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Date: 18.12.2017

Vigilante (1988)

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This event is considered to be the most memorable to date due to the number of major stars that turned up. Bruce gives the induction speech for Dylan. Bruce attended the event with then-wife Julianne Phillips - it was the last time they were seen in public together.

The group singing backup on most of the songs, credited on the aforementioned compilation as The Rock Hall Jam Band, includes, among others, Ben E. Fogerty sings lead on " Born On The Bayou ". All rehearsals were conducted at the U. Military base in the town of Fort Monmouth.

Confusion has surrounded the location of these rehearsals due to the fact that the military base actually encompasses parts of the towns of Eatontown and Oceanport, as well as the town of Fort Monmouth. Despite the privacy of the event the above-mentioned setlist is culled from an minute audience tape of only fair quality.

No set details known. The live footage seen in the "One Step Up" music video was recorded during these rehearsal sessions. All four performances above were audio recorded. The second version of each song above was filmed on the stage of the Expo Theater — it is unclear if the first version of each song was filmed they have never circulated. The audio of the first version of each of the two songs above was first released on August 24, on the commercially available A Vision Shared charity album.

The audio of the second version of each of the two songs above was released in very limited quantity in late September on a rare, U. That documentary had its world debut airing on October 3, on the U. Part of this shoot featured Springsteen made up to look like an older man.

The video clip was directed by Meiert Avis. This rockabilly style arrangement was included on The Ties That Bind, the unreleased single album. The final "Walk Like A Man" in the soundcheck is just the intro.

Audience tape and partial DVD. Second half of the show is also filmed from the audience. Soundboard recording of the soundcheck circulates. This show is the first show without the keyboard intro for " Walk Like A Man ".

A third source of good quality was put into circulation in March from first generation tapes mjk The keyboard intro to " Walk Like A Man " played at the first show of the tour is played again for the second and final time. A second high quality source was put into circulation from first generation tapes in March mjk , this source misses from Detroit Medley to the end and is patched with the third recording source.

A third recording source was put into circulation from second generation tapes in March mjk , this source is complete with only a splice at the end of "Cover Me". A fourth source of lesser quality than the previous three sources is in limited circulation. Partial show is filmed from the audience. Some minutes of audience shot video also circulates. All the songs in the soundcheck are incomplete performances.

Audience tape of soundcheck also on CDR. The show again begins with an introduction by Kid Leo. Sound quality is among the best of the tour, although this recording suffers from some low-hiss barely audible.

Previously ever-present "Walk Like A Man" also dropped, replaced by the tour premiere of " Backstreets ". About 90 minutes of audience shot video circulates. Unfortunately the audio is of poor quality, and most lyrics are either bluffed or inaudible.

Concert was also filmed from the audience, about 70 minutes circulates. A fan present at the show writes "at the end of the second encore, it was about minutes until midnight when Bruce started asking if people wanted to quit Just over two hours of audience shot video also circulates.

Audience tape, three recording sources are available.

The second source is circulating from a first generation tape and missing "Love Me Tender" mjk This source utilises patches including "Love Me Tender" from the first recording source to form the complete show.

The third, and easily the best quality source entered circulation in from the master tapes Hobbes Two short patches of six seconds each at the beginning of "Roulette" and "Cover Me" make this tape complete and the one to seek out. Parts of the show are available on a good quality DVD shot from behind the stage, providing an almost unique view. Audience tape and audience-shot video. Three recording sources circulate. A third source circulates from second generation tapes mjk All sources are very good quality.

Show is apparently filmed from the audience, but is not understood to circulate. Audience tape available in high quality from the master cassettes KS. The master tapes are a big upgrade over the CDR. Complete show is filmed from the audience, to good effect.

Brucebase - 1988

It is also partially filmed from the pit, only a few rows from the stage. Both versions readily circulate on DVD. Two recording sources circulate from unknown generation tape transfers, the first can be identified by a young lady that often screams near the taper IvannF.

A second alternate recording source entered circulation in February mjk Final appearance of the " Detroit Medley " for the tour. A" taken from a first generation tape transfer ademotte. A second source was put into circulation from a 1st generation tape in February mjk Orbison then returned the favor and showed up at the Amnesty Oakland show on September 23 and led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Bruce.

On July 8, this show was the sixth in a series of archive shows to be officially released. Audience tape, and video of some of the show shot from left hand side of stage - available on DVD. Good sound and a clear upgrade over previous releases of this show.

On the Video Anthology the intro is included.

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Sports Arena stand, including footage of Bruce and Clarence kissing. Audience tape Two Of Us.

The second is an incomplete tape that is missing " Tunnel Of Love " and also has several small cuts throughout the rest of the show. All missing parts are patched with the Eagle Records source. Last night of five in Los Angeles.

Two recording sources are available. A poor quality screenshot DVD also circulates. A few show notes, most of which can be also said for all shows this leg: Brucebase has previously also listed "Big Boss Man" as being soundchecked, but this has been retracted pending verification. Please get in touch if you have further information regarding the soundcheck. Audience tape, video feed and audience-shot video. This recording is clear, but somewhat flat. The video recording is believed to exist in the hands of some collectors.

Audience tape including soundcheck and audience shot DVD. Perhaps Bruce had considered including the song in the Express Tour set, but instead settled on "Boom Boom" which will be premiered four days after this show in Bloomington, MN.

Audience tape Jer of both soundcheck and concert.