The Eleventh Hour (1914)

British Adm Milne sent light cruiser "Chatham" to watch the Straits of Messina, but too late to sight them, while "Indomitable" and "Indefatigable", the 1st CS, light cruiser "Gloucester" and destroyers patrolled off the Strait of Otranto in case they returned north into the Adriatic. Instead "Goeben" and "Breslau" headed west to disrupt the transport of French African troops to France. The Admiralty decided they were making for the Atlantic and ordered Milne to send two of his battlecruisers to Gibraltar. Rejoining, they headed back towards the north coast of Sicily and Messina.

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Mutt and Jeff and the Escaped Lunatic (1911)

SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. In the early s, a psychologist named J. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity. He challenged research subjects to connect all nine dots using just four straight lines without lifting their pencils from the page.

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The Ghosts of Ruddigore (2004)

She took three toads with her, and kissed them, and said to one, "When Eliza comes to the bath, seat yourself upon her head, that she may become as stupid as you are. She next called Eliza, and helped her to undress and get into the bath. As Eliza dipped her head under the water, one of the toads sat on her hair, a second on her forehead, and a third on her breast, but she did not seem to notice them, and when she rose out of the water, there were three red poppies floating upon it. Had not the creatures been venomous or been kissed by the witch, they would have been changed into red roses.

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Lucifer Rising (2009)

History After Lucifer was banished from Heaven for defying God due to his corruption from the Mark of Cain , he twisted a human soul into the first demon. After this, God sent Michael to imprison Lucifer in the Cage which was locked with mystical seals. In , Azazel possessed a priest at St.

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All Summer Long (1956)

There is a general rule that maximum three individual athletes may represent each nation per competition. National Olympic committees may enter a limited number of qualified competitors in each event, and the NOC decides which qualified competitors to select as representatives in each event if more have attained the benchmark than can be entered. Each nation may be represented by no more than one team per competition; a team is two people in some sports.

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Follow Your Heart (1990)

ELI Talks are meant to Industry information at your fingertips. Over , Hollywood insiders. Enhance your IMDb Page.

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Son of Ali Baba (1952)

Galland was an 18th-century French Orientalist who may have heard it in oral form from a Middle Eastern story-teller from Aleppo , in modern-day Syria. Burton included it in the supplemental volumes rather than the main collection of stories of his translation published as The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night and thought its origins were Greek Cypriot. Ali Baba marries a poor woman and settles into the trade of a woodcutter. One day, Ali Baba is at work collecting and cutting firewood in the forest, and he happens to overhear a group of 40 thieves visiting their treasure store.

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Undertow (1977)

The film was directed by Andrew Stanton , who also directed the original film, and was released on June 17 , It is the highest-grossing animated film of Contents [ show ] Plot Dory is a very young blue tang who suffers from short-term memory loss. While she finds this as a weakness, her parents constantly tell her that it is all right, but they warn her to stay away from the undertow. Later, young Dory has been separated from her parents and is trying to find them.

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Bi-Dazzled (2001)

Missouri — Missouri is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States, achieving statehood in With over six million residents, it is the eighteenth most populous state, the largest urban areas are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. The capitol is in Jefferson City on the Missouri River, the state is the twenty-first most extensive by area and is geographically diverse. The Northern Plains were once covered by glaciers, then tallgrass prairie, in the South are the Ozarks, a forested highland, providing timber, minerals, and recreation.

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Canal de la viga, Puente de Jamaica (1898)

Its main entrance contains various indigenous symbols. According to legend, this image was taken from here to Etla, Oaxaca , but it mysteriously disappeared from there to reappear in a small cave back in Iztapalapa. However, its importance stems from a miracle attributed to it.

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Hour of the Assassin (1987)

Early life[ edit ] Thomas Horn, Jr. The family owned acres bisected by the South Wyaconda River between the towns of Granger and Etna. Tom was the fifth of twelve children. The dog was tragically killed when the young Tom got into a fight with two boys, who beat Tom and killed the dog with a shotgun.

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The Killing Edge (1984)

When Barack Obama gave the green light for that operation four years ago, he knew he was making one of the most difficult decisions in his life—one that would not only mean life or death for those involved, but also sway the course of history and help determine his legacy. The prognoses offered by the secret-service agencies were inconclusive: In reality, Obama determined the chances stood at fifty-fifty and gave the green light against the advice of his secretary of defense. Forecasts alleging complete certainty are, of course, unscientific.

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Glimpse (2006)

November 24, The good: Inexpensive, immersive gaming, good selection of apps, easy setup The Bad: Only works with certain Samsung phones, touchpad can be difficult to find when wearing the headset Who should buy it: Or current titles such as Destiny and Fallout 4 , which allow you to customize a character indefinitely. It was far more addicting than I had expected. But so far, few headsets have actually hit market. Most will likely be expensive when the are released, costing several hundreds of dollars.

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G.I. Baby (1987)

The Next Great Generation In the United States, birth rates peaked in August [9] [10] and a 20th-century trend toward smaller families in developed countries continued. The Me Me Me Generation. A PricewaterhouseCoopers [30] report and Edelman Berland [31] use — Ernst and Young uses — A viral video from BuzzFeed , detailing the seven living generations of Americans, described millennials as those born between — Gen X , the "Millennial tribe" consisted of individuals born between and Between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boom, author Elwood Carlson defined this cohort as born between — based on the upswing in births after and finishing with the "political and social challenges" that occurred after the September 11 terrorist acts. S Pirg described millennials as those born between and According to their hypothesis, they predicted millennials will become more like the "civic-minded" G.

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The Biosphere (1979)

Collapse of Industrial Civilization Civilizations are living organisms striving to survive and develop through predictable stages of birth, growth, maturation, decline and death. Cultural memes are a much more significant driver of human evolution than genetic evolution. Entire civilizations have been weeded out when their belief system proved maladaptive to a changing environment. Not even when our basic life support systems are being torn asunder do the vast majority question the path we are on.

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