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Date: 15.11.2017

A Muralha (1961)

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LinkedIn On the slopes above the Douro Estuary, Porto is a historic mercantile city with business and trade written into its very name. Fortified port wine is still stored in warehouses on the south bank of the Douro, and if you track the river to the ocean you arrive at the stylish Foz do Douro district for beaches and hip restaurants. Lets explore the best things to do in Porto: Cais da Ribeira Source: There are bars and restaurants around every corner, and these line the riverside walk too.

The villa looks out on sumptuous terraced grounds with tree-lined avenues, topiaries, regimented lawns and pergolas. Then on the other side of the park is the Contemporary Art Museum, which opened in for high-profile temporary exhibitions. The bridge crosses the steep, rocky banks of the Douro and rises to almost 45 metres.

After that you could board the Funicular dos Guindais to get down to the waterside. Wander around to the apse to ponder the long lancet windows and then head back to the main facade where an ornate portal is crested by a lovely rose window. The interiors were redecorated from the s to the s and have some of the most lavish gilded woodwork you could hope to see. The old Gothic vaults, walls and pillars are covered up by intricately carved panels representing birds, cherubs and foliage.

The exterior was finished by and has a Neoclassical design, while the eclectic interiors were decorated right up to the start of the 20th century.

You have to go in to comprehend the richness of the sculpture, decorative carvings, plasterwork, frescos, chandeliers and tiles. This was the last section of the church to be completed and dates to , with a design inspired by the campaniles of Tuscany. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas oversaw the design along with high-tech scenography and acoustics firms. You can go in for a tour of the 1,seater venue, which tore up the rulebook on auditorium design and has two walls composed entirely of glass.

Foz do Douro Source: The Farol Molhe do Douro lighthouse meanwhile guided vessels in and out of the Douro for years before being deactivated in Porto Cathedral Porto Cathedral This stern-looking building calls the shots from the oldest part of Porto.

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Despite going through a lot of changes over time, the cathedral has kept big pieces of its original 12th-century architecture. When it was built it would have had a defensive role, as you may tell from the buttresses, arrow loops and crenellations. On a hot day you can dip your toes in the brisk Atlantic and clear your senses in the breeze. If you want to include some of the outlying beaches a few minutes from the city you have at least 10 to choose from, many of which fly the Blue Flag every year.

The most convenient is Matosinhos, just past the Parque de Cidade and with a massive bay that seems boundless when the tide is out.

You can get onto battlements at Largo 1. But best of all, the view of the Douro up here is unbeatable.

His design is still in place, and there are fountains and allegorical sculptures to the seasons. The gardens are planted with gingko, pines, camellias, rhododendrons and beech trees, and your path might be crossed by a peacock or two.

Church of Santa Clara Source: It has a similar story to other religious buildings in the city, undergoing an extravagant update in the first half of the 18th century. Parque de Cidade Source: After hours zigzagging through crowds, if you need somewhere to stroll or coast on a bike, come for these cool pine groves and abundant rolling lawns. A motif throughout the park is stacks of rectangular granite stones that look like ancient foundations.

You also use the Parque de Cidade as a green detour on your way to the Praia do Matosinhos. Soares dos Reis National Museum Source: A lot of these pieces are still on display, while much of the earlier art was taken from followers of the deposed King Miguel I.

Its most venerated resident was Charles Albert of Sardinia, who spent the last months of his life in exile here in The house has been kept as a museum to open a window on 19th-century noble life.

A muralha de 1961

Douro River Trip Source: These are located on the south bank of the Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia. As for the wine, it becomes fortified by adding grape spirit, which halts fermentation and helps port keep its sweet flavour. From them on it is stored in oak barrels for anything between two years and four decades depending on the style. FC Porto Museum Source: