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Date: 10.11.2017

Clueless: The Class of 95 (2005)

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Plot[ edit ] Cheryl "Cher" Horowitz is a well-intentioned but superficial girl, who is attractive, popular and extremely wealthy. A few months shy of her sixteenth birthday, she has risen to the top of the high school social scene. Among the few people to find fault with Cher is Josh, her socially-conscious ex-stepbrother, who visits her during a break from college.

Josh and Cher spar continually but without animosity; she mocks his scruffy idealism, while he teases her for being selfish, vain, and superficial, and says that her only direction in life is "toward the mall".

Cher plays matchmaker for two lonely, nerdy, hard-grading teachers, Mr.

Hall and Miss Geist. She achieves her superficial purpose, to make them relax their grading standards so she can renegotiate a bad report card; but when she sees their newfound happiness, she realizes she enjoys doing good deeds. Cher decides to give back to the community by "adopting" a "tragically unhip " new girl at school, Tai Frasier. Cher and Dionne give Tai a makeover and initiate her into the mysteries of popularity.

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Cher also tries to extinguish the attraction between Tai and Travis Birkenstock, an amiable skateboarding slacker, and to steer her toward Elton, a popular rich snob. Her second matchmaking scheme backfires, when Elton rejects Tai and attempts to seduce Cher. When a handsome new student named Christian arrives at their school, Cher takes a shine to him and attempts to secure him as her boyfriend. Eventually, Murray spells it out to her and Dionne that Christian is not interested in her because he is gay.

Despite the failure of this endeavor, Cher remains on good terms with Christian, primarily due to her admiration of his taste in art and fashion. Feeling "totally clueless", Cher reflects on her priorities and her repeated failures to understand or appreciate the people in her life.

After much soul searching, Cher realizes she is romantically interested in Josh. Cher and Josh eventually admit their feelings for one another, culminating in a tender kiss. In the end, Mr. She embraces Josh, and they kiss as the film closes. Cher is tough and clever, like her father Mel.

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Like Cher, she is rich and beautiful, though caring. Cher uses Dionne as her number one fashion critic. Dionne and boyfriend Murray have an extremely tumultuous relationship and often quarrel.

Brittany Murphy as Tai Frasier, the ugly duckling transformed into the beautiful swan. Cher and Dionne decide to give Tai a makeover. With a change of hair, makeup and clothing, Tai gains confidence and a sense of style. Originally Tai fell for skater Travis, but Cher tried to set Tai up with "it boy" Elton to boost her popularity. Tai also develops a crush on Josh, and asks Cher to help her get him. Josh has ambitions to be a lawyer his focus is environmental law , and during a college break comes for a protracted visit with Cher and her father at their house.

He claims that being around Mel is a "great learning experience". Throughout the film, Josh teases Cher, but at the same time shows his caring and concern for her. He is based on the Emma character George Knightley. Dan Hedaya as Melvin "Mel" Horowitz, a gruff but successful workaholic.

As a litigator, he is constantly involved in big cases in Beverly Hills, where he lives with his teenage daughter Cher. I doubt anybody would miss you. She is in constant competition with Cher when it comes to style, popularity, and boys. Christian finally attends a party with Cher, where he shows in fashionable attire.

Cher plans a big night to finally "do it" with Christian, but he ignores her advances. He is based on the Emma character Frank Churchill who was not gay, but was secretly engaged to another. Wendell Hall, based on the Emma character Mr. Twink Caplan as Ms. Production[ edit ] Principal photography for the film took place between November December 31, Producers sat in on classes at Beverly Hills High School to get a feel for the student culture. Scenes depicting the high school campus, including the tennis courts, the outdoor cafeteria, the quad, and various classrooms were filmed at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Release[ edit ] Clueless opened theatrically in 1, theaters on July 19, The film was first released to DVD on October 19, ; the special features only included 2 theatrical trailers.

The film was reissued in a special 10th anniversary DVD "Whatever! Edition" on August 30, The new issue included featurettes and cast interviews, including: Special features were carried over from the "Whatever!

It also developed a strong cult following after its release. Critical response[ edit ] The film was well received by critics.