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Date: 17.09.2017

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I was upstairs trying out different bondage positions and think I found a new one thats comfortable for you. For me she asked? With a smile I asked her if she had any pantyhose left, she says sure why? I basically said I was hoping to tie you up wearing some and have my way with you.

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The test close worked, she says ok I need to clean up a bit, no problem I need to set up. Just a few things nothing to worry about, love you and gave her a kiss.

I went into the bedroom and quickly started putting straps on the frame of the bed. Two for her wrists, two for her thighs, and two for her ankles. When she comes out of the bathroom wearing only the nylons I twitched I swear, she has no idea. Well we have been married for almost twenty years so she has some kinda an idea. She lies down, I attach all the straps, I bend her knees and tighten the thigh cuffs then tighten the ankle cuffs so her legs are bent and tied wide, only thing that sucked with that position is her feet are flat on the bed.

Well for now anyway. So I place my hand under neck so her head turns slightly and grab onto her ear breathing a little heavy telling her I love her and that she is going to cum so good. Play with her nipples a moment or two, they perk right up, now in all honesty I had planned to use vibrating nipple clamps but was too into the moment and forgot the darn things in the drawer, so I get down lower, few nips and licks on her pelvic bones and she is laughing a little harder, then boom I put my mouth right on her , I can feel the warmth thru the pantyhose, I lick and nibble and tease for several minutes while reaching up and tickling her under arm and intermit grabbing her nipple.

I moved down in between her legs again, played with the pulsonic on her hip bones then right on the button, moving it all around, pretty proud of my bondage she didnt move very far.

She said it was too much so again I gave her a break, threw the pulsonic down, kinda pouting I wanted to tease her to orgasm with it, but oh well. I stood up and grabbed a sharp knife I brought from the kitchen and told her not to move, I cut a slit in her pantyhose from button to hole, and like I have written before its cute her pussy pops out from the nylons in a little bit of a pout, she commented on how she felt the cool air, I said oh no!!!!

I pulled out a long rubber dildo and lubed it up, then thrusted it in after playing on and around her, she said but I wanted you inside me!!!

I know and I will be and turned on the hitachi, I placed it on her button and started moving the dildo in and out within a minute or two she came, and hard. I came I came she tells me, just making sure and I turned off the hitachi and removed the dildo.

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But like I said thank god for blindfolds.. I told her I just needed a little help getting hard and she felt awesome, well find another way my buttons so sensitive, ok but your gonna wish I stayed with the button idea.

I was lightly playing with both her feet, being in nylons had them so smooth and after cumming she was so sensitive, I was already getting hard so I put him in, damm she was a furnace, I was a little shocked, Leave my feet alone they have had enough, your hard already, I am and I started thrusting and at the same time I reached for her nipples, she went nuts, those are sensitive also she yells, wow everything is so I slowed up on the nipple play. Sorry, she is actually telling me sorry, after what I already have done, but I answer I just feel bad, why?

Cause now there is only one foot up in the air so it gets all the abuse, all said with a straight face, she looked puzzled for a second, till I turned up the speed on the hitachi and started scribbling my fingers on the one trapped foot. I came like a wildcat, I was kinda hoping she would have cum a second time, but she was spent.

Now trying to figure out a good way to get her to tie me up for some revenge, the tickling fetish is mine, she tollerates it some but does not ever initiate me being tied up so we will see.

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