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The Son of a Rebel Chief (1916)

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Owing to the economic difficulties he was having, [8] like his eldest brother John, he joined the British Army. He developed a deep hatred for the British Army that lasted his entire life. There, Connolly began to get involved in the Scottish Socialist Federation , [17] but with a young family to support, he needed a way to provide for them. Socialist involvement[ edit ] Connolly, c.

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At the time his brother John was secretary; after John spoke at a rally in favour of the eight-hour day , however, he was fired from his job with the Edinburgh Corporation, so while he looked for work, James took over as secretary.

At some time during this period, he took up the study of, and advocated the use of, the neutral international language, Esperanto. Two months after the birth of his third daughter, word came to Connolly that the Dublin Socialist Club was looking for a full-time secretary, a job that offered a salary of a pound a week. While active as a socialist in Great Britain, Connolly was the founding editor of The Socialist newspaper and was among the founders of the Socialist Labour Party which split from the Social Democratic Federation in He famously had a chapter of his book "Labour in Irish History" entitled "A chapter of horrors: He stood twice for the Wood Quay ward of Dublin Corporation but was unsuccessful.

His name, and those of his family, appears in the Census of Ireland - his occupation is listed as "National Organiser Socialist Party". Though they only numbered about at most, their goal soon became the establishment of an independent and socialist Irish nation. Around this time he met Winifred Carney in Belfast , who became his secretary and would later accompany him during the Easter Rising.

Rejecting the Redmondite position, he declared "I know of no foreign enemy of this country except the British Government. In , thinking they were merely posturing and unwilling to take decisive action against Britain, he attempted to goad them into action by threatening to send the ICA against the British Empire alone, if necessary.

This alarmed the members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood , who had already infiltrated the Volunteers and had plans for an insurrection that very year. In order to talk Connolly out of any such rash action, the IRB leaders, including Tom Clarke and Patrick Pearse , met with Connolly to see if an agreement could be reached.

As the Dublin Brigade had the most substantial role in the rising, he was de facto commander-in-chief. Michael Collins said of Connolly that he "would have followed him through hell. Those of us that signed the proclamation will be shot. But the rest of you will be set free. On 12 May he was taken by military ambulance to Royal Hospital Kilmainham , across the road from Kilmainham Gaol , and from there taken to the gaol, where he was to be executed.

Visited by his wife, and asking about public opinion, he commented, "They will all forget that I am an Irishman. His absolution and last rites were administered by a Capuchin , Father Aloysius Travers. Asked to pray for the soldiers about to shoot him, he said: His body along with those of the other leaders was put in a mass grave without a coffin. The executions of the rebel leaders deeply angered the majority of the Irish population, most of whom had shown no support during the rebellion.

The executions were not well received, even throughout Britain, and drew unwanted attention from the United States, which the British Government was seeking to bring into the war in Europe. Asquith , the Prime Minister, ordered that no more executions were to take place; an exception being that of Roger Casement as he had not yet been tried. Family[ edit ] James Connolly and his wife Lillie had six children.

Nora became an influential writer and campaigner within the Irish-republican movement as an adult. In later years, both became members of the Oireachtas Irish parliament.

Moira became a doctor and married Richard Beech. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This put him at odds with most of the socialist leaders of Europe. He was influenced by and heavily involved with the radical Industrial Workers of the World labour union, and envisaged socialism as Industrial Union control of production.

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Also he envisioned the IWW forming their own political party that would bring together the feuding socialist groups such as the Socialist Labor Party of America and the Socialist Party of America. His connection and views on Revolutionary Unionism and Syndicalism have raised debate on if his image for a workers republic would be one of State or Grassroots socialism.

In a , BBC television production, Greatest Britons where the British public were asked to register their vote, Connolly was voted in 64th place.