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Season 8 Ep 1: Incident of the Tumbleweed After two lawmen are killed while moving a prison wagon to Ft. Craig, Gil and Rowdy volunteer to bring its seven dangerous convicts to trial. Meanwhile, the outlaw husband of one prisoner follows in pursuit. Incident with an Executioner After rescuing the passengers of an overturned stagecoach, the drovers learn that a gunman known as "The Executioner" has been harassing the travelers.

Incident of the Widowed Dove Rowdy tries to help Clovis leave her sheriff husband. Incident on the Edge of Madness On the drive north, the cowhands desert because they are still bitter about the Civil War. Gil and Rowdy try to get them to come back and discover that a woman is behind it. She and her cohorts are planning on setting up a new Confederacy. He discovers, however, that Reston has a bigoted attitude toward indians, particularly a local Comanche named Taslatch, who wants to be a farmer and has paid for a mail-order plow.

Incident at Barker Springs Brazo, a retired gunfighter, attempts to keep his kid brother from taking up the family business. Incident West of Lano Four stranded women provide a love interest and a complication for Favor. Incident of the Town in Terror When Rowdy and two steers are thought to have anthrax, the only medical help is a young lady with two years of nursing school.

Incident of the Golden Calf Brother Bent, the newest drover, sparks gold fever when he flashes a huge nugget. Incident of the Coyote Weed Banditos, inside and outside, threaten the herd and the drovers. Incident of the Chubasco In need of more hands to get the herd through a dangerous plateau, Gil has no choice but to hire men who may not be of drover mettle. Furthermore, one hired hand hides something that could put the whole enterprise at risk.

Incident of the Curious Street While out looking for strays, Favor and Rowdy enter a deserted mining town and discover that a woman and her daughter are being held hostage by two men. Incident of the Dog Days After hiring drovers of questionable character and wanting to move the herd through a dry plain, Favor finds that his decisions have backfired on him. Favor invites Jenny to ride along to Silver Junction.

Incident of the Misplaced Indians Rowdy finds two indians dead outside a house. Amelia Spaulding is inside singing and making candy. They ride into a nearby town but end up as victims of a vicious gang that has taken over the town. Lightning stampedes the remuda and kills farmer Ken Wade.

The Morgan sets up Pete to take the fall for murdering saloon owner Nora Sage. The women are the wives and girlfriends of the convicts working at a contract prison camp. Incident of a Burst of Evil A badly beaten man says that Comancheros are planning to take the herd.

Rowdy befriends a woman, once a countess, now being held by the Comancheros. At a trading post the mirror is identified as one taken in a Comanche raid. Incident of the Roman Candles Pete and Quince find young Davey Colby, who says Indians killed his father and grandfather and carried off his mother.

However, the local sheriff tells Favor that there are no indians within miles. Incident of the Day of the Dead Rowdy goes to town to pick up the mail for the men and stops a runaway horse. Luisa, a rancher, sees it and tries to get Rowdy to work for her. Incident at Dangerfield Dip A badly wounded woman arrives at the camp and a short time later dies.

Gil and Rowdy come across her baby while out searching for strays. The marshal, who made the town safe, is now drunk on his own power, enforcing petty rules. Factoring heavily into the situation is that the daughter-in-law is exquisite and widowed. Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse With a brush fire closing in on the herd, Favor is waylaid by an outlaw who sends him after stolen money.

Incident of the Haunted Hills The herd is in desperate need of water. Indian drover Tasunka knows where an ample water supply can be found. The problem, however, is that it is located in hostile indian country. Incident of the Stalking Death Gil shoots and wounds a puma while out scouting for the cattle drive. Incident of the Valley in Shadow Driving a herd through Cheyenne country, Favor finds out some of his hands may have hired on for more than just the beeves. There is a large reward being offered for a white girl who has been missing since she was a small child.

