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Eggs Hatching (1899)

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The indicator was connected with a Ruhmkorff coil or other equivalent apparatus, designed to cause a continual succession of sparks to pass between the indicator and a metal plate situated beneath it and having a plane surface parallel to its line of motion. The next turn found her on a narrow two lane highway that was a succession of curves. The molar teeth are six in number on each side, increasing in size from before backwards, and, as in the elephants, with a horizontal succession, the anterior teeth being lost before the full development of the posterior ones, which gradually move forward, taking the place of those that are destroyed by wear.

He was still at college in Vienna when the sudden death of his father raised him to the Khedivate; and he was barely of age according to Turkish law, which fixes majority at eighteen in cases of succession to the throne.

In he undertook the editorship of the Annalen der Physik and Chemie in succession to J. The creek flowed over a succession of rock ledges and formed pools at the edge where tadpoles swam. On the 9th of June Chicheley was admitted, in succession to his father, to a burgage in Higham Ferrers.

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The reigning family, however, became extinct when Duke Julius Francis died in September , and there were at least eight claimants for his duchy, chief among them being John George III. When the key is released the condensers and cables at once begin to return to zero potential, and if the key is depressed and released several times in rapid succession the cable is divided into sections of varying potential, which travel rapidly towards the receiving end, and indicate their arrival there by producing corresponding fluctuations in the charge of the condenser C3.

Succession does not require their replacement by premolars. The mode of succession of the teeth in the mastodons exhibits so many stages of the process by which the dentition of elephants has been derived from that of more ordinary mammals. The island remained a Spanish province until the War of the Spanish Succession, when in Cagliari capitulated to an English fleet, and the island became Austrian; the status quo was confirmed by the peace of Utrecht in About this time he is thought by many to have obtained some footing in the kingdom of the Picts in succession to their king Talorcan, the son of his brother Eanfrid.

The record of the signals given by this instrument was an undulating line of fine perforations or spots, and the character and succession of the undulations were used to interpret the signals desired to be sent. The Atlantic anticyclone is, therefore, at its weakest in winter, and on its polar side the polar eddy becomes a trough of low pressure, extending roughly from Labrador to Iceland and Jan Mayen, and traversed by a constant succession of cyclones.

A succession difficulty in Bavaria-Landshut was only decided after Maximilian had taken up arms and narrowly escaped with his life at Regensburg.

In the rainy season the barriers are submerged in succession, the reaches are filled and the plains of the lower Senegal are changed into immense marshes. Leo vacillated between the powerful candidates for the succession, allowing it to appear at first that he favoured Francis I.

By some such process of reasoning as this must the idea of changing the succession to the throne, by setting aside Alexius, have first occurred to the mind of Peter the Great. On the 18th of February a "confession" was extorted from Alexius which implicated most of his friends, and he then publicly renounced the succession to the throne in favour of the baby grand-duke Peter Petrovich.

Louis appears to have been previously promised this succession, and to strengthen his claim married his son, Otto, to Agnes, the sister of Henry, the count palatine, who died without heirs in The difficulty of the succession also occupied him, and he co-operated thus early in the design of legitimizing Monmouth as a rival to James.

Then in rapid succession came several independent bodies - the Midland Counties , the London and Southern Counties , the Imperial , the English and the Irish and Welsh He also was provost of Edinburgh at various times, and it is a remarkable instance of the esteem in which the lairds of Merchiston were held that three of them in immediate lineal succession repeatedly filled so important an office during perhaps the most memorable period in the history of the city.

Having at last got into trouble with the authorities he fled from Sicily, and visited in succession Greece, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Rhodes - where he took lessons in alchemy and the cognate sciences from the Greek Althotas - and Malta. Spain reconquered the duchies in the war of succession ; they were recovered by Austria in ; and Maria Theresa again surrendered them to Don Philip, infante of Spain, in This system is mischievous, since, if a few consecutive bad seasons occur, the farmer moves to some more favoured spot; while, on the other hand, a succession of good years tends to increase rents.

The canal and river system attains its greatest utility in the north, northeast and north-centre of the country; traffic is thickest along the Seine below Paris; along the rivers and small canals of the rich departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais and along the Oise and the canal of St Quentin whereby they communicate with Paris; along the canal from the Marne to the Rhine and the succession of waterways which unite it with the Oise; along the Canal de lEst departments of Meuse and Ardennes ; and along the waterways uniting Paris with the Sane at Chalon Seine, Canal du Loing, Canal de Briare, Lateral canal of the Loire and Canal du Centre and along the Sane between Chalon and Lyons.

The history of Jerusalem during the succeeding three centuries consists for the most part of a succession of wars against the kingdom of Israel, the Moabites and the Syrians.

From to he was Cavendish professor of experimental physics in the university of Cambridge, in succession to Clerk Maxwell; and in he accepted the post of professor of natural philosophy at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, which he resigned in The Catalans, who had adopted the cause of Charles and who had grievances of their own, called in a succession of foreign pretenders.

Along the full length of the eastern coast extends a succession of mountain chains. In Queensland a succession of rivers falls into the Pacific from Cape York to the southern boundary of the state. In every case of death from disease or unknown causes sorcery was suspected and an inquest held, at which the corpse was asked by each relative in succession the name of the murderer.

Year after year the raids went on under a succession of leaders - Heriold, Roruk, Rolf, Godfrey - and far and wide there was pillaging, burning, murder and slavery.

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When at the very height of power, all his schemes of aggrandisement came to sudden ruin through a succession of disastrous defeats at the hands of the Swiss at Grandson March 2, , at Morat June 22, Austria. The scenery of the Wye valley, including a succession of rapids just above the town, also attracts many tourists.

A dock-side crane unloading cargo with high lifts following one another in rapid succession will require a higher load factor than a workshop traveller with a very short lift and only a very occasional maximum load; and a traveller with a very long longitudinal travel will require a higher load factor for the travelling motor than for the lifting motor.

Smallpox affected the rich and the poor and it changed the course of history: He became a member of the Academy of Medicine in , and ten years afterwards entered the Academy of Sciences, of which he became perpetual secretary in in succession to Louis Pasteur. Soon after the marriage she nominated him archbishop of St Andrews, in succession to Elphinstone, archbishop-designate. The foundation of the Burgundian r ule in the Netherlands was laid by the succession of Y Philip the Bold to the counties of Flanders and Artois in in right of his wife Margaret de Male.

She often reads for two or three hours in succession, and then lays aside her book reluctantly. He also renewed the claim which had been made by his predecessor, Adolf, on Thuringia, and interfered in a quarrel over the succession to the Hungarian throne.

In cold weather it was no little amusement to bake several small loaves of this in succession, tending and turning them as carefully as an Egyptian his hatching eggs. In imagination I have bought all the farms in succession, for all were to be bought, and I knew their price. I saw them close up their ranks six times in succession and march as if on parade. After the deaths of her son and husband in such rapid succession, she felt herself a being accidentally forgotten in this world and left without aim or object for her existence.