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Date: 30.12.2017

My Happy Ending (2006)

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Nina gains the upper hand in the match, but a mysterious knight attacks during the ceremony, and Arika catches a falling airplane, holding it long enough for Brigadier General Haruka Armitage, a Meister Otome, to throw it to safety. She earns some new friends as well as some new enemies. Unbeknownst to her, a fellow student stole the uniform in order to try to sabotrage her.

After Nina almost drowns, they try to use salt to expose it, but because someone switched the labels of salt and sugar, they end up increasing its size. Pearl student Juliet Nao Zhang intervenes, and shortly thereafter, Arika becomes her room attendant alongside Nina. In order to learn more, Arika and her friends break into the Mausoleum of Garderobe. They learn that Otomes are loyal to their masters above all else, even if they must fight their friends.

Arika, however, resolves to find a way to change it. With randomly chosen pairs, the students enter into wilderness, when things start to go wrong for Arika and her partner Erstin. A snake bites Erstin, the nanomachines within her fail, and the bracelets used to call for help break down. A mysterious figure attacks Arika.

To avoid an international conflict when Mashiro runs away, Windbloom comes up with a hasty substitute. Meanwhile, Mashiro takes the name of Nina and ends up in the slums of Windbloom, where she meets a foreign boy, who turns out to be the real prince Takumi, who came in search of his sister. At the last second, she decides to elope with Kazuya.

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Elsewhere, two Meister Otomes from different countries battle against each other. Meanwhile, Shizuru investigates the boiling Otome conflict between the two countries of Romulus and Remus. Arika later talks to a similarly distressed Mashiro, promising to see whether Arika can become a Meister Otome first, or Mashiro can become a queen who will make everyone happy.

But an enemy plan causes the source of the Otome technology to shut down. Arika learns that Erstin is an agent of Schwartz, who intends to capture Princess Mashiro, and they are forced to fight against each other.

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Sergay, trying to protect Arika, reveals himself as her benefactor, and admits that she may be the true princess, causing Nagi to realize that Sergay has withheld information. Nina, greatly upset by Sergay seemingly favored Arika, attacks Arika, but Erstin blocks the attack with her Slave and dies telling her friends she most wanted to be with them. Arika and Nina clash, creating a large explosion.

Nina now serves as the Meister Otome of Nagi. Aoi refuses to tell the mob where Mashiro is, falling off a cliff instead, and a grief-stricken Mashiro flees. Elsewhere, Natsuki and Nao make their way toward the Republic of Aries in order to request help.

Mashiro feels compassion for her exiled people and asks Aswad to take them in. Sergay forms a plan to capture Mashiro with the assistance of the Valkyrie unit. Back at the village, Sergay and the Valkyries arrive to take Mashiro and Arika by force. Meanwhile, Nagi has Nina activate the true power of the Harmonium. Arika learns that she is the daughter of Lena Sayers, the Otome for the Kingdom of Windbloom, and that Nina is the true princses.

Natsuki and Nao later join them.

Nina is forced to operate the Harmonium, a weapon capable of destroying entire cities, in order to keep him alive. Meanwhile, Operation Liberate Windbloom is put into full action, with rival armies squaring off against each other and the Otome attempting to gain their powers back. Arika tells Nina that it is not too late to make up for her mistakes, and manages to defeat her even as the Harmonium takes possession of her, destroying the Ultimate Black Diamond.