Who Will Comfort Toffle? (1980) watch online (quality HD 720p)

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Who Will Comfort Toffle? (1980)

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The Dangerous Journey Originally: Den farliga resan — An Unwanted Guest Originally: Skurken i Muminhuset — No English translation published, although an unofficial translation is available online. Songs from Moominvalley Originally: The books and comic strips have been translated from their original Swedish and English into many languages.

The comic strip Main article: Moomin comic strips The Moomins also appeared in the form of comic strips ; their first appearance to a big audience was in the popular London newspaper The Evening News in , in English.

She shared the work load with her brother Lars Jansson until ; after that he took over the job until when the last strip was released. The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip are currently available, with one more volume planned to follow.

Neither Tove nor Lars Jansson had any involvement in these comic books; however, in the wake of the series, two new Moomin comic strips were launched under the artistic and content oversight of Lars and his daughter, Sophia Jansson-Zambra. Sophia now provides sole oversight for the strips. The Moomins, from Japanese—Finnish television-animation. Muumin — Japan, —70 TV series. Mumintrollet Moomintroll — Sweden, TV series.

Shin Muumin — Japan, TV series.

Muumin — Japan, Film. Mumindalen Moominvalley — Sweden, TV series. Who Will Comfort Toffle? Comet in Moominland Originally: Hur gick det sen?

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Interactive Playroom An interactive playroom about the Moomins was located at Scandinavia House from November 11, till March 31, A Finnish version was released in This music was heard outside Moominvalley after they went live on theater stage in Stockholm. Director Vivica Bandler told Jansson in Helsinki based pianist and composer, Erna Tauro was commissioned to write the songs to lyrics by Jansson.

The first collection consisted of six Moomin Songs Sex muminvisor: More songs were published in the s and 70s when Jansson and Lars Jansson produced a series of Moomin dramas for Swedish Television. The simple, yet effective melodies by Tauro were well received by the theater and TV audiences.

Who Will Comfort Toffle

The first songs were either sung unaccompanied or accompanied by a pianist. The original songs by Jansson and Tauro remained scattered after their initial release. Pohjola was also the arranger of all songs for a vocal ensemble and chamber orchestra. The same recording has been released in a Finnish version in , Muumilauluja. A Moomin opera was written in by the Finnish composer Ilkka Kuusisto. It was created on the basis of the original Moomin works for the Tampere Art Museum. This Finnish album contains no original lyrics by Jansson.

However, it is based on the novel, Comet in Moominland , and adheres to the original stories. These songs are "easily adoptable" and aimed at children, but they are also claimed to appeal to a more mature Finnish Moomin audience. The same twenty compositions are also available as standalone multimedia CD postcards. It contains around 2, works. The museum is based on the Moomin books and has many original Moomin illustrations by Tove Jansson. The gem of the collection is a blue five-storey Moominhouse, which has Tove Jansson as one of its builders.

As a birthday present, the year-old museum received a soundscape work based on the works of Tove Jansson, called Musicscapes from Moominvalley. Moomin books had always been steady bestsellers in Finland, Sweden and Latvia , but the animation started a new Moomin madness both in Finland and abroad, especially in Japan, where they are the official mascots of the Daiei chain of shopping centers. A large merchandising industry was built around the Moomin characters, covering everything from coffee cups and t-shirts to plastic models.

New Moomin comic books and comic strips were published.

Moomins were used to advertise Finland abroad: The Moomin Boom has been criticized for commercializing the Moomins.

Friends of Tove Jansson and many old Moomin enthusiasts have stressed that the animations banalize the original and philosophical Moomin world to harmless family entertainment. An antithesis for the Disneyland -like Moomin World theme park is the Moomin Museum of Tampere , which exhibits the original illustrations and hand-made Moomin models by Tove Jansson.

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The Jansson family has kept the rights of Moomins and controlled the Moomin Boom. Wanting to keep the control over Moomins, the family has turned down offers from the Walt Disney Company. Swedish progressive rock band Ritual have used the idea of Moomins in various songs, including: The obverse depicts a combination of Tove Jansson portrait with several objects: The reverse design features three Moomin characters.