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Camerone (1992)

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It shall not apply, however, to a worker who is sent on secondment for a period not exceeding 6 six months.

Any form of evidence may be adduced in proof of its existence. II - Conclusion and performance of contracts Section It may not concluded for a duration of more than 2 two years renewable once. The following shall be considered contracts of employment of a specified but non-renewable period: At the expiry of such renewal, if working relations continue, the contract shall be transformed into one of unspecified duration.

The duration of such contract shall not exceed 1 one year with the same user. A copy of the contract shall be forwarded to the Labour Inspector of the area. Where such endorsement is refused, the contract shall be null and void. Such hiring shall not be made for a period exceeding that required for trying out newly engaged personnel, taking into account the techniques and practices of the trade or occupation.

Under no circumstances shall probationary hiring exceed six months, including any renewal, save in the case of managerial staff for whom the period may be extended to eight months. They shall deal exclusively with rules relating to the technical organization of work, disciplinary standards and procedure, safety and hygiene at work which are necessary for the proper functioning of the company.

Where the reasons for the suspension are found to be insufficient by the court, the worker against whom the suspension was pronounced shall be paid a compensatory allowance corresponding to the lost wages, and where applicable, damages, if he adduces proof that as a result of the suspension, he suffered further damages, in addition to his lost wages. A contract of employment shall be suspended: The duration shall be limited to two years, which may be renewed by mutual agreement between the two parties.

Lay-off shall mean the collective interruption of all or part of the work by the personnel of an undertaking due to accidents or force majeure or an unfavourable economic situation. In such case, suspension may not have the effect of extending the term of the contract initially provided for.

Such termination shall be subject to the condition that previous notice is given by the party taking the initiative of terminating the contract. Notification of termination shall be made in writing to the other party and shall set out the reason for the termination. It shall not be subject to any condition precedent or condition subsequent.

Under no circumstances may it be set off against the leave period of the worker. This provision shall be without prejudice to the right of the injured party to claim damages. A contract of employment of specified duration may not be terminated prior to its expiry save in the case of gross misconduct, force majeure, or by the written consent of both parties. In particular dismissals effected because of the opinions of the worker or his membership or non-membership of a particular, trade union shall be considered to be wrongful.

The judgment must expressly mention the reason put forward by the party terminating the contract. In any case, the order of dismissals must give precedence to professional proficiency. In the event of termination of the contract subject to the provisions of Section 27 2 the employer shall be required to so notify the authority which endorsed the contract within 15 days.

They shall be terminable only in the manner and subject to the conditions laid down in this Part. Neither bankruptcy nor liquidation by court order shall be deemed to be a case of "force majeure". Such termination shall be wrongful only where it is not justified by the interest of the undertaking. Unless otherwise agreed, the provisions of Sections 34 to 42 shall not apply to probationary hiring contracts which shall be terminable without notice and without either party having a claim to compensation.

A contract of apprenticeship is a contract whereby the head of an industrial, commercial or agricultural establishment of a craftsman undertakes to give or cause to be given to another person complete and systematic training and whereby the later under takes in return to obey the instructions which he receives and to perform the tasks assigned to him for the purpose of his apprenticeship. Any such contract which is not made in writing shall be null and void. Such contract shall be exempt from all stamp duties and registration fees.

The conditions as to form and substance, the effect of the contract, the circumstances and consequences of termination and the measures of ensuring performance shall be specified by a decree issued after consultation with the National Labour Advisory Board. A subcontractor shall be a person who enters into a written contract with a contractor to carry out a specified piece of work or supply specified services for an agreement price.

The subcontractor shall himself recruit the necessary workers. A contractor shall keep an up-to-date list of the subcontractors with whom he has signed contracts. This agreement shall be concluded between: It shall not impair provisions relating to matters of public policy.

Where the workers in any public or semipublic enterprise or establishment are not subject to any special laws or regulations, collective agreements may be concluded in their regard in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Wherever a collective agreement is extended by decree, the said agreement shall apply to the public and semi-public enterprises or establishments referred to in Section 58 above which, by reason of their nature and activity, fall within the scope of the agreement.

Rules as to form and substance regarding the conclusion and performance of the collective agreements and company agreements shall be laid down by decree issued after consultation with the National Labour Advisory Board. The rates of remuneration for piecework shall be so calculated that it provided a worker of average capacity, working normally, with a wage at least equal to that of the worker engaged in similar work and paid by unit of time.

The minimum wage rates and the conditions of remuneration for piecework shall be posted up in the places where workers are paid. Such accommodation shall be adequate and correspond to the family status of the worker, and shall satisfy the conditions to be determined by order of the minister in charge of Labour issued after consultation with the National Labour Advisory Board.

The minimum rate and methods of payment shall be fixed by the above-mentioned order. Such supply of foodstuffs shall be subject to payment at a value to be determined by the order referred to above. Apart from the facilities provided for in Section 66 above, wages shall be payable in legal tender and any other method of payment shall be unlawful.

Any stipulation to the contrary shall be null and void. However, workers may, at their request, receive at the end of fifteen days a payment on account equal to half the monthly amount of their basic remuneration and in such case the balance due to them shall be settled at the time of the following payment. However, in disputed cases the employer may obtain authorization form the President of the competent court to retain provisionally all or part or any attachable portion of the amount payable.

Wages may not be paid in a public house or in a shop or store except in the case of workers who are normally employed there. These documents shall be preserved by the employer in the same manner as accounting documents and shall be made available, upon demand, to Inspectorate of Labour. II - Privileges and guarantees of wage claims Section Special laws affording direct action or special preferential claims to certain categories of workers shall apply to wage claims.

In the event of liquidation or bankruptcy, the sums withheld by the Treasury, after cessation of payments, from payment warrants due to the employer shall be paid into the assets.

III - Limitation of action of recovery of wages Section As regards limitation, any compensation due for breach of contract of employment shall be deemed to be wages. It shall cease to run either in case of a written claim by the worker to the Inspector of Labour concerning payment of wages or in case of making up of account, private acknowledgment of debt, authentic deed of acknowledgement of debt or unexpired summons.

Deductions made under the preceding section shall determine the portions of wages which may be liable to progressive levies and the rates of such levies. Deductions made under the preceding section shall not exceed, at each wage payment, the percentage established by this decree. In the event of a second offence, the store shall be permanently closed by order of the minister in charge of labour on the proposal of the local Inspector of Labour.

Any work done between ten p. An order by the Minister in charge of labour, issued after consultation with the National Commission on Industrial Hygiene and safety provided for under Section , shall specify the types of tasks which women and pregnant women respectively shall not perform. During such period, the employer shall not terminate the employment contract of the woman concerned because of the pregnancy. Such leave may be extended by 6 six weeks in case of a dully certified illness resulting either from the pregnancy or confinement.

During such leave, the employer shall not terminate the employment contract of the woman in question.

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Such order shall be automatic if requested by the woman or child. If this is impossible, the contract shall be terminated without notice and without either party being responsible. Weekly rest shall be compulsory. It shall consist of at least 24 twenty-four consecutive hours each week. Such rest shall fall as a rule on Sundays and may under no circumstances be replaced by a compensatory allowance. A decree issued after consultation with the National Labour Advisory Board shall determine the procedure for implementing this sub-section.

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For mothers, this increase shall be additional to the one provided for under the sub-section above. In this case, on of the portions of leave must be at last 12 twelve continuous working days. The employer shall pay the worker, not later than the last day preceding the date of departure on leave, an allowance which shall be determined in a manner laid down by decree, issued after consultation with the National Labour Advisory Board.

II - Transport Section