Smoking: Why Cant I Quit? (2000) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 04.02.2018

Smoking: Why Cant I Quit? (2000)

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I gave up smoking about a year ago. When I was smoking I could swim in the sea and even have a go at amateur surfing. This seems to happen to quite a few people. Has anyone got the answer please? The ability to reply to this post has been turned off. Best wishes Puffthemagicdragon 6 years ago I found out about Breathe Easy today.

I called my local one and spoke to the lady who helps run it. She has to use a nebuliser.

Believe it or not she still smokes as it makes her feel better than not smoking. If it is COPD then it apparently wont. Smoking and stopping WOW, First of all my friend a great big Well done for quitting this maiming and killing stick. You would be a long way from the truth. I stopped 26 years ago even though it was really difficult I stopped quite easily really.

Something hit me in my mind and stopped there and then. Yes I had problems after quitting, Whilst smoking I was playing table tennis, Swimming, Yes I had played football most of my life and yes Rugby and some Hockey but no I never played any after I stopped. Last night a young friend was saying what they was eating just then. I was truthful and replied with I am eating a large bag of pork scratchings and a can of Coke so no I am not perfect, far from it.

Like I said my friend I was having problems health wise. I was diagnosed with my lung disease 20 years after stopping smoking. What I got out of it was.

Want to know the secret to quitting smoking?

Yes my Organs would have been donated long before now. Yes I have been able to enjoy a beautiful longer life with Ann my wonderful Wife yes and still drive to Cornwall every year for a 3 week holiday. Last Year 2 weeks before I was to make my drive to Cornwall. Yes I have 4 Lung diseases and a serious back pain due to a bad accident.

Yes what a fantastic life I live. Yes My friends that is what quitting Smoking did for Me.

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It gave me my life back and made it a beautiful life and if tiy allow it then I am certain you would soon feel the exact same. Breathless Like 9 Timmybel a year ago That was really nice to read all those things that you have now like a longer life enjoying with your love ones, i just quit smoking for a month now and previously i can have 1 pack a day after that planned to quit.

Things I encountered were things I never encountered when I was still smoking, sometimes its scary like I cant breathe well but I dont loose hope that one day all of this hard things Im foing through right now will paid off , please if you can suggest anything feel free to send me mail, time to time I have this breathing problem I dont know what to do. Like 0 Puffthemagicdragon 6 years ago You may call me Puff if you like! I gave up smoking because I had angina.

A stent was put in. Lucky for me I found it relatively easy. Then all of a sudden Like 3 sam29 6 years ago My dads nurse said you feel worse straight away when you quit,because something in cigerettes dilates the air ways so when you stop it seems harder to breath. But in the long run you will feel much better for not smoking. Like 3 LauraNJ 3 years ago 50 years of smoking and quit 7 years ago Sorry that I started smoking.

Are you any better? You do have to try to fight it, exercise, lose weight, breathing meds if you can afford. Like 2 Hidden 6 years ago My husband - exactly the same But if he was really honest then he would remember that he has been coughing for years - the "smokers" cough, had a chest infection every winter never bothered with antibiotics! In my opinion he already had COPD by the time he stopped smoking. He was absolutely furious that, like you, his breathing seemed to be much worse.

Our lovely family doctor, who has since retired, told me that if you can stop smoking, COPD will not progress significantly but that does not mean you will stop ageing!!! Well done for stopping - think of all the money you are saving!

I agree about Breath Easy - we only found out about after five years after my husband had been very will and my sister a nurse asked if we had been referred to the community specialist respiratory team.

A phone call to our practise nurse got a referral and onwards to pulmonary rehab which has been a godsend. I asked my doctor today about pulmonary rehab but he said that was for people at a later stage of COPD than me.