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Date: 11.11.2017

Agamista (2007)

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Jobzella Email The sun s up, humidity s is filling the air and Egypt is soon to turn into a large, fuming furnace. Yes ladies and gentlemen, summer s finally blooming, vacations are starting and young men and women are waiting in anticipation for the ultimate, and only, source of entertainment to relieve the effect of blistering heat. While cultural centers are shutting their doors, musical performers are moving to the seaside and commercial theatres seducing the hordes of Arabs occupying the capital, Movie theatres are opening their doors wide open in preparation for the most lucrative film season of the year.

With about 18 films to be screened within the next two months, this season, just like the past two ones, is overcrowded with big-budgeted films all vying to earn the biggest share of a forecasted combined gross that might exceed the all-time high of LE million of Each week will see from two to three movies released all through the country.

Because of this overabundance, the number of prints designated for the majority of these films will be reduced to average from 35 to 40 per film. Major blockbusters though, such as Morgan Ahmed Morgan starring Adel Imam and Karkar starring Mohamed Saad, are an exception to the rule with reports claiming that prints have been readied for each.

The overall result of having so many major commercial productions released in 8 weeks might lead to an overall larger market haul but, nevertheless, will reduce the individual shares of every one of those films that will suffer from shorter runs than ever before.

Unlike last year, when social dramas such as Yacoubian Building, Wahed Men El Nas One of the People and Awkat Faragh Leisure Time dominated the box office alongside the atypical lucrative lighter fares; this summer s offerings are less diverse as the majority of the crop is composed of comedies and action flicks. Only three films crack this mould: Special Relations, on the other hand, has been surrounded by a bad buzz that materialized with the several walkouts during its premiere last Wednesday.

The film is another failed endeavor to emulate the success of last year s surprise teen drama Leisure Time revolving around three couples in dysfunctional relationships.

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El Feshaway plays the role of a young, rich man who murders his parents for no palpable reasons. Hesham Selim is the psychiatrist who tries to unveil the mystery. The film centers on the bond that forms between a filmmaker with a hidden past Abol Naga and a young, misguided hoodlum Ramzy. A couple of high-profiled romantic dramas will also battle it out this summer.

The big showdown this summer though is between the aforementioned mega stars Adel Imam and Mohammed Saad. The film also stars Mervat Amin.

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Former box-office king Mohamed Henedi will try to recapture his past glories with the Rotana produced Andaleeb El Dokki Dokki Nightingale about an aspiring singer who moves to the gulf with his twin brothers in search for a career. His new Sobky-produced film is a guy gets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back romantic comedy starring May Ezzel Din. Overall, there is nothing special to look forward to this summer.