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The Full Frankie (1998)

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The original group named "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" dates from Lead singer Johnson had played bass with Big in Japan and had also released two solo singles.

This line-up secured a number of small local gigs before disbanding.

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The new all-male musical line-up subsequently toured locally with a leather-clad female duo known as "The Leatherpets" and managed to fund promotional videos and demos, despite being eventually turned down by both Arista Records and Phonogram Inc. Read apparently became outraged by the "overtly sexual" nature of both the record sleeve and the printed lyrics, which prompted him to remove the disc from the turntable live on air, branding it "obscene".

The video featured a scene where one of the band members wrestled a live tiger, to the admiration of the clubgoers, and ended where the "emperor" was so excited he shimmied out of his toga. The BBC lifted its ban on " Relax " at the end of to allow the band to perform it on the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops it had been, aside from Band Aid of which Holly Johnson was a participant, the biggest-selling single of the year.

Twelve-inch picture disc of "Two Tribes" with video image "Two Tribes"[ edit ] "Relax" remained in the charts when the follow-up, " Two Tribes ", was released in May The anti-conflict song was given an aggressively topical nuclear war slant. Directed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme , the video featured lookalikes of Cold War leaders Ronald Reagan and Konstantin Chernenko wrestling in a marquee while band members and others laid bets on the outcome.

Ultimately, the audience — consisting of other world leaders — were brought into the fight, and eventually Earth was seen to explode. The release of "Two Tribes" also coincided with an extensive and iconic T-shirt marketing campaign during the British summer of , featuring such slogans as "Frankie Say War!

The video was not banned on this occasion but still caused trouble for the group — because it depicted a nativity scene and on its first showing did not feature any members of the band, who were subsequently added as picture framing. However, the single peaked at Number 2. Geoffrey Palmer narrates on the second 12", known as the "fruitness" mix. This performance saw the first airings of two future singles, namely " Rage Hard " and " Warriors of the Wasteland ".

Both versions were different from the versions eventually released.

It was generally panned by the music press[ citation needed ] and chart returns declined rapidly with the follow-up singles "Warriors of the Wasteland" No. The group meanwhile threatened to implode of its own accord, in the course of a tour promoting the new album. Things were so bad that fellow Liverpudlian singer Pete Wylie was approached to replace Johnson but declined the offer. Aftermath[ edit ] In the aftermath of the group split, Johnson was offered a solo recording agreement with MCA Records.

However, ZTT, which maintained they had invested heavily in Liverpool to the extent that the digital recording system used to record the album was very nearly treated as a sixth member of the band on the sleeve of the "Warriors of the Wasteland" single , had other ideas, and promptly sued Johnson in an attempt to hold him to his original contract with the label.

His self-issued album Soulstream included a re-recording of "The Power of Love", which was also released as a single.

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Paul Rutherford, the other openly gay member of the band, released the partially ABC produced album Oh World and a handful of singles before retiring with his New Zealander partner to Waiheke Island. Under the name Boss Dog, with Boult on vocals, the band were offered a major deal with Virgin Records but on condition they work as Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Johnson challenged the use of the name and the deal soured. As "Nasher", Nash released a solo album entitled Ripe. Ped worked behind the scenes and scored a top ten hit with the group "Lovestation".

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Remixes of "The Power of Love" which became a dance anthem from its original ballad format and "Two Tribes" were Top 20 hits again in , while "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" also got commercially successful remix treatment, to the extent of a Top 20 placing four years earlier.

However, a reunion performance did not transpire. Both Johnson and Nash had reservations about performing at short notice in the contrived manner dictated by the TV show format. Original vocalist Johnson, who announced via the Internet that he would not be appearing and guitarist Nash, who declined to appear for his own reasons, did not take part. Ryan Molloy was recruited as a result.

The band became increasingly focused on the release of a new album during However, in early April came the news that Gill, Rutherford, J.