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Paris Pendant (1957)

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Early s - Sandor Goldberger founded the Sandor Goldberger Company in the early s creating costume jewelry designs of a wide range of styles. Through the years, the company produced jewelry of sterling silver, gold plating, silver plating, and Japanned base metals with enamel coated clear and color rhinestone, poured glass stones, faux pearls and imitation stones. Her designs set Sandor apart from other costume jewelry makers. The beautiful jewelry produced includes Aztec designs, designs of stamped color enamel figurals, dainty flowers and flower sprays covered with enamel.

McGowan retired in the late s after 20 years with Sandor. The company ceased production in Sandor jewelry is highly collectible especially the enameled flower pieces because of their beauty, wonderful sculpturing of the metal and their incredible likeness to the real thing. Stuart in Newark, NY in October Stuart had also founded Emmons Home Fashion Company in Both companies did not design or produce their own jewelry but contracted the work out to manufacturing companies located around Providence, RI.

Sara Coventry jewelry for both women and men was sold at home fashion shows up until the mid s when the company changed ownership and started moving toward distribution in the traditional way. Stuart files for bankruptcy in , therefore, the jewelry was not made after that date. In , the Sarah Coventry jewelry started to appear on HSN the internet and in , the jewelry was again sold at home parties.

The company is in business today. Scaasi designed fashion jewelry from to , one line known as The Scaasi Jewel Collection for the hair, neck, and ears to match his famous butterfly prints that were designed in Paris. Scaasi had teamed up with Jacques Jewelers now known for their platinum and 18K gold metal base jewelry embedded with diamonds, pearls, and gemstones.

The association, with Jacques Jewelers, because they were known for their fine jewelry produced, helped Scaasi gain celebrity status in jewelry. Scaasi chose the base metals, stones and the designed pieces to fit his fashions. The Scaasi jewelry complimented his original clothing creations. Scaasi was highly creative and hard working catering to women who wanted luxurious clothes made to fit their bodies and lifestyles to perfection, from Jackie Kennedy, Mamie Eisenhower, and Barbara and Laura Bush All First Ladies , along with film stars , socialites and entertainers.

His runway jewelry pieces, appeared on and with his designer clothing and were accepted and worn with pleasure and satisfaction by movie stars to include Barbra Streisand, Diahann Carroll, Mitzi Gaynor, Joan Crawford, and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few. It is said that Scaasi has a sense of style, color and shape seen on his creations. The Scaasi jewelry complimented his original clothing. In , he gave over his jewelry factory to Kenneth Jay Lane who had been previously designing shoe and shoe ornaments for Dior and then designing the Scaasi rhinestone buttons and shoe ornaments.

Scaasi designs an original couture collection twice a year which he presents to clients and the fashion press.

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Scaasi had been making 20 custom gowns a month. The jewelry pieces are gorgeous and really well priced on HSN. Late s - Eliza Schiaparelli was born in Rome, Italy in She moved to Paris in the s where she opened her first couture fashion house. She left Paris in and opened her own fashion operation in New York City in and also opened a boutique offering ready-to-wear clothing, selling jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, lingerie, and swimsuits to complement her fashionable line of clothing.

She licensed her name for mass production of costume jewelry and accessories made by David Lisner Co. She is best known for her whimsical designs taking inspiration from nature, the circus themes, and the signs of the zodiac. She designed chunky suites with prong-set molded iridescent glass stones called watermelon and aurora borealis rhinestones developed by Swarovski in or large faceted colored glass stones that were produced in the mid s.

The company used pot-metal, sterling silver and gold plated backings. Eliza retired in with the Schiaparelli line discontinued around She sold the rights to her name and business in , therefore, American manufacturers continued producing her designs up to Lydo Coppola married name Toppo , in Paris, designed pieces for Schiaparelli early in her career.

In the late s, jewelry pieces were signed "schiaparelli" in lower case block letters up until and "Schiaparelli" in script after , and "Designed in Paris--Created in America" Eliza died in Paris in Her jewelry is highly sought after and very collectible. Because Sherman was willing to pay more than the going market rate for the stones he purchased and used in his jewelry pieces, he acquired the finest stones Swarovski had to offer, and as a result, his finished pieces reflected jewelry lines of superiority.

Sherman insisted on top quality workmanship, the finest materials, and, with the beautiful Swarovski stones, created and produced one price range of jewelry sold and that was expensive. The best Swarovski crystals were prong-set to last, backing were usually highly polished in rhodium-plated, japanned black backing , and gold-plated settings.

He favored navettes and elongated marquise stones which contributed to the flowing lines of his creations. Round stones were also incorporated, particularly in necklaces and bracelets.

Sherman leaned towards monochromatic color combinations using subtle variations of the same tones, champagne to topaz, sapphire to light blue, fuschia to pink, and emerald to peridot are just some examples. Over one thousand different color combinations can be found in his designs with many of his color combinations off beat and nontraditional and only produced for one season.

