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Date: 19.10.2017

Big Brother Diaries (2003)

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For the last few years my answer has been that I had several players that I call my top players β€” but I do not rank any one above the other. His arrogance and charm and "perfectly symmetrical face" won over the jury and America. Nominated twice, claimed his mission was to help Mike win the season. The two kept their conversations limited to an area of the house not normally seen on the live feeds where they would play cards as a cover.

She also had entertaining Diary Room DR sessions where she would often mock her fellow house guests. Danielle is the only person in my top five list not to have won Big Brother.

I and many others believe she lost because the evicted HGs were not sequestered while they were waiting for the season to end and thus saw everything the viewers would see including the Diary Room sessions noted above. After Big Brother 3 the Jury has always been sequestered and not allowed to watch Diary Room sessions or other private conversations.

Week six used POV on Danielle instead of himself when he was also nominated. Dick was rude, crude, obnoxious and loud.

Somehow through all of that and many other moments, Dick still managed to get to the final three which many will remember started with an endurance HoH competition that Dick lost to Zach Swerdzewski after seven and a half hours standing on to a pedestal while being sprayed with water and holding on to a key he later won Parts 2 and 3 and evicted Zach.

His strained relationship with daughter Danielle and time spent late at night talking to those watching on the live feeds endeared him to many. Much like Will Kirby in BB2, there was a bit of an attitude in the house that Dick could be voted out easily, however it proved to be harder than expected. Dicks second stint on Big Brother was short lived, he left for personal reasons before the live feeds had even begun. Dick also recently tweeted that he would never be on Big Brother again.

His alliance with Memphis Garrett ultimately got him to the end when Memphis saved him from the nomination block on week 8. The newest addition to my list, Derrick used manipulation as well as or better than any other previous house guest to keep himself safe and get others in his various alliances to do what he wanted while they would end up thinking it was their own idea. His game was one of many many small moves, not big bold ones. Even when something went wrong with what seemed to be his plan, he was able to adjust and move forward.

If any came back and managed to win either for the first time or again β€” I might have to move them up. She was a great competitor and a fan favorite.

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She was the victim of an unlucky break in Big Brother 7 when she was eliminated from the final HoH endurance competition on a technicality that I still think was a mistake by Julie Chen. In my opinion Ian was carried along by others in the early part of his season, especially by Mike Boogie. Ian would have to come back and have a stellar second season like Dan did in order to make my top player list. I was never a fan of Rachel in the house. I have always felt that production had a very heavy hand with Season 13 and that this helped Rachel tremendously.

Her mind never seems to shut down and her paranoia and manipulation was frantic compared to BB16 Derrick - she just needed that final win. Paul even admitted on the feeds early on that he had a HUGE advantage being a veteran in the house.

Many are just fan favorites, not top tier players. When both returned in BB13, Jeff went out 7th after the infamous "clown shoes" incident, and Jordan followed in 4th. Nice folks, but not great BB players. Came back for BB7 and still did nothing but seems like a nice guy!

I got nothing people, she whined her way through both seasons and had showmances in each season as well.

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Not my kind of player. I could go on and on….. Sorry if I missed your favorite! My rant on "Vets" playing: I do not like the mixture of alumni playing with new house guests.

We discovered that in all but one season, when one or more veterans were in the house, at least one of them placed in the top 2 seasons 13,14,17,18, Finally, other thoughts when compiling lists: Every season has its own dynamics and advantages, disadvantages. What was a great game in one season might not be even a good one in another.

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