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December 19, 21, 22, From: Wed, 19 Dec They are listed in the Prayer Book as "days of optional observance", but now an additional collect is provided "for all Christians in their vocation", so Ember Days are not entirely a clerical preserve. The letter to Corinth warns that each of us who builds in the church "must choose with care how to build on it," and declares that the foundation that is Jesus Christ himself.

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For "the fire will test what sort of work each has done. No other foundation could be laid but the one they had the keys to Matthew The Church of Rome still clutches these skeletons and keys to its bosom.

But Paul refutes their special claims, and claims a primacy for Christ. Claims for current legitimacy are often based on such antiquities in the church, and Muslims, too, argue about which tradition comes from the Prophet himself.

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Mullah Omar not long ago in Afghanistan clutched to his bosom the venerable robe of Muhammad, was wildly cheered as the rightful successor to the Prophet. It was tried as by fire. But Paul says burn it all up and see what comes out of the ashes. The fire will test what sort of work each has done. Sift through the ashes, like the damnificados of the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, and see what you have left in the Military and Economic Might of the Empire that will last, that is worth saving!

Paul says the builder will suffer the loss of his construction, and the builder will be rescued, but only as through fire. Not primacy of claims but quality of work will determine survival capabilities. Paul thought that all believers were to suffer trial by history, and a trial by fire.

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But we are always surprised when it actually happens. The idea of four little seasons at the hinges of the Four Great Seasons goes back to pre-Christian times and they were originally associated with rites of planting in December thus Saturnalia now, in honor of the god of seedtime; of harvest, in June; and of the grape vintage in September.

Our calendar is so out-of-synch with such a scheme that it seems hopeless to try to preserve such observances. But the Ember Days became in the Christian Church a time for prayers and fasting, especially for those who were ordained at these times. The third Saturday in December for ordinations goes back to the fourth century.

The contemporary emphasis on the ministry of the whole people of God, with less emphasis on the special character of the ordained ministry, has probably been a part of what put Ember Days out of focus for us. The ordained ministry is an unfolding and lifting up of the ministry of the whole people of God in a focused way, so that all ministry may be honored and celebrated.

The New Testament, on the other hand, speaks of dozens of kinds of ministry which are to be ordered in the service of all. The rise of a clergy class began with massive illiteracy, so that clerk and cleric were equal words. If you could read, you might be shanghaied into the ministry, as was Ambrose in Milan not even baptized, but a trained lawyer to read and preach and follow written rules in community leadership.

Augustine was persuaded to stay in Carthage and in violation of the rules of the Council of Nicea become the second bishop to help out the "ordinary" the ordaining bishop there.

Two bishops was like two wives or two husbands--a No No.

But he sure gave poor old Pelagius a reason to run when he had the chance. The recent discussion in Australia about lay presidency at the eucharist is illustrative of confusion as well as some clarity about "validity" of such ministry. Robert Hovda, the Jesuit liturgist, wrote in "Strong, Loving, and Wise" a manual for presiding at eucharist that no one ought to be allowed to preside at the eucharistic table who has never presided at a dining room table.

Bishop Tom Ray in the upper peninsula of Michigan made use of existing canon law that permitted him to ordain sacramentally restricted ministerial priests for local ministries. The Reformation "Book of Homilies" tried to help out with the problem of mass priests who could read Latin but had nothing to say of the Word of God in English. In the first letter of Peter, the central ministry of the church is described as Love.

Ordination is intended to set in order the way in which the various gifts of the community could best be used by all. What happened instead was clericalism--instead of gifts as the subject of ordination, training in institutionally useful skills and manners was substituted.

Boys never girls were chosen not for their gifts but for their pliabilty--chosen because they were "good boys" that is, boys who could take orders well. Thus they got to take orders. The Ember Days remind us that the idea of chosen ministry is connected to the idea of a chosen people.

What is often forgotten in the discussion is "chosen for what"? This has been a fatal misunderstanding, for it has led to the current mentality of American fundamentalists and of Zionist Israelis who believe that the U. There is a Zionist group ready to lay trowels to the building of a new Temple in Jerusalem, where animal slaughter will be re-introduced on Temple Mount, and the mosque there made to disappear.

In the Bible, to be chosen means selected for special service, special sacrifice, special work. It used to be believed and still is in some rarified loony bin quarters that only mammals of our species with male genitalia could be set apart for ministry.

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