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Date: 19.11.2017

An Indian Story (1981)

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By successfully contesting from Amethi, Rajiv Gandhi, the man who would be prime minister, was getting the first taste of democracy. As the sordid scandal unfolded, challenging the institution of Parliament, involving the finance minister and the prime minister, mobilising the Opposition and ruling parties in a series of assaults, the focus never shifted from the originator of the mammoth media exercise: Tamil superstar Rajnikant Did you Know?

During the interview she asked, "When are you getting married? The couple got married in April Indian scientists and pharmaceutical firms have been making basic drugs under licence from abroad and have created scores of different formulations.

Tromaril which has potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-pyretic properties, is the first original homemade product.

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It is designed to relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve joint mobility, and is expected to be used in the treatment of inflammations caused by sprains, bruises or surgical incisions. Tromaril also has potential life-saving effects for persons in danger of heart attacks.

Researchers of the Medicinal Chemistry division at the Regional Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research spent 12 years and conceived compounds before making this breakthrough. And it works better than the four imported drugs now prescribed for treatment in the country," says Prahlad Balwantrao Sattur, 50, who with S. Riaz Hashim, 40, made the discovery. By the time the frenzy died down, the damage had been done: According to a police official, "The situation took an ugly turn because of the mistrust between the Yadavs and the Muslims.

There were about two dozen disputed graveyards in the locality over which the Yadavs claimed grazing rights.

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To end the affair, the administration recently decided to construct a boundary wall around them. The move only irked the Yadavs, who are in majority. When the brawl took place, the police did not take the matter seriously. But rumours started circulating and people panicked.

Hysteria and violence were not slow in coming. Reports of violence were received from at least 22 villages too. Her twin pigtails, cheap cotton overalls and the glow of a single strobe light emphasise the well-scrubbed cleanness of her image.

But in the parting of her lips and in the movement of her hand-held microphone is a success story that is nothing short of revolutionising the Indian pop music industry. Bourgeois matrons or swooning teenagers see enough of that in their sons and brothers to want it on the screen.

They want the smooth, shop-soiled innocence of Kumar Gaurav that comes off all the better against the high-pitched tone of Vijayeta Pandit who shows all the requisites of a harridan-in-themaking. Very slowly, I made friends. But the images haunted her for 10 years before she could return to document them fully.

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Below are exclusive extracts from her book: They were the first to approach me because they are the most independent and the least inhibited. When they find a customer, they take him into a cage or a bed in a brothel room rented out to them by a madam in return for half their fee. At night they sleep on the streets. These girls only have one another, and they form close friendships.

The next group I got to know on Falkland Road were transvestites. Many of them are eunuchs who have been castrated at an early age. Their customers are not homosexuals, but super-macho types who find their fullest satisfaction with transvestites rather than women.

I think the reason I was accepted was because I was single, alone in the world like they were.