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Date: 07.11.2017

Young as They Cum 4 (2002)

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Somehow I got caught up in a high price, part time, call girl job which I worked for almost two years. My family never knew about this. During this time I met some wealthy married men. One I fell for and he insisted on getting married. One year later we had a son Mike. I remained married for l8 years until my husband ran off with a gal 20 years younger, and I remained single, but very WELL provided for.

Our son got married at 22 to a nice and exceptionally cute s m a l l girl. Her mother and I became the best of friends.

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She confided in me that my son Mike was too big for her daughter and were having problems. She said Mike apparently had over 11 inches and big all around.

They were very much in love and were trying to work things out. About five months ago Mike asked me if I would come stay for a visit for several days while his wife went to take care of her sick mother.

I thought it would be fun and went. The first night after we had got back from having dinner I had gone to my room to put on my gown for bed and heard unusual sounds coming from the t. Being curious I came out to see what was going on and found my son watching a porno movie which involved incest.

I started to retreat back to my bedroom when Mike asked if I hd ever seen a porno movie. Well mom you are old enough so come join me. Being a guest I was little reluctant to say no, but really not comfortable watching incest. After a while he asked me if I had ever thought about incest. I replied no, have you. Mom, he said, you are so out of things. Of course I have.

I have fantacised about you a lot while growning up. How are things with you and Betty his wife I asked. Well mom we are struggling. She says I hurt her when we make love and I try to be easy but that can get difficult at times if you know what I mean.

Yes I know exactly what you mean.

How can you know? Mike, I said, there is nothing wrong with good sex. The conversation continued along these lines until the movie was over and I excused myself for bed.

I had only been in bed for about 10 minues when Mike walked in wearing only his brief. He was fully extended and looked hugh. He said nothing but crawled into bed and rolled over and pub his arms around me all the while pressing his erection against me. Heck mom, that movie made me horney, and the truth be known you would enjoy good loving. He immediately unhooked my braw, and slipped off my panties, then he took off his shorts and crawled on top of me.

Somehow I just could not resist him though I knew I should. Very quickly he started to penetrate me and it was HUGH, all I could take and he spent the night making me climax repeately. I never thought my own son would be the best lover I ever had, by FAR. He has been back eight times and I have never denied him.

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I have learned to live with incest and accepted what two consenting adults do is alright. He want use a rubber and that does worry me sometimes, for he want pull out for he says I am the only woman who takes all he has and it feels too good.

He still hurts me sometimes.