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Date: 29.10.2017

The Wrong Man? A Mothers Cry (2004)

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Article Tools Get a printer-friendly version Too many single women fall into the trap of being left pregnant and alone. Although their circumstances may differ they may be engaged to be married, in a monogamous relationship, have a live-in lover or a casual sex partner, the end result is always the same. Could she have avoided the pain and rejection of being left pregnant and alone? The answer is, "Yes! It seemed like we were so in love. It felt like he was The One.

Since he attended church, it never even crossed my mind to ask him was he "saved," born again until after we had been involved sexually. He asked, "Saved from what? About 2 years into our relationship, he decided to get baptized. I later found out that he did it because he suspected that I might eventually leave him for a man who was born again.

The day of his baptism, he reeked of liquor. The odor was so loud, it was obvious that he had been drinking. He acted as if he had no idea what I was talking about. One of his many character flaws was his drinking. In hindsight, he was a functional alcoholic. Not long after that eerie episode, he asked me to marry him. I am a Christian woman. I should have known better, but I ignored all of the warning signs. I accepted his proposal and we set a wedding date.

Could this happen to you? It can if you have formed a soul tie.

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It was my way of trying to break the "soul tie. He seemed devastated with the news that I was leaving. He followed me with the intentions of bringing me back, but I later realized that his passion for me was fueled solely by his desire to have sex. Once again, I ignored the warning signs. We reconciled after he made a heart touching, emotional plea for me to stay with him.

One night at church, a pastor anointed and prayed over us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. I am not sure if he received it or not. The truth is, he was only attending church as a means to impress me so that he could have sex with me.

I had devalued my own worth as a woman and as a daughter of God. I somehow believed that I could change him. If a man refuses to be a man, no woman has the power to change him.

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To compound the matter, our soul tie and flesh tie made breaking up extremely hard. He gave me the engagement ring back, we went and obtained a blood test and made plans to become husband and wife. In my heart I knew he was not The One, but I felt as if things were headed in the right direction. Especially since we were no longer sexually involved. When I told him I could not marry him because he was not The One, once again, he seemed devastated.

He Went From Dr. Hyde Before I broke off the engagement for the second time, he convinced me that he was going to relocate to the state I had moved to.

He was so serious, that he sent me a check for the down payment for his new apartment, but my mind was made up. Our relationship was over!

In his anger, he lashed out at me on the telephone. He started saying things in an attempt to manipulate and control me. To have sex, some people will do and say anything. I finally had to hang up on him because the conversation got way out of hand. He called back and left a profane message on my answering machine. I knew it was wrong, but I allowed myself to fall back into sexual sin.

I agreed to talk with him. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, we were back in the midst of sexual heat. That moment in time never would have happened, had I broken that soul tie. When I called to inform him that I was pregnant, he seemed excited. He even asked me if it was a girl, could we name her Diana. His second big question was, "What are you going to do now that you are pregnant? I informed him that I was going to stay right where I was and raise my child.

That was not what he wanted to hear. Like as before, he switched gears on me. He started ranting and raving, telling me the baby was not his, accusing me of sleeping around and demanding that I go and tell the real father. From that time until our child was born, it was a game of charades.

One moment he would claim he was the father, the next moment, he would adamantly deny the child was his. When our child was about a month old, we went home to visit him. I wanted him to see and get to know his child. While we were there, his mind seemed to be elsewhere. As the time drew near for me to get back on the road, I found out what he was really thinking about.

He asked me, "When are we going to spend some time together? His only concern was having sex. When I said, "No! I informed him that I was no longer having sex outside of marriage. It was something I should have done when he made his first advance. I cannot begin to describe the look on his face after I said that. As I was leaving, he walked us to the car and was speechless the whole time.

Without sex, he literally had nothing to say to me. The soul tie was broken for good. Even after receiving the test results confirming that he was, he refused to support his child. It has been almost four years and he has somehow managed to beat the system and evade paying child support. Although I have a college degree and work for a major corporation, it has been tough raising a child alone a little boy at that.

The hardest thing is - my child has yet to say, "I love you, daddy! I learned that is hard to end a relationship once you become sexually involved. Even when you start noticing danger signs, once you engage in sex, breaking up is hard to do.

Some people will stay in a bad relationship just to satisfy their sexual cravings and others because they are trying to fulfill their need for companionship or financial support. In the end, you only end up hurting yourself, becoming depressed and wasting valuable time. In that time, I probably could have met and married a godly man. Commentary by Gillis Triplett This young lady was one of the many unwed pregnant women who contacted our ministry seeking help.

I have witnessed countless women struggle with this issue. For many, the emotional hailstorm they are forced to go through is absolutely nerve wracking. They experience everything from severe depression to suicidal tendencies.

They earnestly struggle whether to keep their child, have an abortion or just give the child away. Some gave birth and then abandoned their child. Unfortunately, the odds were not in their favor. Bachtel said that is the No. When I refused, he left me " "After I told him I was pregnant, he just left? He just turned around and walked away! Prior to that time, he used to tell me that he loved me. Are you in a monogamous relationship with a man with whom you are having sexual relations?

Or, are you otherwise sexually involved? If you become pregnant, will your boyfriend or lover, leave you pregnant and alone? History, statistics and the alarming number of unwed mothers, reveal the answer to those questions is, "Most likely, yes!

These are the irrefutable facts! When a man has sexual relations with a woman that is not his wife, he is a dishonorable man. You cannot expect a dishonorable man to do the honorable thing.