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The Witch of Avonlea (1990)

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Background[ edit ] Road to Avonlea is a Canadian television series first broadcast in Canada between January 7, , and March 31, , and in the United States starting on March 5, The Disney Channel began airing the series in the United States on March 5, , [1] and continued airing it into January Other characters are sourced from other Montgomery works.

They were here played by the same actors, Patricia Hamilton and Colleen Dewhurst , who played the characters in the telefilm. Some episodes of the show were turned into the independent books by different authors. Around 30 titles have been released. In the United States, its title was shortened to simply Avonlea, and a number of episodes were retitled and reordered.

The series is set in the fictional small town of Avonlea , Prince Edward Island, in the early 20th century — Later seasons of the show focused more on residents of Avonlea who were connected to the King family. Sarah Polley left the show in , returning for one guest star appearance in the sixth season and another one in the seventh season. Sara stays without her nanny and lives with her single aunts, Hetty and Olivia, at Rose Cottage.

In seasons three—five, Sara mostly concerns herself with matchmaking in Avonlea, which causes much controversy within the conservative hamlet. After season five, Sarah Polley left the show. In the middle of season six, Sara reappears, and both Louisa and Aunt Hetty start planning her future without consulting her. Sara, yearning to become a writer, has applied to a prestigious writing school in Paris. However, Felicity mentions something Felix and Sara did in the past while trying to comfort a terrified Janet when Felix is listed as missing in action.

Henrietta "Hetty" King Jackie Burroughs: Staid, humourless, middle-aged Avonlea schoolteacher and eldest, hence—she is head of the King family. She lives at Rose Cottage with her sister, Olivia, and their niece, Sara daughter of their late sister Ruth. In later seasons, Hetty quits teaching to write, then later returns to teaching.

While Sara is in Europe with her nanny, Hetty takes in Mrs.

Lynde and the twins, Davy and Dora Keith. In the reunion movie, Hetty plans a holiday concert with her students, but she is badly injured before the big night and Felicity takes over the concert. While Hetty is in the hospital, she learns she has a malignant tumor and must have a risky operation.

The tumor is successfully removed and Hetty is able to attend the concert in good health. Olivia King Mag Ruffman: Most of her experiences throughout the series involve her social dealings with other Avonlea citizens. She eventually marries Jasper Dale and leaves Rose Cottage, but before this she works as a reporter for the local paper, which is how she becomes acquainted with Jasper, who does the photography for her stories.

When they marry, Jasper and Olivia have a son, Montgomery, and later adopt a baby girl, Alicia, from one of their employees at the cannery.

In the reunion movie, Jasper misses the ship to Avonlea and Olivia begins to question their marriage and considers leaving him and staying in Avonlea. When Jasper sends her a music box for Christmas, she realizes she does still love him and decides to go home to London.

Alec King Cedric Smith: He is typically more level-headed and the voice of reason when Hetty is being uncompromising or stubborn. Janet King Lally Cadeau: She has a sister, Abigail McEwen. Felicity King Gema Zamprogna: Throughout the series, she wants to be a wife, a teacher, and a doctor; eventually, she runs the Avonlea Foundling Home.

She grows close to Gus Pike, starting in season two. Gus is her first kiss, and later she accepts his marriage proposal—only to learn that he was lost at sea. Later, he is found alive and blind; Felicity brings him back to Avonlea and marries him in the series finale. In the reunion movie, Gus is working for the War Department in Halifax, and Felicity realizes she is expecting their first child.

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Pettibone, the widower schoolteacher who takes over after Hetty retires. She is more interested in farm work than her brother Felix, and Alec considers leaving the farm to her. Daniel King played by Alex and Ryan Floyd: Secondary characters[ edit ] Gus Pike Michael Mahonen: A sailor, he is known for using Maritimer English.

He leaves Avonlea for a time to find his mother, whom he had thought was long dead. After word of a hurricane, he is presumed dead, but Felicity and Hetty find him along the eastern shore of the United States.

He has gone blind and they bring him back to Canada for sight-restoration surgery, after which he marries Felicity. A shy, stammering photographer and inventor, he eventually marries Olivia. They buy the local cannery in later seasons; in the final season, it burns down. Eliza Ward Kay Tremblay: Later in the series, she moves in with the Kings and becomes a more permanent King Farm fixture, and her wit and wisdom become indispensable to the King family.

Marilla Cuthbert Colleen Dewhurst: After raising Anne Shirley, she adopts the orphaned children of her distant relative Mary Keith, although Rachel is initially opposed to this. Davy is wild and rambunctious, often getting into trouble.

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He does not appear in An Avonlea Christmas. In Anne of Green Gables: Dora is sweet-natured and well-behaved. Muriel Stacy Marilyn Lightstone: The two women are polar opposites. Her character originally appeared in Anne of Green Gables. Later in the series, Muriel moves back to Avonlea permanently, takes over the general store from the Lawsons, and marries Clive Pettibone. Though she does not appear in An Avonlea Christmas, her actress Marilyn Lightstone narrates the beginning.

Clive Pettibone David Fox: Widower Clive moves to Avonlea with his three children to take over for Hetty as teacher at the public school. A former colonel, he is extremely strict with discipline-oriented activities. Soon after he arrives, Hetty and he are both revealed to be successful novelists writing under pseudonyms.

Later, he is promoted to superintendent and marries Muriel Stacy. Isolde "Izzy" Pettibone Heather Brown: As a child, she wants to be like her father and aspires to be a general in the British army. She has two older brothers, Morgan and Arthur. Arthur Pettibone Zachary Ansley: Despite making several returns to Avonlea, Felicity and he never seem to run into each other after that.

They both starred together in An Avonlea Christmas, but never ran into each other. He is somber, intellectual, and eccentric, and studied to become a veterinarian. Clara Potts Maja Ardal: One of the main town gossips, she is quite often seen with Eulalie Bugle.

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She originated in Anne of Green Gables; Marilla disliked her. Eulalie Bugle Barbara Hamilton: Another town gossip, she is most often seen with Clara Potts or Rachel Lynde. Andrew King Joel Blake: Peg Bowen Susan E. He is first seen as an enemy of Mrs. Lynde, but later a love interest.

He is mentioned in Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story when a horrified Anne, who realizes the new residents have basically destroyed Green Gables, exclaims, "Mr. Harrison is going to get a tongue lashing the next time I see him! He is the son of Maud Craig. Guest stars[ edit ] In all seven seasons of Road to Avonlea, many big-name actors made an appearance on the show, some multiple times.