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Date: 19.11.2017

The Group (1991)

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The tour was a menagerie of technologic feats and tricks amidst cracking live performances across a massive stage-set, all of which was captured on the DVD release Cunning Stunts. Recorded over two nights at the Berkeley Community Theater, the live shows and album saw Metallica further adding to their musical legacy and reputation for always seeking new challenges and refusing to rest on past creative achievements.

The turn of the century was to prove chaotic yet ultimately extremely progressive. The year kicked off with a short arena tour in the Midwest and the summer brought the US stadium headlining tour Summer Sanitarium. The remaining three members worked on new music with producer Bob Rock filing in on bass until in the middle of when Hetfield arrived at a crossroads in his life, which meant he needed to step away and rehabilitate on several levels.

When the band reconvened in the spring of , a new energy and verve was in place as communications were re-established on all levels, and with Rock on bass as well as producing, St. Anger was the first album made at their new HQ studio. Gloriously unfettered by constraints, it is an album which in hindsight was to set the Metalli-template for the next decade, and the music is that of a hungry, edgy, feral and angry band.

In the US, a new Summer Sanitarium tour followed for another series of stadium sell-outs. There was also the small matter of their soon-to-be ground-breaking documentary Some Kind Of Monster , the documentary film made by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky between and The project had started as a marketing piece, but ended up being one of the most important, revealing documentations of artistic and personal struggle-to-redemption ever committed to film.

The break saw Metallica once again re-evaluate their creative options, and thus in early they decided to make the new album with a new producer, Rick Rubin, who encouraged the band to go back to their early roots.

Live shows continued to offer both release and building blocks for the writing process, new territories such as South Africa being visited, but the writing process was in full-swing, and with engineer Greg Fidelman doing day-to-day sessions as Rubin oversaw everything, Death Magnetic was released on September 12, The subsequent tour saw Metallica start in October and end deep in with shorter stretches and longer breaks between dates meaning burn-out was never an issue.

Oh yes, and in April there was also the small matter of being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame with the band bringing all their friends, family and long-time supporters with them to Cleveland, Ohio to celebrate. Live From Sofia, Bulgaria was released.

He, in turn, built a series of song frameworks and invited Metallica to come in and fill the space spontaneously. Thus work began in late April at HQ and the subsequent album, Lulu , was released on October 31, While not well received, it once again served notice that Metallica does what Metallica wants and needs for its own creative spirit. As Lulu was being released, new adventures were being enjoyed in the unchartered waters of the Middle East and India before a jaunt through Europe performing short TV show sets with Reed in November… leaving MORE than enough time to plan four nights at The Fillmore December 5,7,9 and 10 celebrating their 30th Anniversary.

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The band re-learned their entire canon of material backwards and drafted a menagerie of special guests from Diamond Head to Danzig to Rob Halford to Dave Mustaine and plenty in between.

Further, they were to headline each night, the first seeing a full performance of Ride the Lightning and the second, a full performance of The Black Album. Deciding that they wanted to push the creative boat out even further, the guys went full-throttle on a film project idea first drafted a couple of years earlier. May saw Metallica begin what would become a regular engagement with the San Francisco Giants baseball team, staging a Metallica night where Metallica-themed activities and events occurred during a Giants game including Hetfield and Hammett playing the national anthem live for the first time in their careers.

Yet whilst critically praised for its exciting and visionary approach, it failed to smash the box-office druing its theatrical run. Not that Metallica sat around waiting for the numbers.

The road had already been enjoying a more expansive exploration for most of the year, with visits to several continents leaving them close to completing shows on all seven as drew to a close. Un-played by any band. Until December 8, , when the band performed at the Carlini Base under a custom-built Geo-dome in front of a small group of Coca-Cola contest winners and the community scientists.

This made them the first band to play on all seven continents in the same calendar year. That… is how to close out a year! The result was, unsurprisingly, an overwhelmingly positive experience. The band also continued touring with their Metallica By Request tour, where fans were invited to request songs to be performed live at South American shows and the by now standard European summer run.

In between the few live dates, the band was quietly hammering away on new music at HQ. As kicked off, the boys continued working hard to finish up Album In between days at the studio, they found the time to have an intimate?!?! They also dove into the deepest archives to unearth rare and unheard material for the beginning of a campaign to remaster and reissue the catalog.

Come summertime, the HQ studio was positively screaming with the authentic intent of a new album being delivered. Producer Greg Fidelman was in to help the process hit full speed and, rather than wait until , the release of Hardwired…To Self-Destruct was pushed up to November 18th.

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Two days later, the band opened the U. From then on time seemed to become a blur. The album itself was received with enormous acclaim, both from fans and critics. After concluding with a hometown show at the historic Fox Theater in Oakland, the band spent much of taking the WorldWired Tour across the globe.

When all was said and done, the North American leg of the WorldWired Tour drew over a million fans and landed Metallica among the top drawing touring acts of Following the North American Tour, WorldWired continued by rolling out an all new live production inside European arenas debuting in Copenhagen in the fall.

The foundation also teamed up with Starbucks and Spotify to participate in their Give Good Campaign for the holidays.