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Date: 03.02.2018

One Tree Hill (2003)

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We have a naked me in the hot tub. What if I told you there was someone else? The Search For Something More [1. You remember when you said the other night that I had good instincts and that I should trust them?

Hey guys, you know Haley. This looks a lot like a date to me. No man, definitely not. All right, see you later. Trying to wake up my parents? Look will you just What does that mean? Your ULTIMATE Resource for "One Tree Hill" | CELEBRATING 6 YEARS ONLINE!

All right, I screw up a lot, all right Well, who do you wanna be, Nathan? You know I keep But I wanted to. Watching you get hit by a bus. And a sense of humor. Why not Nathan or one of the guys?

With Arms Outstretched [1. We have the forefathers with us. Nathan, can you just get serious for a minute? Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got I got scared, and I pushed you away, but- Lucas: But the truth is, I want all the same things that you want, I do She said so herself. And then took it back! What are you, her lawyer? It just sucks she got bit the first time she reached out to somebody, you know? Unlike Brooke, who I understand, is nice and easy.

She makes me laugh. Nathan, about last night Whitey just did me a favor. The Living Years [1. Brooke, whose house is this? No, I just rented the movie.

This book is stupid. Its not like I have a lot of time to read. So, are you ever going to tell me how it went? The therapist asked me if I liked playing basketball. Wow, what did you say? No one has ever asked me that question. What would you do? At least I have some time to figure it out.

Gallows Hill, Salem, Witchcraft

You could if you tried. Look, I gotta go. Hey, umm, basketball practice starts up again today right? All work and no Brooke makes Luke a boring boy. I got you something. And yet you do. Couple songs on there made me think of you.

Of course most things do. I thought you might want that back. I already have it. Tracks 8 and 11, totally you, so what are you doing? Some sort of Cyrano thing for Brooke? Why would I do that? I asked you first. She told me to listen to tracks 8 and Well, there are only 12 songs. I had no idea he was there.

I thought you were happy with your setup? I make up stuff in the emails. You tell him that? Crash Course In Polite Conversations [1.

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It was stupid, OK? Of course it did. So this, uh, dinner is going to be pretty bad, huh? Just imagine where he comes from. Yeah, you should come tonight. I should probably get the heater fixed in here, huh? You know, I could have Keith take a look at it for ya.

Do you want me to stop and get some coffee? Thanks for doing this for me, Luke. Hanging By A Moment [1. People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end. Yeah, and uhh, how about us? That moment where we kissed right? Okay, you gotta a sec? I know, but I Even if we could be together, what makes you think it would work? Yes, so what are we going to do? Was that your jump shot? Yeah, you cannot be here right now. Because I look stupid. Come on, this is embarrassing.

OK, I take that back. Yes, you can like this. Alright, square your shoulders to the basket. Bring the ball up right past your nose like this, okay? Bend your knees a little, just relax your hips, and just shoot. It was actually kind of sexy. Do whatever you need to do.

I Shall Believe [1. Haley, what are you doing? Lucas is lying in a hospital. What are you talking about? You guys are best friends. We got in a fight.