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Once more, the urgency of war is making school work seem trivial and inconsequential. Students and teachers alike frequently feel that they are but fiddling while Rome burns. World-shaking events are transpiring and world-shaping plans are being made. To exclude these from the classrooms of America is to induce pupil apathy and teacher sterility. The need for honest, accurate, well-balanced, thoroughly realistic instructional materials dealing with the war situation in all of its major aspects is both acute and crucial.

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Especially is this true in the high schools. As much as any book of its size could possibly do, America in a World at War fills this need for secondary school youth. This myopia has been and is being induced by elementary school, secondary school, college and teacher education sic curricula which exclude any attention to this vitally important aspect of our common life.

View from a Watchtower Harold C. This War and America: Objection and Reply 3 Harold Benjamin, W.

Dressing Up the Idiot

We find ourselves flatly at variance with this point of view, but not because we have any prejudice against armed force in itself. We do not hate war any more than we hate internal-combustion engines or any other instruments, which men may use for a variety of purposes.

We do not wish to have war or any other instrument employed except for good purposes. In this respect we feel that we are in full agreement with the majority of the editorial board.

Bad Medicine for Dictators Harold C. Citizen in the United States. The Antiseptic of History Harold C. The book is rendered all the more dangerous by virtue of the fact that it is sprightly and easy to read. In the first place, it persuasively delineates the inner essence of the democratic way of life in everyday terms understandable to all who can read. Every state and region should similarly assess its human resources as one of the essential bases for the re-ordering of its school and all other community services designed to promote the good life in democratic terms.

We believe this fact should be a great concern to all who would educate in the service of the general welfare. We also wish to present for discussion certain educational imperatives which flow from the point of view of one desirous of improving the general welfare in all of its many aspects. Sauce for the Goose Harold C. And with totalitarianism awesomely on the march, it is imperative that American public school educators should thus take stock and plan.

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Guidance and Purposive Living Arthur J. In the face of great handicaps, there is a concerted effort being made to prevent all types of personality maladjustments through attempts to arrange a total school environment favorable to wholesome personality development. This is leading teachers to focus their attention primarily upon the needs and purposes of their students rather than upon subject matter.

This fact may probably be attributed to the wide variation in the training and experience of those concerned with this work, the scope of the present responsibility of the different workers in the field, and the contact which guidance has with all phases of the program of the secondary school.