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Date: 09.12.2017

Onna no shiki (1950)

We offer you to watch the movie Onna no shiki (1950), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The very aggressive and tomboyish Revy uses this one. Her speech patterns are otherwise very masculine. Nana Osaki in Nana. Occasionally used playfully by Ren as well. Ranma, normally an ore user, switches to "atashi" after Akane lands a nasty blow to his head.

His altered language and personality shift worries everyone. Akane herself is actually an atashi user. Everyone else resorts to speak to her as if she was much more boyish, though. Vash the Stampede of Trigun who is male has been known to use atashi when goofing around, for comedy value. Oshare Bones from Puyo Puyo uses this when referring to himself. The younger girls from Oniisama e Specially the protagonist, Nanako, who uses this as a sign of her naivete and youth.

Gilda uses it as well, which is weird when you consider they made Rainbow Dash a Bokukko , and Gilda is just as tomboyish as her if not more so.

Princess Jasmine uses this in the Japanese dub. When Iago mimics her he uses watashi to make her sound more girly. Majorina from Smile Pretty Cure! She also can transform into a younger form of herself. Itou and Odagiri in Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. While both are reasonably girly Itou is a bit more tomboyish than Odagiri, though , they are still quite hot-tempered and brash. In Sands of Destruction , Morte uses atashi. The latter is a Camp Straight man in pink power armor who claims to have the heart of a pure maiden and has a Villainous Crush on Noire.

Marge, Lisa, and many other female characters in the Japanese dub of The Simpsons.

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Anzu and Mai use atashi and they are prominent Ms. The latter also emphasises the power of sexy, confident women. Rei switches from boku to atashi when talking to her crush Judai. Yuzu, Yoko and Ayu use atashi. Yuzu is a girly teenager, Yoko was a former biker gang leader, and Ayu is a little girl who looks on to Yuzu. A rare male example is Mr. Sombra in the Japanese dub of Overwatch.

Ash in the Japanese dub of Sing. Ahri in the Japanese dub of League of Legends. According to their amiibo , atashi is the pronoun of choice among female Inklings in Splatoon.

Boys, naturally, use ore instead. In anime, it can also be used by tomboyish girls; these characters are known as Bokukko. Note, however, that the bokukko phenomenon is a prominent example of how anime dialogue differs from actual spoken Japanese; in the real world, it would be a bit weird for a female native speaker to refer to herself as boku.

Finally, female singers and poets may also use boku purely for metrical purposes. Also Akio when in Chairman mode he normally uses ore. This is a good example of the different connotations boku can have.

Rika and Hanyuu in Higurashi: Rika switches to "watashi" when alone. Also used by Kaworu Nagisa. Toji shifts from his typical washi to boku when he is talking to Misato. In Kuroko no Basuke , Kuroko uses boku in line with his polite speech.

During their Teiko days before his other side took over and after Rakuzan is defeated by Seirin he used ore. She and Yuuichi even have a small discussion about it at one point. She feels uncomfortable using any other pronoun. Particularly in the phrase "mou hitori no boku", "the other me", referring to Yami n Yugi. In a curious variant, Kujirada from the "digital pet" episode uses boku-sama. Notable as she refers to herself as "atashi" with Judai.

Edo Phoenix uses boku in contrast to the majority of the male cast.


Yubel, a hermaphrodic being who looks rather feminine and appears to be like a Woman Scorned , uses boku. Yu Gi Oh Zexal: Vector uses boku when acting as the goofy and rather idiotic Shingetsu. Young boys, such as Sora or Tatsuya use boku. Dennis uses boku to make him look himself humble. He switches to ore when synchronizing with Yuya. Katsura Hoshino, author of D. Gray-Man , which leads to Pronoun Trouble.

From the series, Allen, Jasdero and Road use it all the time. We find this out when Himeko gets possessed by a male alien. Mytho from Princess Tutu. A whole lot of characters from Bleach: Russia in Axis Powers Hetalia , mostly to emphasize his child-like craziness and attempt to sound friendly. Sasaki from the 9th Haruhi Suzumiya novel refers to herself with boku when conversing with boys, with the added quirk of speaking a lot like The Spock. In Naruto , out of the Konoha genin boys, only Chouji and Lee use boku.

Sai , Yamato , and Suigetsu, who are introduced after the timeskip, also use it. Tobi uses it too, but he drops it for ore when he stops acting like an idiot.. Flashbacks reveal that, in his days in the academy, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, used boku, but as an adult had switched to ore.