Der gepflanzte Himmel (1999) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 03.01.2018

Der gepflanzte Himmel (1999)

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Erwin Gruber , at Would have estimated A. Conifers , at Stefan Hartig , at Unfortunately, the lens of my camera is broken and does not focus properly. New pictures are online. I have done some more checking, though unfortunately, the pics are just blurred that little bit too much to obscure important details!

I know just how annoying camera focus failure can be: I still reckon A. I see the remains of some disintegrated cones in the top of the tree in image Can you get back to the tree and look for some shed cone scales on the ground? That would help a lot. PS, forgot to say, the objects under the stem in this photo and image are the bud scales from where pollen cones were produced last year; unfortunately they do not help with identification!

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Look on the snow-free area on the public side of the fence shown in there should be some cone scales lying there! For outside links, use standard HTML text markup; the link below is done as follows: Stefan and Conifers, i am surely not enough experienced in IDing species of genus Abies. However, so far the following image does show Abies cephalonica, this one here may not be the same species, too many differences.

What do you both think about Nikko Fir , which is said to be planted as ornamental tree? Abies homolepis Conifers , at Also it has distinctive ridged shoots; compare this photo.

Thanks to Conifers for your explaining and links! I may see the differences as you told, so we will have to wait on more characteristics to clear the species.

Guess i will have to do a trip to Linz in the near future, lots of exotics there: Da ist doch gar kein Problem weit und breit, abgesehen davon ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen, und die Voraussetzungen ein ausgezeichneter Baumkenner und Bestimmer zu werden, die kann ich erkennen, M.

Schon eine Linde konnte ich vorher nicht bestimmen! Dabei findet man die ja ziemlich oft Most collegues here at MT will try to help finding accurate IDs, some of us really do like the challenge, like e.

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Master conifers and myself. Concerning adequate literature about gymnosperms resp. And i do guess there will be some discussions about literature, or even a special page here at MT? Please do ask MT creator and administrator Tim who may tell you more. Once again upon this fir tree. There might possibly as well be leaves notched at tips ore a litte more tapered towards acute. As sizes may be helpfull a scale at images is to be recommended, but measuring leaves and cone parts might do the same.

Have seen Conifers has published on Abies borisii-regis, thus shall know this and other firs the best. See descripts at Wiki, A. Also meiner Meinung nach geht es sehr stark Richtung "abies pinsapo kelleris" oder "abies pinsapo glauca"?!!


Excellent new set of photos, thanks! Hi Conifers and Erwin! Thank you very much for you help!!!!! Whit this tree i learned a lot! I think what I find most strange about this, is to find an Algerian Fir in the middle of an urban housing estate, rather than a botanical garden!

I do not remember to have seen any Abies numidica before, surely a rarity at least in Austria.