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Date: 05.11.2017

Gospod medved (2005)

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It has given birth to many prominent people who have made the greatest contributions to the development of Belarussian culture. Belarussian sportsmen have also contributed a lot to the glory and fame of our country thanks to their achievements in major international competitions.

The names of the stars of Belarussian sports are well-known all over the world. Belarus has reason to be proud of its achievements in physical culture and sports. Alexander Medved by right belongs to the outstanding people of our country. He is one of the most prominent wrestlers in the world. He lives in Minsk now and has the richest collection of medals. Alexander was born in the small Ukrainian town of Belaya Tserkov in His father worked as a forester. So Alexander quite often went on rounds with him for a number of kilometres on foot.

Alexander grew up tall and strong, he liked sports very much and participated in several of them at once. He played football and basketball, swam, took part in athletic competitions and sometimes went to the wrestling hall.

The coaches sent this versatile young man to all competitions where he often became the winner. So Alexander would play football one day, then appear on a basketball court or take part in a track meet.

Alexander got a real interest in wrestling only in the army. When he was sent to a wrestling competition, a famous coach, Pavel Grigoryev, spotted the young soldier, could discern the great talent in him, and suggested that he take up wrestling seriously.

Grigoryev thought that Alexander had the makings of a distinguished wrestler. He had quick reflexes, the speed of a lightweight, amazing staying power, natural coordination and height.

Kolosej - Filmi - Medvedek Pu in Slovon

All those things played a very important role for a heavyweight. But the most important of all were strong traits of character: Alexander was a born fighter. When his excellent moral qualities were added to this, it made Alexander Medved not only one of the best wrestlers in the country, but in the world.

He started his wrestling career not as a super-heavyweight. He developed a system of exercises which helped him to become strong and improve musculature. He won his first gold at the Tokio Olympics in heavyweight in As the norms of the team demanded he had to train down eight kilos.

As you know, wrestling is the kind of sport where weight categories are very important.

Medved understood that, and after two years of regular exercising Alexander broke the legend that only super-giant wrestlers are able to win in the super-heavyweight division. He really proved that huge, strong super-heavyweight men find it difficult to beat a lighter class wrestler who has such qualities as: It should be mentioned that his lightfootedness and grace were really astonishing also.

In Medved went to the World Championships with an injured foot top. At that time, Medved vowed that that loss would be his first and the last. The next year, Medved kept that promise. Everyone who is interested in wrestling, remembers the symbolic set finger in the fight with Ditrich, a German wrestler in Mexico in In the 20th Olympic Games took place in Munich.


It was a very difficult time for Alexander. The competition in Munich began for our native with a hard fight with the American Chris Taylor. Before this tournament Medved and Taylor had met three times. The Belarussian sportsman had had two victories and one fight which ended in a draw. With great efforts, Medved managed to win. After the competition he said: True, it was impossible to find a training partner who could simulate the American.

The thing is that in spite of his huge constitution he is mobile, flexible and keeps his balance well. He was the three-time Olympic champion and seven-time world champion. He had become a legend. In my mind, Alexander Medved was made into a great wrestler not only by his superlative skills but also by his wonderful character, industriousness, and modesty.

I believe that Madved is a good example for young people to follow. He wrote a book on the methodology of wrestling and defended his dissertation. He has continued to share his experience with young fighters. Besides, he holds the title of international referee. One more fact says much about the level of fame held by this Belarussian sportsman all over the world. The presentation took place in New York.

A traditional tournament for wrestlers, in honor of Medved, is held in Minsk every year.

Moja Slovenija november 2010 by Matej Medved - issuu

The most talented and strongest wrestlers from all over the world have been meeting at the Sport Palace for many years. They always attract a great number of fans and journalists. Medved is an unquestionable authority for all wrestlers in Belarus. He is in his late sixties, but he feels quite comfortable in a company with young boys and girls. During training process not only physical qualities are developed, but it makes people better-disciplined, industrious, and bolder.

Here I want to mention that there are many examples of talented sportsmen from Belarus who have gone abroad and contributed a lot into the physical culture of other countries.

In reality, our government pays much attention to sports, currently. There are all necessary facilities, skilled trainers, etc. And I admire him for that. The younger generation should understand that sport will serve to develop values that help make them better citizens, stimulating the peaceful and respectful communication of the peoples and countries of the twenty-first century.

I hope that Belarussian sportsmen will prove among the best ones at the forthcoming Olympic Games.