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Aardvark (2000)

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The quoted bitrates are only achievable within each individual byte and does not extend across bytes. Otherwise, the Aardvark adapter will simply return the data it just received. Similarly, when the Aardvark adapter is configured to act as an SPI slave, and the slave select is pulled high to indicate the end of a transaction, there is a data processing overhead of sending the transaction to the PC host. As such, if the SPI master sends a subsequent transaction in rapid succession to the Aardvark slave, the data received by the Aardvark slave may be corrupted.

Pearl Harbor General Dynamics F-111 AARDVARK/PIG WW II Hawaii

After each transmission is complete, these lines are returned to a high impedance state. This feature allows the Aardvark adapter, following a transaction as a master SPI device, to be then reconnected to another SPI environment as a slave. The Aardvark adapter will not fight the master lines in the new environment. Consequently, any SPI slave target to which the Aardvark adapter is interfaced must have a pull-up resistor on its slave select line, preventing fluttering of the voltage when the Aardvark adapter stops driving the signal.

These pull-up resistors can be relatively weak — k should be adequate. This configuration is held as long as the slave mode is enabled see the API documentation later in the manual. The bug has been noted for SPI slave devices and there may also be corruptions when using this mode for sending or receiving messages as an SPI master.

Unfortunately there is no fix for this problem and the best solution is to use another mode. If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact Total Phase support. This is due to operating system issues and the full-duplex nature of the SPI signaling. This is within the USB 1. However, the plastic housing, along with the ribbon and USB cables, may not withstand the higher end of this range. Any use of the Aardvark device outside the room temperature specification will void the hardware warranty.

The specific compatibility for each operating system is discussed below. Be sure the device driver has been installed before plugging in the Aardvark adapter. When using the bit library on a bit distribution, the appropriate bit system libraries are also required.

Installation of the latest available update is recommended. The switch to a more direct USB driver should improve the installation and performance of PC and Aardvark adapter communication.

After the driver has been installed, plugging in an Aardvark adapter for the first time will cause the adapter to be installed and associated with the correct driver. The following steps describe the feedback the user should receive from Windows after an Aardvark adapter is plugged into a system for the first time: When the installation is complete, the Found New Hardware notification bubble will again pop up and state that your new hardware is installed and ready to use.

A notification bubble will pop up from the system tray and state that Windows is "installing device driver software. Instructions for using this utility can be found below. Alternatively, the Uninstall option found in the driver installer can also be used to remove the driver from the system.

This differs from previous versions that required the user to ensure independently that the libusb library was installed on the system. Most modern Linux distributions use the udev subsystem to help manipulate the permissions of various system devices. This is the preferred way to support access to the Aardvark adapter such that the device is accessible by all of the users on the system upon device plug-in. For legacy systems, there are two different ways to access the Aardvark adapter, through USB hotplug or by mounting the entire USB filesystem as world writable.

This file is totalphase. Please follow the following steps to enable the appropriate permissions for the Aardvark adapter. As superuser, unpack totalphase. Please follow the following steps to enable hotplugging. As superuser, unpack aardvark and aardvark. The following procedure is not necessary if you were able to exercise the steps in the previous subsections.

The following steps can help setup the correct permissions. Please note that these steps will make the entire USB filesystem world writable.

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Check the current permissions by executing the following command: Now the contents of that directory should be writable by all users. It is typically necessary to ensure that the user running the software is currently logged into the desktop. No further user configuration should be necessary. If an Aardvark adapter is subsequently removed from the system, the remaining adapters shift their port numbers accordingly. For example, take the case of a graphical application that is written to communicate I2C or SPI through an Aardvark device.

The original application need not be altered or recompiled.

General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark - Wikipedia

The user can simply replace the old Aardvark DLL with the newer one. How does this work? If the DLL is replaced, the application simply loads the new one, thereby utilizing all of the improvements present in the replaced DLL.

The default behavior of locating the Aardvark DLL is dependent on the operating system platform and specific programming language environment. On a Windows system, this is as follows: The directory from which the application binary was loaded. The applications current directory.