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Date: 19.11.2017

Der Zubringer (1982)

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Firearm according to claim 1, characterized in that the finger means 31 from the release position into the blocking position by the feeder magazine 27 is movably BE.

The invention relates to a firearm according to the generic concept of claim 1. In a known firearm US-PS 38 46 a formed in a lever finger means is provided which serves to prevent the forward movement of the bolt.

To eject the cartridge, a separate ejector is provided in this prior art. In another firearm US-PS 38 89 , a United locking lever is provided with a finger means for securing the bolt with an empty magazine. Auch hier ist als Auswerfer ein eigenes Element vorhanden.

Again, as a private ejector element is present. Furthermore, in automatic rifles is a Patronenauswer fer known DE-OS 15 78 , which is arranged in the path of the cartridge. The invention is based, to simplify the structure by reducing the moving parts with a gat device according firearm the task. To the solution, the invention proposes a gun having the features of claim 1.

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In the invention, the finger means of the ver needed cartridge engages when it is moved back by the automatic backward movement of a Ausziehbolzens to eject the cartridge from the housing such that the fin gereinrichtung does not interfere with the bolt movement, until all cartridges are ejected, and has taken place the subsequent movement of the bolt in a retracted position, whereupon the arrangement is then arranged such that it causes the finger means to intervene in the movement of the bolt and to prevent further movement.

According to a further feature of the invention, the fingerbanging device is positioned by the movement of the magazine feeder from the release position to the locked position so as well eject the cartridge and the holding of Bol zens in reverse position after ejecting the last Pa perform trone.

After the invention of the cartridge casings are ejected along a path that avoids that a touch cartridges mounted on the gun riflescope. Further details and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following description of a preferred embodiment form and from the drawing.

Das Gewehr 10 in den Fig. The gun 10 in FIGS. Also shown is the removable panel 17, the trigger 18 and trigger guard 19th Ein Spanngriff 21 und ein Schieber 22 sind ebenfalls dargestellt. A cocking handle 21 and a slider 22 are also shown.

Can be seen from Figs. The rear portion 26 of the lever arm 23 by the action of the cartridge magazine feeder 27 against the normally beauf down as estimated effect of a spring return piston 28 to the front beak portion 29 moves upward see Fig. In particular, in Figs. The bolt 32 has an axis extending in the longitudinal direction of finger recess 33, which allows the bolt 32, back to the finger 31 over and herzugehen without coming in engagement therewith when the finger 31 in its lower position Fig.

However, if the cartridge feeder 27 causes the finger 31 to move to its upper position, the bolt 32 is locked in its retracted position by the finger 31 Fig. Das Patro nenmagazin 37 beherbergt Patronen 35 , die durch den Zubrin ger 27 und die Zubringerfeder 38 nach oben beaufschlagt sind.

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The lever arm 23 further includes a lever plate 34 and a finger holding part 36, see Fig. The Patro nenmagazin 37 accommodates cartridge 35, the GER Zubrin by the spring 27 and the feeder 38 are applied to the top.

The bolt handle cam 46 is attacked by the slider 22 to reciprocate in the housing chamber 42 and go forth and rotate.

The bolt 32 is connected to the off zugsklaue 39 and the handle cam means 46 is in its retracted position. Beim Benutzen des Gewehres 10 mit einer oder mehreren Pa tronen 35 im Magazin 37 wird der Vorsprung 43 an dem Pa tronenzubringer 27 unterhalb des Fingers 31 des Sperraus wurfshebels 23 gehalten Fig. When using the rifle 10 with one or more pa trons 35 in the magazine 37, the projection 43 at the Pa tronenzubringer 27 is kept below the finger 31 of the LockOff throw lever 23 FIG.

When the bolt 32 is moved forward, with the result that the cartridge 35 into the chamber is scho Ben, are the fingers 31 of the bolt 32 free by passing through the bolt hole After the auto matic rearward movement of the bolt 32 after From the rifle fire 10 engages the fingers 31 on the Pat rone 35 and causing it to redirect to the extent that they are disengaged from the extract claws reached 39 and 41 ge and out of the housing 12 is ejected.

Due to the position of the scope of the spent cartridge as it is attacked by the finger 31, the spent cartridge is ejected into a low throw curve to the Be stir the riflescope to avoid After the last round has been fired, the bolt 32 automatically moves backwards and thereby presses the magazine feeder 27 sufficiently low so that the projection 43 is not in a position to the finger 31 to annul.

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Sobald jedoch der Bolzen 32 sich nach hinten an dem Zubringer 27 vorbeibewegt, geht der Zubringer 27 mit seinem Vorsprung 43 nach oben, um den Hebel 23 in seine Anschlagstellung zu bewegen. However, once the bolt 32 moves past back to the shuttle 27, the shuttle goes 27 with its projection 43 upward to move the lever 23 in its stop position. Thereafter, the pin 32 is held against further forward movement through the intermediate slide of the finger The same finger device in their Bolzenentriegelungsstellung overlaps with the Querschnittsweg the spent cartridge to eject them when they moved back.

Thus, a versatile use of the fingerbanging created direction to perform both the locking of the bolt and the ejection of the cartridge.