He integrated Aurora Borealis highlights of pinks, purples, blues and greens that exploded like so many brilliant fireworks. Clear crystal designs sparkled like diamonds, creating a blaze of rainbow colors. Sherman jewelry must be seen to be truly appreciated. All Sherman pieces found today may not contain the Sherman mark.

On some of these set pieces, the tags, boxes or cards have disappeared, been separated, or been lost through time. The huge ultra glamorous jewelry pieces were sold in small shops and local boutiques in every region of Canada.

Sherman would not compromise the quality of the jewelry pieces the company designed and produced with beautiful rhinestones and crystal beads, when current fashions of the s was switching to the faux gold and silver look. Therefore, a decline in his business occurred in the mid s.

He did however, start producing quality gem jewelry in large quantities with precious metals but the price of gold had skyrocketed. His jewelry pieces still demanded high prices due to higher cost of production.

Sherman was forced to close his jewelry store in He died in in Montreal, Canada. Sherman jewelry is highly sought after by collectors who are paying high prices for the outstanding designer pieces.

The costume jewelry produced was usually of high quality with classic designs with intricate bead work, exceptional detailing and beautiful clear and colored, rhinestones, pearls, and poured glass stones using gold and silver plated base metals, Mark: The company ceased operations in He had been a blacksmith in Bavaria, Germany and emigrated to the U.

He started to work for the Better Buckle Company working with metals designing and fashioning belt buckles, buttons and dress fasteners. His daughter and her husband joined the firm in and soon the three of them were creating jewelry for Adele Simpson, Norman Norell, and Christian Dior with the use of the clients names on the jewelry produced.

Jewelry designed include flower pins of daises, geraniums, sunflowers, cornflowers, and white marguerites, dragonflies, carrots, pineapples, peas in a pot, turtles, acorns, in different colors. The stunning, unusual and distinctive Shreiner jewelry used gun-metal plating, bronze plating and gold plating for backing along with very expensive custom made special shaped stones made in Germany by skilled Czechoslovakian craftsmen.

Some of the designs had inverted-set or upside-down rhinestones and unusual color combinations of the stones. These stones are no longer being manufactured. Schreiner pieces of jewelry were never mass-produced the company did only fine handwork , but the pieces made were highly fashionable and attention getters, therefore, no media advertising was necessary to sell their costume jewelry.

Henry Schreiner died in Some of the earlier pieces were not signed. The jewelry marked "Schreiner", "Schreiner of New York", and "Schreiner Jewelry" was the firms own original designed pieces made for retail sales. The company also designed ornaments for Elizabeth Arden. The family ceased operations of the company in It has been said that the Schreiner Jewelry produced is some of the finest made, and most admired of the vintage jewelry found today.

It is highly sought after by collectors. Hometown indicates the Selini Co. It is said that, as jewelry designs were improved upon, the name of the company changed. The Selini pieces of jewelry were identical in style and size to those produced with the Selro name. Research found the face jewelry to be similar or identical including the cabochons and rhinestones.

Many Selini jewelry pieces were sold with hand tags, not signed on the pieces themselves, and, therefore, the hand tags were discarded when the jewelry was worn. It is said that Selro jewelry pieces were always signed on the pieces. See Selro for additional information on the costume jewelry produced. For additional internet information on Selini: Selro jewelry is highly collectible due to its striking designs of silver-toned , antique silvertone filigree, and gold-toned base metals.

The design clusters utilized clear and beautiful colored rhinestones, faux pearls, lucite and plastic stones, and glass moonstones. Some of the outstanding jewelry pieces have large glass moonstone cabochons surrounded by teardrop glass pedals of gorgeous faux colored stones and faux pearls. The smaller stones are glued in with the larger ones prong set. Selro also produced devil and figural images and faces that included dragons, Asian faces, black Oriental Siamese or Tribal and Warrior faces, and Princess faces with headdresses and flowers.

The company ceased operations in the s. Jewelry pieces were prong set, with quite heavy and highly polished rhodium plating, gold plating, Japanned plating and other metal platings for base metals. Foiled stones were used extensively with unfoiled stones in open settings rarely seen in the jewelry designs.

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The bracelets had safety chains and hidden clasps. Sherman costume jewelry produced was known for its superior and meticulous details on design.

The Sorrelli jewelry is handcrafted from the original designs, worked by hand using no casts or jigs, and was first being made in the Oswald kitchen, then in their Brooklyn loft and now today, in a barn studio at their Pennsylvania home in Kutztown, PA. The stone settings are of multi-dimensional sizes, shapes and colors.

Sorrelli Collections are color grouped and release together with similar matching colors each year by seasons. The Limited Edition Collections are stocked for a 6 week period only, until they have been purchased or can be purchased by special order.