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Date: 27.08.2017

Revenge of the Pirates (1951)

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Pirates movies ~ 255 referenced movies

Many pirates ruled this era. The most famous of these pirates though, were Blackbeard and Anne Bonny. There were also several other famous female pirates that ruled the Golden Age.

A short list of these include: Blackbeard is one of the most well known pirates to this day. He was born in , and died around November 22, His birthplace was Bristol, England. His true name was Edward Teach or Thatch. Blackbeard was a very massive man. He was nicknamed Blackbeard, because of his wildly large beard. He had a fearsome reputation as a pirate. His reign of terror in the Caribbean lasted from to Before that, he had a career as a privateer. May of , Blackbeard blockaded the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.

He was pardoned from this crime by Charles Eden, the governor of North Carolina, provided that Blackbeard gave him a cut of the booty treasure. The pardon that the governor gave him did not stop him from harassing plantations along the Pamlico River.

Treasure Island is one of the most common places that Blackbeard was known to frequent. It is widely known that Blackbeard was killed during a battle with Royal Navy. Blackbeard also commanded an entire fleet of ships; some of them included: Ranger, Revenge, and Adventure. There were also several undocumented ships.

Blackbeard was a legendary pirate. If rumors prove true, Blackbeard tended to braid his beard, and tie it with ribbons, and that during a battle, he would weave hemp in his beard, tie matches to the hemp, and light the matches. Blackbeard was shot and stabbed more than 25 times before he died, and was decapitated as well.

As you can see, Blackbeard was a very well known pirate, and still very much is. Throughout history, pirates have primarily been men. Women, though not as many, have also played a very important role in history, too. She was also known as Alvida, Alwilda, and Alvild. It is not known exactly when she was born, but somewhere between the 5th and 12th century. Mostly legend follows her around, but it is said that she was the daughter of Gothic King Siward.

During the end of her reign of piracy, Prince Alf raided her ship, whose crew consisted of many women, and she revealed herself to him. They ended up together in the end then married and she became Queen of Denmark. When her country needed her, she was there, saving Galway, Ireland from its downfall. Though not in the most honorable way.

When she was a young girl, she always wanted to be a sailor, but was constantly discouraged from it by her mother and father. Through her persistence, her father allowed her to go on the trip with him and his fleet. She died in in a Jamaican prison. Born to the widow of a sea captain between to No long before Mary was born, her brother died, so her mother dressed Mary as a boy and Mary was raised as a boy to replace her dead brother.

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During this time she fell in love with a Flemish soldier. Even French women were pirates. Jacquotte Delahaye is said to have become a pirate after her father was killed. She fought alongside Anne Dieu-Le-Vuet. Anne is believed to be a French criminal that was deported from France. She was taken to Tortuga, where she married the pirate Pierre Length. After Pierre was murdered she married Laurens de Graff, the man who killed her husband.

She was a very publicized pirate because she did not try to hide that she was a woman. It is not entirely certain what happened to Anne and her husband, but it is said that they settled in Mississippi while continuing their piracy. She was a true pirate of the Caribbean. She was an active pirate there from to She and a male pirate named Calico pirated this area together. Anne was born in to parents, William Cormack, a lawyer, and Mary Brenner, a servant woman.

When her father went through some bad business, he moved his daughter and himself from Ireland to South Carolina, and there, William made a new start for him and Bonny. At sixteen, Anne fell in love with James Bonny, a small time pirate, who was really only interested in her estate.

Because of this disapproving marriage, her father turned Anne out of his house. After being married to James for sometime, she fell in love with and ran away with pirate Calico Jack Rackham. It is said they had a lesbian relationship. After a struggle with the Royal Navy, the crew was captured.

The crew was trialed and executed in Port Royal. Both Anne and Mary claimed to be pregnant, so they were not executed. She later had eight other children with Burleigh. She died April 25, She was one of the first women to fight for the equality between men and women. Today, there are still pirates, and treasure is still being found under the waters of our vast oceans. Blackbeard still plays a very prominent role in history, as dose Anne Bonny, and many other pirates. There are several other movies featuring these famous pirates, such as, Pirates: There are also many books about them too, most of which romanticize their stories.

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