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Date: 11.01.2018

Mope Squad (2006)

We offer you to watch the movie Mope Squad (2006), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Running Time of Main Feature 2 Hr.

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The idea behind the Mope Squad is that Tim has taken several guys who are usually relegated to the disembodied cock-wielding of big blow-bang scenes ala the Cum Glazed or Glazed and Confused series and giving them a chance to strut their stuff with some full on, fuck til you drop, 4 on 1, mini-gang-bangs.

Call me crazy, but I thought that was pretty darn cool, if only because it puts the ring of power back into the girls hands--even if only for a little while.

Scene 1 - Misty May Misty is very cute--particularly her face. She really is sort of a hammy type, almost as over the top as girls like say Mika Tan, who I have a really hard time watching as well.

In any case, this is a long scene with lots of very forced mope talk, a lot of blowjobs, a lot of pussy fucking and a bit of anal. Scene 2 - Marquetta Jewel Marquetta definitely has a way about her. She has a full-figured body and a very cute smile. It ends with a Cum Glazed-esque four way facial that hits the spot, even though Marquetta has some very real eye-opening issues at the very end of the scene.

Scene 3 - Gianna Now, this is kind of a special scene. The first thing you notice is her rather sizeable, but all-natural, pair of boobs. For boob fanatics, I would venture to say that they are pretty damn impressive, especially considering that the rest of her body is petite and as tight as a drum.

She not only gives the orders, she starts out with a riding crop and backs her orders up with some pain. As the scene progresses, Gianna gets good and fucked, all while pouring out a constant stream of subtly-degrading comments to each of the mopes.

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Intermingled with all that is a fair amount of pussy fucking, cock gagging and ball sucking, finally finishing off with a great four-way facial. Scene 4 - Naomi Naomi has a fantastic body, with a big, tight, bubble-butt, and a pair of pretty natural titties, but her face is just okay in my book. The scene, although very long, is also pretty average and unremarkable. Long sequences of blowbangs and pussy fucking lull you into pegging the scene a bit early before she finally takes it up the ass, and even takes a DP to finish things off.

Overall Naomi seemed a little out of her element for this scene--a little bashful. She conquered some of her fears, but somehow this scene just fell a bit short for me, and its long length was more of a detriment than a perk. Bonus Core - Haley Scott Although relegated to being a bonus scene, I think Haley is the cutest girl in the movie, and this is a darn good scene. She is a pretty, pale skinned, honey blonde with a blue plaid mini-skirt and a pair of cool black fishnets. Gianna probably gives the most interesting performance here, and her subtle trash-talking and dominant tendencies probably made for the best scene in the movie for those who enjoy seeing the shoe on the other foot.

I guess that means that the Mope Squad might now go back to hiding their faces behind the standard blow-bang fare again.

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