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Date: 21.10.2017

Rah! Rah! Rexie! (1928)

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From Chinatown to Andersonville, these colorful neighborhoods are a window into other worlds. In Rochester, a tourist from the Twin Cities is a novelty. Tourists from anywhere are a novelty, though patients and medical professionals come from around the world.

Paul, and still growing. Yet it barely has a downtown. Its big festival, Rochesterfest, is little known outside the area. Many Twin Cities tourists consider Rochester the gateway to Lanesboro, pop.

In , the city decided to change that, introducing a new slogan: More Than You Know. Rochester would have been just another small town if the U. William Worrall Mayo to Rochester in ; his wife was tired of moving around, so they stayed.

In , after two destructive tornadoes, a Franciscan nun persuaded Mayo to be medical director of a new hospital; in , he and his two physician sons invited other doctors with specialties to become their partners. It was one of the first group practices, and it blossomed into the Mayo Clinic, which now occupies 40 buildings and employs more than 26, people in a city of , IBM has a big plant in Rochester, too.

With its 4, employees and those of other high-tech industries, you can assume there are a lot of smart people around.

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But is it a good place to visit? But yes, it can be a lot of fun. We spent a weekend there one November and started with a holiday tour of Mayowood, the country manor built by W. Charlie, and later inhabited by Dr. Chuck, who raised Young Dr. Charlie and his five other children there. It was a retreat for Dr. Charlie, who loved nature. He built water gardens, stocked ponds with fish and brought in elk, Japanese deer and English pheasants.

He also built greenhouses and, being frugal, used old glass X-ray plates for the panels: In , when Dr.

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Most of the contents remain, including childhood portraits of Dr. They had an artistic streak, Bothun said; Young Dr. Charlie, now retired, became an expert in Scandinavian birch-bark weaving and helped found the North House Folk School in Grand Marais. After exploring the wooded grounds, we drove back to town on U. The downtown is mostly Mayo, remarkable for its dearth of storefronts. But the shop is best known for selling unusual lighting fixtures. One is by Dr. It also has nightlife. Only a few people knew the Cajun two-step, but older folks did the polka and a cluster of young people bounced up and down, waved their hands and formed a conga line.

Is this a normal crowd? At the Kahler Complex, a man was pacing back and forth past shops, speaking loud Arabic into a cell phone; the hotel has long catered to Mideast royal families and opened The International Hotel, "Where the Wealthy Get Healthy. The first Kahler in catered to convalescents and had a hospital unit, and the new Kahler, opened in , operated as part hospital, part hotel until The biggest draw on Peace Plaza, however, is the Barnes and Noble.

Housed in the former Chateau Theatre, it has a lighted marquee, a vaulted midnight-blue ceiling and walls lined with medieval-style parapets, turrets and balconies. The only thing we missed was the free weekday art tour of the Mayo Clinic. Then, as we were peering at a Dale Chihuly installation through the locked doors of the Gonda Building, we lucked out. The interior was an eyeful, with decorative elevator grilles, iron chandeliers and wood paneling, and the doors were museum-quality, with inner gates topped by a row of 16 small bronze knights.

We had hoped to catch the bird-banding program at Quarry Hill Nature Center, but the art tour was worth it.

What to see and do in Rochester, Minnesota: A guide to the best

Quarry Hill Park was crawling with families, hiking, biking and exploring the nature center, where naturalist Kirk Payne lifted a rock to show us a giant water bug, which glides up under frogs, injects a toxin and liquifies their flesh. There was a live timber rattlesnake, a kestrel with a half-eaten mouse and a reproduction of Stan, the most complete Tyrannosaurus skull ever found.

It has theater, art, dance and a symphony, like any other decent-sized town, plus attractive parks and trails. Rochester may surprise you.

Rochester, Minnesota Getting there: To get downtown, take the Second Avenue Southwest exit off U. Downtown, there are two First Streets, two First Avenues, two Second Streets and so on; use the maps in the visitors guide to negotiate them. Regular tours run from May through the third weekend in October. Christmas tours are held in November. Reservations are required, A free general tour leaves from the same location weekdays, For antiques, visit the shops on Historic Third Street.

Quarry Hill Nature Center: This large wooded park is on the east side of town is a pleasant place to hike, and children like exhibits in the visitors center. Series at the Mayo Civic Center books well-known musicians. For dance, the Rochester Dance Company.

For classical music, the Rochester Symphony Orchestra. For pizza, pasta and live jazz, the Redwood Room. The Hampton Inn is a good value and has a pool and exercise room. Room rates include a hot breakfast. Downtown hotels are utilitarian, unless you can afford The International Hotel.

The Holiday Express also is near the Civic Center. The Kahler Grand includes shopping under the same roof and often offers packages. Last updated on April 19,