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The Thrill of the Hunt (1994)

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The Thrill of the Hunt is the sixth episode of Gargoyles , and the sixth episode of Season 1. Contents [ show ] Plot "The Pack" is a popular television show that the Gargoyles enjoy, not knowing the difference between television and reality.

Lexington makes contact with them in hopes of finding allies. But to his surprise, he finds that they are far from heroic in real life. Owen escorts Elisa up to the Castle just before sunset. The Manhattan Clan awakens from their stone sleep and Owen departs. The clan greets Elisa, then the Trio and Hudson leave. Goliath tells Elisa that the rest of his clan is fascinated by the television and hurry every night to watch it.

She argues that the gargoyles need to find a new home before Xanatos returns. Goliath refuses to consider leaving the castle.

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Hudson finds that The Pack , an action TV show that he and the Trio enjoy, is on all the channels, which has apparently happened before. The Trio enters and Hudson expresses his irritation at being unable to watch anything else night after night. The three young gargoyles , however, seem happy to watch it. Lexington seems particularly enthusiastic.

He believes that the TV heroes are real warriors like himself and his clan. Meanwhile, at Pack-Media Studios, the five members of the Pack are working out. Wolf and Dingo in particular are becoming bored with television stardom and want some real action in their lives. In answer, Fox presents them with an unexplained set of photos that was supposedly delivered to the Pack by mail. Brooklyn and Broadway leave once the show ends, but Lex remains behind and goes to meet the Pack in person.

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The Pack is startled when Lex appears and introduces himself as a fellow warrior. Wolf adds that they would love to meet this other gargoyle. Lex tells the Pack that he will arrange it. Lex arrives shortly before dawn and announces that he has befriended the Pack. Lex argues that Goliath befriended Elisa, but Goliath thinks they are different situations. Hudson points out that the sun will soon end their argument. Lexington continues the argument the next night. Why is it all right to befriend Elisa, but not the Pack?

They fight injustice like she does.

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The rest of the clan backs Lex up, drawing on what they know of the Pack from television. He tells Goliath that they need to seek out kindred spirits in this new world or face life hiding in the castle, alone. Goliath reluctantly agrees to go with Lex and meet the Pack. The two gargoyles arrive at a darkened Pack Media Studios. Goliath and Lexington flee, but Hyena jumps out and attacks Lex.

He charges after her and nearly falls prey to a trap with spikes coming out of the walls before Goliath pulls him out of the way. The gargoyles bash the spikes aside and continue on until metal doors slam shut in front and back of them.

Goliath smashes through two metal walls and finds an exit to the roof. The Pack sees the gargoyles escaping and rushes outside to begin the hunt. Goliath and Lexington glide over to a rooftop.

They see no sign of the Pack. Lex is furious that the Pack betrayed his trust and calls them nothing more than animals. Lex vows to never trust anyone again. Goliath hears something whizzing towards them and a bladed boomerang explodes in front of them. Goliath goes to help Lexington, but Dingo ropes Goliath. Goliath is briefly dragged backwards, but he soon snaps the rope and grabs Lexington. As they fly, Jackal tosses a knife at a nearby power line, which breaks and collides with the gargoyles, electrocuting them.

They climb up the side of the building, but are immediately caught in another explosion. Stunned, they fall to the ground below and lie stunned in the rubble. The Pack creeps in towards the fallen gargoyles and the hunt appears to have ended.

Act Three As the Pack closes in on the unconscious gargoyles, they are spotted by Billy and Susan , two of their young fans.

They run over and start peppering their heroes with questions. The distraction gives the gargoyles enough time to recover and they begin to rise from the rubble. Wolf picks up the kids and returns them to their parents, telling them the gargoyles are monsters sent by the evil ninjas.

He attacks Goliath, uttering some cliched TV dialogue. Lex confronts Dingo, who throws a weapon at him that explodes in a flash of bright light. Billy and Susan try to help the Pack by tossing some discarded cans at Lexington. As they do, their mother remarks that the "stunt" looks awfully real. As Goliath and Wolf battle, Fox tells the others to finish the gargoyles while the street is deserted. Jackal and Hyena run at Goliath, but he pulls the plug off a nearby fire hydrant and they are forced back by the spray.

Lex points out a fire escape and the gargoyles head up it. Dingo tosses another exploding boomerang at the gargoyles, but fails to hit them. The Pack uses grappling hooks to scale the building. Dingo is startled by a stone gargoyle as he reaches the top and blasts its head off. The Pack quickly realizes that the entire rooftop is covered with stone gargoyles, making their hunt much more difficult. As they search, Jackal realizes Hyena is missing.

They turn around as one of her gloves drops behind them. Jackal decides to abandon the hunt, but is attacked by Goliath as he leaves. Fox and Wolf try to run, but Goliath catches up with them. He pins them against the roof, which gives way and all three of them fall onto a set where a photo shoot is taking place. Fox grabs one of the models as a hostage.

The photographer snaps some pictures of the action. Fox and Wolf make their way out the door with their hostage while Goliath cautiously follows them. As they all exit the building, Lexington dives down at Fox and pins her, knocking her gun away. Wolf grabs Lex off of the unconscious Fox, but tosses him aside in favor of taking on Goliath. The two fight hand to hand and Goliath is victorious, knocking out Wolf.

Hearing police sirens approaching, Goliath and Lex leave the scene. Back at the castle, Lex is ashamed of trusting the Pack and endangering Goliath. Goliath consoles him, telling the younger gargoyle that his earlier wish to seek out kindred spirits in this new world was correct.

Brooklyn and Broadway return from their night out. Hudson notes that perhaps the clan should not believe everything they see on television. The gargoyles take their places on the castle tower and turn to stone as dawn comes. Owen also provided the Pack with the photographs of Goliath.

He was able to test both the Pack, which he created, and Goliath by pitting them against each other. He finds the results of their encounter very "informative".