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Gilligan vs. Gilligan (1966)

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Pilot episode[ edit ] The pilot episode , titled "Marooned", was filmed in November Due to the three significant character and casting changes between the pilot episode and the first series episode, the pilot was not shown before the series first aired on 26 September The original pilot eventually aired over 29 years later on TBS 16 October The three characters who did not carry forward from the pilot were two secretaries and a high school teacher.

In the pilot, the scientifically inclined Professor was instead a high school teacher played by John Gabriel. Ginger the movie star was still red haired Ginger, but worked as a secretary, played by Kit Smythe. After the opening theme song and credits end, the pilot proper begins with the seven castaways waking up on the beached SS Minnow and continues with them performing various tasks, including exploring the island, attempting to fix the transmitter, building huts, and finding food.

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The pilot concludes with the ending theme song and credits. The background music and even the laugh tracks of the pilot appear all but identical to those used during the series. First broadcast episode[ edit ] The first episode actually broadcast, "Two on a Raft", is sometimes wrongly referred to as the series pilot. This episode begins with the same scene of Gilligan and the Skipper awakening on the boat as in the pilot though slightly differently cut, to eliminate most shots of the departed actors and continues with the characters sitting on the beach listening to a radio news report about their disappearance.

No equivalent scene or background information is in the pilot, except for the description of the passengers in the original theme song. Rather than reshooting the rest of the pilot story for broadcast, the show just proceeded on. The plot thus skips over the topics of the pilot; the bulk of the episode tells of Gilligan and the Skipper setting off on a raft to try to bring help, but unknowingly landing back on the other side of the same island.

The scene with the radio report is one of two scenes that reveal the names of the Skipper Jonas Grumby and the Professor Roy Hinkley ; the names are used in a similar radio report early in the series.

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The name Jonas Grumby appears nowhere else in the series except for an episode in which the Maritime Board of Review blames the Skipper for the loss of the ship. The name Roy Hinkley is used one other time when Mr.

Howell introduces the Professor as Roy Huntley and the professor corrects him, to which Mr. Howell replies, " Brinkley , Brinkley. Footage featuring characters that had been recast was reshot using the current actors. For scenes including only Denver, Hale, Backus, and Schafer, the original footage was reused. Last broadcast episode[ edit ] The last episode of the show, " Gilligan the Goddess ", aired on April 17, , and ended just like the rest, with the castaways still stranded on the island.

It was not known at the time that it would be the series finale, as a fourth season was expected but then cancelled.

It was followed for the first 16 weeks by the sitcom Run, Buddy, Run. The time slot from 7: Typical plots[ edit ] The shipwrecked castaways desperately want to leave the remote island, and various opportunities are frequently presenting themselves.

They typically fail owing to some bumbling error committed by Gilligan with the notable exception of "The Big Gold Strike", where everyone except Gilligan is responsible for their failed escape.

Sometimes this would result in Gilligan saving the others from some unforeseen flaw in their plan. The first deals with life on the island. Some are simple everyday things, while others are stretches of the imagination.

Russell Johnson noted in his autobiography that the production crew enjoyed the challenge of building these props. Many scenes occur at the dining table, where the castaways enjoy a large number of dishes that Ginger and Mary Ann prepare while the radio provides news and entertainment.

Gilligan and the Skipper often catch fish, and the island has citrus trees to avoid scurvy and a good supply of fresh water to drink and to prepare tropical drinks. Naturally, despite their obvious skill and inventiveness, the castaways never quite manage to put together a functional raft out of bamboo or repair the holes in the Minnow, though the entire ship fell apart in the eighth episode, "Goodbye Island" [8]. The second theme involves visitors to the "uncharted" island. Some have hidden motives for not aiding the castaways.

Gilligan, Ginger and Mr. Howell each had feature episodes in which look-alikes visit the island who were played by the actors in dual roles, or made use of spiltscreen camera or stand-ins in the event the doppelgangers appeared on simultaneously. The island itself is also home to an unusual assortment of animal life, some native, some visiting.

All of the castaways appeared as other characters within the dream. In later interviews and memoirs, nearly all of the actors stated that the dream episodes were among their personal favorites. The fourth recurring theme is a piece of news concerning the castaways arriving from the outside world that causes discord among them. Then, a second piece of news arrives that says the first was incorrect.

The fifth recurring theme is the appearance or arrival of strange objects, like a WWII mine, a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds or a "Mars Rover" that the scientists back in the USA think is sending them pictures of Mars, and in one episode a meteorite.

Another boat, the Bluejacket, was used in the opening credits shown during the second and third seasons and eventually turned up for sale on Vancouver Island in August , after running aground on a reef in the Hecate Strait on the way south from Alaska. One boat was used for beach scenes after being towed to Kauai in Hawaii. FCC , who was most famous for describing television as "a vast wasteland ".

As the Minnow is leaving the harbor and heading out to sea, an American flag flying at half staff can be seen briefly in the background. The Coast Guard simply forwarded these telegrams to producer Sherwood Schwartz. One version was used for the first season and another for the second and third seasons. In the original song, the Professor and Mary Ann, originally considered "second-billed co-stars", were referred to as "the rest", but with the growing popularity of those characters, their names were inserted into the lyrics.

The studio caved in, and "the Professor and Mary Ann" were added. The original length of the voyage was "a six-hour ride", not "a three-hour tour". CBS, however, had signaled its intention to cancel the long-running Western series Gunsmoke , which had been airing late on Saturday nights during the — television season. Paley and his wife Babe, along with many network affiliates and longtime fans of Gunsmoke, CBS rescheduled the Western to an earlier time slot on Monday evenings at 7: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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