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Date: 31.10.2017

Logans Run (1995)

We offer you to watch the movie Logans Run (1995), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The story centers on Logan, a sandman, who is an elite member of a police force who hunts down and terminates runners. On their last day they must voluntarily participate in their own euthanasia or they can run. This is story of Logan facing the prospect of his own last day, and becoming a runner himself.


The television series is a spin off from the movie. In the City of Domes , citizens live idyllic lives until they turn 30 and are lead to Carousel for renewal, but instead are killed. Sandman Logan 5 dares to question the ruling order.

With the help of Jessica 6 he escapes to the outside world. Now Logan, Jessica and their android companion Rem are on a desperate quest for the fabled Sanctuary , with an elite police force pursuing them. Comparison to Brave New World consumerism, nursery, conditioned thoughts, seed mother, promiscuous sexuality, narcotics Comparison to Rollerball government control In the film, the world of is a global corporate state, containing entities such as the Energy Corporation, a global energy monopoly based in Houston which deals with nominally-peer corporations controlling access to all transport, luxury, housing, communication, and food on a global basis.

It is similar to Roller Derby in that two teams clad in body armor skate on roller skates some instead ride on motorcycles around a banked, circular track.

There, however, the similarity ends. The object of the game is to score points by the offensive team the team in possession of the ball throwing a softball-sized steel ball into the goal, which is a magnetic, cone-shaped area inset into the wall of the arena.

The team without possession of the ball is defensive and acts to prevent scoring. It is a full-contact sport in which players have considerable leeway to attack opposing players in order to take or maintain possession of the ball and to score points in the overpopulated world of the original short story, the object of the game is to kill off the other players. In addition, each team has three players who ride motorcycles to which teammates can latch on and be towed.

The player in possession of the ball must hold it in plain view at all times. Rollerball teams, named after the cities in which they are based, are owned by the various global corporations. Energy Corporation sponsors the Houston team. The game is a substitute for all current team sports and for warfare. While its ostensible purpose is entertainment, Mr.

Bartholomew, a high-level executive of the Energy Corporation, describes it as a sport designed to show the futility of individual effort. Comparison to Soylent Green Sleep Shops, mathusian society, overpopulation, Soylent Green is people, cannibalism In , with 40 million people in New York City alone, housing is dilapidated and overcrowded; homeless people fill the streets and food is scarce; and most of the population survives on rations produced by the Soylent Corporation, whereof the newest product is Soylent Green, a green wafer advertised to contain "high-energy plankton", more nutritious and palatable than its predecessors "Red" and "Yellow", but in short supply.

While investigating the murder of William R. At the police station, Thorn tells his lieutenant Hatcher that he suspects an assassination: Under questioning, Shirl reveals that Simonson became troubled in the days before his death. Thorn questions a Catholic priest Simonson had visited, but the priest at first fails to remember Simonson and is later unable to describe the confession.

Fielding later murders the priest to silence him. He tracks Thorn to a ration-distribution where police officers are providing security. When the Soylent Green there is exhausted and the crowd riots, the assassin tries to kill Thorn during the confusion, but is crushed by a riot-control vehicle. Unable to live with this discovery, Roth seeks assisted suicide at a government clinic.

Under the influence of a lethal drug, Roth tells Thorn his discovery and begs him to expose the truth. To this end, Thorn stows himself aboard a garbage truck to the disposal-center, where he sees human corpses converted into Soylent Green.

Returning to make his report, he is ambushed by Fielding and others; and having failed to summon his colleagues, converses with Shirl before connected to Hatcher.

Thorn then retreats into a cathedral filled with homeless people, where he kills Fielding but is seriously injured. When the police arrive, Thorn urges Hatcher to spread the word that "Soylent Green is people!

Comparison to THX consumerism, escape, running, conditioned thoughts, narcotics In a city of the future, sexual intercourse is outlawed and use of mind-altering drugs is mandatory. The inhabitants worship a godlike being known as "OMM ", with whom they commune in telephone booth-like areas known as Unichapels. At their jobs, SEN and LUH keep surveillance on the city and field questions mostly about proper drug intake.

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He works in a factory producing androids that function as police officers. The work is hazardous as it requires handling explosive and radioactive material.

LUH becomes disillusioned and makes a conscious decision to break the law and stop taking her drugs. At first conflicted and nauseated, he eventually connects with LUH. Knowing that their relationship is illegal, THX must decide whether to return to using the prescribed drugs, or escape with LUH. He knows that he will not be able to function without his drugs while at his demanding job, but he does not want to lose what he has created with LUH.

They consider an escape to the "superstructure," where they hope to be able to live in freedom. Without drugs in his system, THX falters during critical and hazardous phases of his job.

THX is imprisoned in an area of the city that resembles a white limbo world. He enjoys a brief reunion with LUH—one disrupted by the enforcer robots.

THX is consigned to another region of limbo, this one populated by a collection of other prisoners, including SEN. They encounter SRT, who starred in the holograms broadcast across the city. SRT has become disenchanted with his role in the society and is making an attempt to escape. Controllers in the city learn of the escape and allot a strict budget 14, credits for their recapture.

This suggests that she has been declared "incurable" and killed. Cowed by what he sees, he finds his way to an area reserved for the monks of OMM.

SEN attacks before the monk can report him.

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Returning to the city, SEN strikes up a conversation with children before police androids apprehend him. Abandoning the car, eventually THX locates a route to the surface.

The police pursue THX up an escape ladder, but are ordered by central command to cease pursuit, mere steps away from capturing him, as the expense of his capture exceeds their pre-determined budget. It is then revealed that the entirety of the city whence THX came is all underground, as he stands before a large setting sun in a red sky, while birds intermittently fly overhead.