Incident of the Blue Fire A stranger joins the drive, bringing with him St. The soldiers claim that Frank Volaro, one of the hands, is the son of a revolutionary leader and demand that he be handed over to them. After overhearing the professor speaking about the supposed stones, three drovers kidnap him and Mave, demanding that they take them to the "treasure. Incident of the Devil and His Due Favor goes on trial for murder while the wranglers search for the real culprits—an outlaw band on the lam.

Incident of the Wanted Painter A guerrilla leader, a hotheaded marshal and an artist are key figures in this tale of misunderstandings and murder. Incident of the Night Horse Favor clashes with his old enemy, Jed Carst, a crude, illiterate man obsessed with capturing a wild stallion. Incident of the Sharpshooter A posse gives up looking for two outlaws, Vance and his partner. They then come upon the body of a lawyer ambushed by indians. Vance decides to pose as Jonathan Williams, attorney at law.

Incident of the Dust Flower An easterner and his daughter are heading west when they have an accident. Pete Nolan and some friends help them out, and they go on. Later, the girl mysteriously disappears.

Incident at Sulphur Creek After horse thieves hit the herd, the drive is at a standstill while Pete Nolan scouts for replacements. Incident of the Champagne Bottles When the drovers come across a slow-moving wagon carrying champagne, all is not what it seems and everyone is in danger.

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When they arrive they are met by an indian woman and a man who claims to be the astronomer. Incident of the Dancing Death When a horse stolen from the drovers is found next to the body of a Gypsy prince, the Gypsies accuse the drovers of murder. Incident of the Arana Sacar A man called Pagan talks the drovers into visiting a nearby trading post for liquor. When they return, the herd is gone. Incident of the Deserter Wishbone has grown tired of all the jokes about his cooking.

He leaves the cattle drive for romance and to start a restaurant. Incident of the Murder Steer A series of murders occurs after four men join the cattle drive.

The murders all have one thing in common: A steer appears after each death with the word "murder" branded on it.

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He asks to travel with the herd for a couple of days. Incident of the Last Chance A pair of newlyweds from Boston joins the cattle drive after their wagon is washed away in a flash flood. Incident of the Garden of Eden Rowdy is sent to buy some cattle to replace those lost during the drive. Incident of the Challenge Favor gets knocked off his horse and knocked out. Mitla finds him and cares for him until he wakes.

Favor is grateful and joins Mitla in his search for Julia Garcia, a girl said to possess magical powers. Incident at Dragoon Crossing Favor falls ill while leading the herd on a contended route.

Incident of the Night Visitor Following the death of his mother, year-old Joey Gardner sets out in search of the father who left him at birth. The only clues he has to his identity are that he is a drover, has a scar below his left ear and his initials are G. Incident of the Slavemaster Mrs.

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Bradley pulls a gun on Victor Laurier, who led a POW camp during the war, and wants to know where her husband is. Victor says that at the end of the war, he sent 27 union soldiers and three guards east, but they never reached their destination. Bradley got a letter from her husband four years after he was supposed to have died.

Incident at Superstition Prairie Wishbone tries to help an old Indian man left in a cave to die by his tribe, bringing the man back to his people. Insulted, the Indians seek to punish the entire cattle drive. Rowdy and Quince are suspects and taken to two nuns to be identified. They say they are not the men.

Two desperadoes are holding Father Sebastian until the nuns deliver the money to Blainesville. Incident of the Buffalo Soldier Rowdy chases after a buffalo soldier who has killed another soldier and has taken off on his horse. Incident of the Broken Word Ben Foley resorts to murder to hide the fact that the cattle he is selling to Favor are diseased. Incident Near the Promised Land The drive has reached Sedalia but there is a bank scare and no buyers. Favor must deal with bitter Emma Caldwell to graze the herd.

Incident of the Big Blowout The drovers celebrate the end of the drive.

Rowdy is mistaken for another man. Another passenger is Ogala, chief of the Pawnee, who is going to be in a Wild West show. Incident of the Running Iron.