Flight of the Dodo: Part 1 (1985) watch online (quality HD 720p)

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Flight of the Dodo: Part 1 (1985)

We offer you to watch the movie Flight of the Dodo: Part 1 (1985), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The Eurasian black vulture is the biggest of the living birds of prey Birds of prey Accipitriformes The New World vultures are still generally considered a member of this order, [17] although the inclusion is dubious at best.

The great bird can reach a wingspan of 3.

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The harpy eagle Harpia harpyja of the neotropical forests is often cited as the largest eagle, as well, and captive females have weighed up to The wingspan, with a midpoint of 2.

It is sometimes considered the fourth-largest eagle in the world and is on average the fourth-heaviest eagle in the world. The longest-winged eagle ever was an Australian wedge-tailed eagle Aquila audax at 2. The golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos is barely smaller-winged, with the Himalayan subspecies recorded to 2.

The harpy and Philippine eagles, due to having to navigate in deep forest, are relatively short-winged, and do not exceed 2 or 2. Waterfowl Anseriformes The largest waterfowl species in average size is the trumpeter swan Cygnus buccinator of Northern North America, which can reach an overall length of 1. Heavier specimens have been recorded in the bulky Australian tawny frogmouth Podargus strigoides species, especially juvenile birds, which can weigh up to 1.

The glaucous gull L. Great auks could range up to 6. Herons and allies Ciconiiformes The longest-bodied and tallest species in the order is probably the slender, towering saddle-billed stork of Africa Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis , which often exceeds 1.

All three are believed to reach or exceed 3. The white-bellied heron A. The heaviest flying bird ever, Argentavis magnificens , is part of a group, the teratorns , that are considered an ally of the New World vultures.

Among standard measurements, the wing chord is The adults have overall dark greyish-brown plumage with a naked, greyish head and upper neck. There are dark bands across the back of the head and shoulder area and the pale silvery-grey wing tips also have black crossbars. The beak is yellowish-brown, the legs are orange, and the eyes are dark red. Juveniles have short black feathers on the back of the head down to the neck, shorter bills and brown eyes.

Its head is partially bare, showing red skin, and it has a dense crest of white plumes on the nape. This species is the only member of the genus Nipponia. Some exceptionally large Victoria crowneds have reached 3. The largest arboreal pigeon is the Marquesan imperial pigeon Ducula galeata , which is up to about 0.

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All were carelessly hunted it into extinction by humans and introduced animals. Some estimates claim the solitaire was merely swan-sized but others estimate weights of up to A kookaburra wingspan can range up to 0. Large females of this species can range up to 2. The Indian peafowl is the largest living gamebird Gamebirds Galliformes The heaviest member of this diverse order is the North American wild turkey Meleagris gallopavo. The largest specimen ever recorded was shot in , and weighed Although, wingspan is relatively small in most galliformes, both larger peafowl species can span as much as 1.

A prehistoric, flightless family, sometimes called incorrectly "giant megapodes" Sylviornis of New Caledonia were the most massive galliformes ever, up to 1. The shanks and outer toes are slightly feathered. Hatching eggs should weigh at least 58 g.

Wingspan in these largest loons can reach 1. The thick-billed raven shares the title of the largest songbird with its common cousin. Songbirds Passeriformes The passerine or songbird order comprises more than half of all bird species, and are known for their generally small size, their strong voices and their frequent perching. Corvids are the largest of passerines, particularly the large races of the common raven Corvus corax and the Northeast African thick-billed raven C.

Cormorants and allies Pelecaniformes The pelicans rank amongst the largest flying birds. The largest species of pelican is the Eurasian Dalmatian pelican Pelecanus crispus , which attains a length of 1.

The great white pelican P. The Australian pelican P. The widely distributed magnificent frigatebird is of note for having an extremely large wingspan, up to 2. Characterized by the tooth-like protrusions along their bills, this unique family has been variously allied with the Pelecaniformes , the tubenoses , the large waders and even the waterfowl. Their true linkage to extant birds remains in question, though pelecaniformes are the group most regularly considered related. Some of the largest pseudotooth birds have included, Osteodontornis of the late Miocene from the North Pacific, Gigantornis eaglesomei , from the Eocene era in what is now Nigeria and Dasornis , from Eocene era Europe.

A new, unnamed species has been discovered which may outsize even these giants. Superficially albatross -like, each of these pseudotooth species may have attained lengths of 2.

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The long wings have black markings on the flight feathers Flamingos Phoenicopteriformes The largest flamingo is the greater flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus of Eurasia and Africa.

One of the tallest flying birds in existence when standing upright exceeded only by the tallest cranes , this species typically weighs 3. However, at maximum size, a male can weigh up to 4. Woodpeckers and allies Piciformes The largest species of this diverse order is the toco toucan Ramphastos toco of the neotropic forest.

This species had a length of up to 0. Despite possibilities that it has survived in some deep swamp forests in Arkansas or Florida , the ivory-billed is generally considered to have succumbed to the same man-made pressures as its larger cousin. It can reach a length of 0. The maximum dimensions in this species are a length of 1.

The wandering albatross can travel 6, kilometres in 12 days. Their long wingspan help them to travel easily for several hours without flapping.

The hyacinth macaw is the largest parrot Parrots Psittaciformes The largest parrot by length and wingspan is the endangered hyacinth macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus of the neotropic lowlands, reaching a length of nearly 1. The strange, flightless kakapo may not exceed 0. Penguins Sphenisciformes The largest species is easily the emperor penguin Aptenodytes forsteri of the Antarctic, with a maximum height of 1. The largest is believed to be Anthropornis nordenskjoeldi , having reached a height of 1.

Record-sized specimens of both species have weighed about 4. The giant bird was estimated to stand over 1. A large male ostrich can reach a height of 2. Of almost exactly the same upper proportions as the largest elephant birds The tallest bird ever, however, was the giant moa Dinornis maximus , part of the moa family of New Zealand that went extinct about years ago.

This moa stood up to 3. However, when the adult male develops his spectacular tail streamers, his total length is boosted an extra 0.