada November 26 - One year after the Territorial Enterprise put out its first edition it found a permanent home in Virginia City, Utah Territory , where the paper resumed publication on November 3rd, Telegraph line was extended from Genoa to Carson City.

Rich outcropping of gold and silver, the Comstock Lode, was discovered 40 miles from the Truckee Meadows. Virginia City sprang up over night. His bridge was washed away several years in a row - April - Pony Express began its route from St.

June 2 - Force of volunteers and regular US Army troops engaged the Indians in battle along the tableland and mountainside in retaliation for the battle on May 12th. November 3 - Territorial Enterprise newspaper resumes publishing a newspaper in Virginia City from the corner of A Street and Sutton Avenue, then the heart of the booming business district.

First ore mill built in in Nevada was built at Galena to process gold from the Comstock lode. It was not considered a village prior to Nye proclaimed establishment of the Territorial Government.

First school house was built in Washoe County. Daily overland mail stage established. Conner and the Territory of Nevada recruited 1, men for Civil War service. Nevada becomes the 36th state. Since this was the time of the Civil War the state motto of "Battle Born" was adopted. This is a long-standing myth! Territorial Governor Nye was appointed by Pres. Abraham Lincoln to ensure the stability of the territory and the gold and silver production would not be disrupted or find its way into Confederate hands.

The first part was tapped out by Frank Bell, cousin to Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. Nye served as acting Governor of Nevada for some 5 weeks by state constitutional provision.

The numbering of Nevada governors properly starts with him as 1, i. Kenny Guinn is the 28th governor of Nevada. Besides Nye, there were other men who served as governor, were not elected to office, and are counted as Nevada governors. Frank Bell 7th , , did not run in ; Denver Dickerson 12th , , ran in and lost; Morley Griswold 17th , , ran in and lost.. William Sharon no luck in his prior search for gold. Opens a branch bank in Virginia City. Stewart and James W. Nye elected to the US Senate.

Sutro Tunnel Company formed. Virginia City Miners Union formed. Clark county becomes part of Nevada. Before it was part of the Arizona Territory. December 13 - Locomotive from Central Pacific Rail Road edged across the state line near present day Verdi, becoming the first train to enter Nevada.

Elko County was created. Late December an Earthquake shook Reno.

Airmail Pioneers: A Breif History

October 19 - Construction on the Sutro tunnel began - to drain water from the Comstock Lode. Two wheel bicycles were introduced to Nevada. November 4 - The first train robbery in the Western United States. Eureka County was created from part of Lander County.

Nevada became the world leader in the production of Borax from the plant at Teels Marsh. Another fire laid waste to Eureka. Nevada Wildlife Commission was established. Right to vote for political candidates was extended to non-whites in Nevada - yet still excluded Native Americans.

First high school opened in Nevada. Sarah Winnemucca wrote the book: Absalom Lehman discovered what became known as the Lehman Caves. Governor Stevenson was the first to die in office, September 21st, Elizabeth was the first and only woman to be executed in Nevada. Governor Colcord died in Carson City on October 30, at the age of Harris president, Alex Harris Secretary, Wm. Lynch Treasurer was formed. John Edward Jones 8th Governor of Nevada Governor Jones died in office April 10, Colton Reno was first incorporated in , discorporated in , and has been continuously incorporated since The City of Reno is celebrating its th anniversary in